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By Do Well, I mean, make a difference in the world and earn money doing it. That’s what a Shaklee home based distributorship is all about: sharing fabulous products that work with people you care about.

Business from the RV

I had to share this wonderful Shaklee success story, success in a suprising way. Would something like this be in your future?  Or the future of someone you know?  To begin, use the products to change your health. Then you’ll be ready to change your financial picture and the health of many.

Barbara reports: As a single, full time RVer on limited Social Security I needed energy and focus, not only for driving, but for workamping temporary ‘jobs’ (i.e. will work for camping fees) which can be quite demanding.  I will describe some of my exciting experiences, including a job I took on as a challenge to myself, wondering if I could do it at my age, my joy and ideas about my success, and how Shaklee helped me achieve my energy needs.  
 I have been using Shaklee products since January 1980. During the economic downturn in the mid 90s AT&T laid off 10,000 people locally in five days, and I lost ½ of my therapy practice, and ½ of my income that week!  Quite a shock!
While taking my supplements one morning and mulling over what to do, I realized “I’m sitting with a business opportunity right here in my lap!”  I knew the products, the philosophy of the company, the quality, etc. My uplines had been including business profiles sometimes in my orders (nothing was on line yet) and I had read all of them.  I called and asked if they thought I could build a business; they encouraged and helped me!  I built a nice business in NJ, till it equaled my agency pay; and then moved to Las Cruces, NM … keeping the remainder of my private practice going by phone. By the time I retired from counseling, I had enjoyed bonus travel the Shaklee way, and built my business to nicely cover my expenses, which gave me the freedom to travel full time and fulfill my dreams! What an adventure, Thanks to Shaklee!
To check out my business leadership and what the Shaklee business could look like go to
To check out the products, go to
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Practice makes perfect

Hey, there,

I just watched a Hip Hop and Rap program at the new Museum of History and Industry at the south end of lake Union here in Seattle. I was with a couple of my grandchildren and their parents.  It was an outing to honor Carsten who just turned 16 and has tried to do some Hip Hop moves.  A team of 5 dancers performed and then the lead guy invited members of the audience to take a little lesson.  He broke down the dance steps into segments of 8 and get them slowly making the moves.  I couldn’t take my eyes off him to see how the participants were doing.  They performed again and I could identify the dance steps he was teaching in their fabulous and intricate presentation.

This video came across my desk today.

It demonstrates how practice makes perfect and the desired thing comes true.  Anything you do in life, or want to do with a burning desire, you can achieve if you wholeheartedly practice.  Over and over and over again without giving up; every waking moment.  That’s how people succeed.  In dance, in other sports and in business. Practice makes perfect.

I can coach you to success in business, but I cannot practice for you. You must do that yourself.  Your practice makes you perfect.

Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving,


206 933 1889

Want to evaluate what I am doing from home (practicing everyday)?  Watch these videos in sequence to get a good idea.  If you like what you see, get in touch.

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Corporate Ex. turns Sales leader

What a testimony to this business opportunity!  Shaklee’s corporate executive, Laura Evans, is now a Sales Leader in the field.  Here is her story:

Laura Evans Joins the Shaklee Field!

Laura EvansWe have exciting news to share! After ten years of encouraging people to join Shaklee as a distributor, Laura Evans, our Senior Vice President of Sales has finally decided to listen to her own advice. Laura has decided to become a Field Leader in our business, which makes her the first senior executive at Shaklee to leave corporate to be a distributor!

We are thrilled for the opportunity this creates for Laura, and of course we wish her the greatest success, but we are also very excited by the fact that a top industry professional of Laura’s stature and credentials has chosen to pursue building her future as a Leader in our business. This is unprecedented and an outstanding example of the opportunity that Shaklee represents.

We’d like to share Laura’s message below in which she explains why she believes this is the next great phase of what has already been a brilliant career in our industry.

I am so excited about the future growth I see for each of us in Shaklee. I am so confident in the incredible potential Shaklee holds for us as Independent Distributors that I want to pursue this rather than my corporate career. For many years, my heart has longed to be in the Field as a Shaklee Leader helping others to achieve their goals on a more personal level while developing my own business.

Recently, doors have opened up for me enabling me to make the shift from corporate, and I was able to acquire a Shaklee distributorship. It is full of loyal and committed leaders and customers. It will be my honor and privilege to work for this team helping them to achieve their goals. And I have absolute confidence in the talented and dedicated team inside the company led by President of Shaklee North America and Chief Operating Officer Dan Rajczak and new Senior Vice President of Sales for North America Justin Rose to support each of us along the way. 

For years I have been promoting the powerful business opportunity I see available in Shaklee. Shaklee has the winning combination of what any entrepreneur would look for in a successful business model:

  1. Products of the highest quality. My family and I have been using Shaklee products for 10 years now, and the difference in our health and vitality is immeasurable.
  2. Partners in business whom you can trust. With the leadership of Roger Barnett and Dan Rajczak, I feel confident in the alignment of values, the foundation created for the next 50 years and the future direction the company is taking. I truly believe there has never been a better time to build a business in Shaklee, and I don’t want to wait any longer to take advantage of our trajectory.
  3. People. Terrific people. Shaklee is a family to me. It is wonderful to be surrounded by people with integrity, both internally as employees and externally in our vibrant Field leadership. And I also look forward to being in a position to help others around me on a more personal level.
  4. Potential. A Shaklee business is at the intersection of all major growth trends: health, wellness, weight management, green cleaning, the potential to build internationally, and the trend of millions wanting to build a home-based business. The future for all of us in Shaklee is truly unlimited.

Many of you who know me won’t be surprised by this decision. In my heart, and from the time that I first fell in love with this industry, I’ve identified very closely with the Field, no matter where I’ve worked. But when I came to Shaklee in 2004, I felt I’d come home. And since that time, the desire has been growing in me to be what I feel I am destined to be, and that’s what you are – entrepreneurs with a mission and a cause to make others’ lives better, and to help people to achieve their greatest potential in every possible way. That is what I believe in, and that is what I look forward to dedicating my life to every day. As one of you.

I look forward to seeing all of you at a Regional Event in April, and at our 2014 Shaklee Live event in Long Beach.

Best wishes for good health and success,

Laura Evans

View a special video message in which Laura shares her excitement about this announcement!

Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving,  Betsy

If you are interested in how you can become a Shaklee Sales Leader, I would be happy to show you how.  Visit my website and leave your information so I can get back to you.

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How do you find your passion?

Gentle Reader,

I want to share this from Bob Ferguson, one of my mentors in my Shaklee business of the past 27 years.  What he describes has been my experience through each of several career paths.  Only one path was off track, going only for the money.  My action was not lined up with my inner passion.  However, I learned a lot in that career that led to my longest career path: helping others who want it, to have better health through prevention: diet and supplements, and a clean environment inside and out.

The key question is: How do you find your passion? I wish I knew the answer, but here are a few clues based on my own experience.

We are all born with some gifts and the key to unlock passion is to look for those gifts. We have to look inwards.

To explore your passion, you have to let go the fear of failure. That’s because our fear of failure keeps us from trying things. Exploring passion means you have to do stuff. The essence is in the action, in failing often and learning from those failures.

Passion does not hit us like a lightning bolt, it evolves with time. It is entirely possible that our passion may change with our progression in life. What’s important is to remain open to the possibilities our passion brings to us.

Passion shines when it meets the purpose. Some people are too passionate about an activity (e.g. writing) without knowing the purpose (e.g. making a positive difference in a reader’s life). Passion without purpose will not take you very far. When passion meets a purpose, wonders happen.

Exploring a passion requires committed effort, discipline and persistence. When you start acting on things you like, you will fail. You may keep trying for long and improve slowly. Enjoy the process without getting anxious about results. The key is to never give up.

“Work is love made visible”   by Bob Ferguson

This unfolding of passion to purpose has been the story of my life and my various career paths, including my current one.  Good luck with finding your passion and bringing it to fruition.

If helping heal the environment one house-hold at a time is a passion of yours, perhaps selling Shaklee’s Get Clean products is a path for you.  Try the products yourself and see if this brings you to work that is love made visible.

If curbing the obesity epidemic is a passion of yours, perhaps selling the 180 Turnaround program and providing support to those who are desperate to lose weight will bring you to work that is love made visible.  Become a 180 Turnaround Specialist.

Do Well, Be Well and Keep Moving,


206 933 1889


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“Why can’t you fly now, Mother?”

“Why can’t you fly now, mother?”
“Because I am grown up, dearest. When people grow up they forget the way.”
“Why do they forget the way?”
“Because they are no longer gay and innocent and heartless. It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly.”
― J.M. Barrie

Dear One,

Perhaps we were not heartless when we were young.  Perhaps we can’t fly now because we have hearts that have grown pinched and afraid.  Napoleon Hill says fear is the greatest single obstacle to success.

Did you  dream impossible dreams when you were little?

Though I never once thought they were “impossible” way back then because, as a kid, everything seems
possible. Didn’t it?

Then as we grew older and had time to experience a few set backs and a few disappointments… somewhere
along the line we sometimes stopped dreaming and started settling for what we thought we COULD accomplish.

Because we are afraid.

It’s doesn’t have to be like that anymore. What if?

Because if you have ever succeeded at doing anything well… then you have everything you need to succeed
at ANYTHING well… except the belief that you still can make wonderful things happen.

So here’s my humble suggestion. Take a few minutes out of your day to dream an impossible thing. Why not?  At
least it’s a moment of fun and fantasy.  Divide your life up into areas important to you. Things like:
=> Financial Goals
=> Family & Relationships, and
=> Spiritual Development
Have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself and discover, once again, where you would like to be –
If a lack of money, time, skill, AND belief – if these were not an issue – where would you picture yourself in each of these areas? How would you LIKE your life to look? What would a perfect day consist of? Where would you find yourself?
Who would you be hanging out with? Where would you be hanging out?
Take notes and jot your dreams down. Play with them and flesh them out a little bit each day.  Give yourself PERMISSION to dream fun and magical and design – if only on paper and in your imagination – your perfect life.  Remember what it’s like to dream of flying.  You want a different answer to Peter Pan’s question, Why can’t you fly now, Mother?Because it is only AFTER you know where you are going that you’ll be able to set in motion the things that can
take you there. So begin by dreaming and always remember:”You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you think you are, and smarter than you think.” J.M.Barrie

What if it DOES work?

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving,


Join me now and fly.

Still a little nervous, scared?  Call me 206 933 1889.  I’ll show you the plan and how it works.

Just testing?  Watch this.

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Freedom is what I want for you

Gentle Reader,

Freedom from living pay check to pay check, from debt, from a schedule you did not create yourself, from worry about the back-to-school expenses and freedom from not being able to give to the people you love:  all these Freedoms and more are on my mind this morning.

I just back from Denver where I was learning even more about how to achieve this freedom.

I already have this freedom.  How did I get it?  By joining a multilevel marketing company 25 years ago.  I joined because of the health products–which saved my life–and I stayed because I recognized that selling the products would give me the life I wanted, like the one my sponsor enjoyed.

She took long walks with her friends, was home when her children returned from school. She wrote and worked in her garden.  She worked hard in a disciplined way about 3 nights a week on the phone, and over lunch most days, meeting with people to demo products and help them achieve the healthy life they were looking for.

I hated my job and wanted this kind of life.  And I have had just that kind of life for 25 years.

My second biggest dream was offering this same freedom to others.  Several people saw the possibility for themselves but couldn’t achieve the same results.  At last I have the educational tools to offer you through the Star Achievers Team, so you can have this freedom, too.  The system has a price tag and is available on line just the way Stanford University or Pheonix University teach you on line for a fee.  The first is a training manual with flow chart, scripts, marketing tools that allow you to work at home and people come to you.

Dust off your dreams of a better life.  The stories I have heard of people changing their attitude and then changing their lives were nothing short of miraculous.  Not everyone who works this online business is successful.

Earning big check with Shaklee. Results may vary. You must make a commitment to yourself and your dreams to have these results. Be aware that most people don’t go this fast.


What are your dreams?  Join me.

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving,

Fondly, Betsy



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Pyramid or MLM


Esteemed One,

I’ve created a 2 minute video with my thoughts on Pyramid or MLM as an “all-boats-rise-to-the-top” method of beating the 1% at their game, up there on top of their corporate empires.

Your life and mine don’t have to fit into this model.  We have an option in MLM, Multilevel Marketing, escape from the Pyramid.

free-poster-rfv6zx57gu-THE-BIGGEST-PYRAMID-SCHEME-EVER I would love to be your coach and help you reach your goals.
Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving,


206 933 1889

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving,


PS Did I mention we have a turn key system with training manuals to guide you step by step?

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Is your SSI income holding you back?


SSI and Social Security income can hold us back and keep us from venturing into an online internet marketing business. We may think:  I’ll lose my government money if I earn too much.  One year I made the paltry sum of $300. All four of our daughters were in college.  We had scholarship money and loans based on financial need.  A friend advised me that we’d be better off financially if I did NOT get a job.  I didn’t believe it ……

I tell my little story in this 3 minute you tube.

Don’t let the risk of losing your SSI income keep you from investigating an online business.  You can learn how to turn your computer skills into enough income so you won’t need that hard won SSI income any more.  The same is true for SSN benefits before age 72 which drop off for one month or more if you earn too much.  Is the threat of lost government income holding you back?

Call me 206 933 1889


Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving


www.DoWellwithBetsy dot com


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My first sales job: MCI


It was a bleak year, 1983.  I earned exactly $300 co-teaching classes called “Thinking Like a Women” and “The Feminine Face of God”.  A friend told me the new phone company, MCI, was hiring sales people, so I went down to their office Monday morning at 9 and every morning after that until on Friday they hired me.  I tell my MCI story in this video.  Click and enjoy.  My first sales job

Stay tuned tomorrow when I will share my thoughts on SSI, SSN and other impediments to earning all the money you can earn.

If you would like to know more about the lucrative gig I’ve got going now based on a daily blogging program, click here.  If this system could work for you, join me.

Be well, Do well and keep moving,


206 933 1889

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Making money is a lot like mushroom hunting

Sounds weird, I know.How could a home based busines be anything like mushroom hunting?
Well, think about it for a minute.
If you were to head into the mountains, park the car and wander off into the
woods to look for mushrooms, what do you think you’d find?  With no prior knowledge?
With no training in where to go or what to look for?
Lots of strange looking spors, fungi, toad stools.images
Or would you rather have an experienced mushroom hunter show you the best spots,
lead the way into potential new bits of woods, and most important of all,
steer you to the safe and tastly mushrooms.
“Eat this one.  Not that one.  It will kill you.”
There are a lot of not-so-safe-and-tasty mushrooms out there.  The good ones
are hard to find.  Doesn’t it make sense to go with someone who has hunted
before?In home based businesses, there are a whole lot of bad mushrooms.  The reasonsI’m doing the one I love are many.  And there are many reasons I am not doing
all those others out there where you are likely to get a poison deal and lose all your money
When it comes to mushrooms, I know what I’m doing.  The same is true for home based
business.  I know what works.
Search no more.  The quest is over.  This is it.
You have everything you need to earn real income online.Carsten  picking mushrooms
Without selling or begging.Come on it.  The forest is damp and beautiful.  Only golden chanterelles in these woods.
Betsy Bell
206 933 1889
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