Is Fiber effective? See the research

There are a lot of brands of fiber to choose from when you head for the grocery store or health food store.  Why choose Shaklee?  A teaspoon every morning in a little bit of water has helped keep me regular. I was a girl who pooped every 2 – 3 days and had to drink 2 quarts of prune juice during my pregnancies.  Ugh.  I’ll never forget the day I was big as a house, totting groceries in with 2 little preschoolers jumping around.  The bottom fell out of the bag and 2 quarts of prune juice ran into the gutter.  I could have sat on the curb and cried.  How I wish I’d know about this soluable fiber powder back then.  I can’t say I’ve compared our stuff with any other.  It works for me so I’m not risking it, even if your stuff is cheaper.  Here’s the research our scientists have conducted, and published, using our stuff but done by a third party, you know, someone else using our stuff and then publishing the result no matter how they turn out?

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