About Me

I am in the business of helping people Be Well and Do Well in life.

Be Well

Create a bubble of health around you….and in you.

You’re not invincible.  You’ve got little tweaks that age is creeping up on you. You need more energy to do your life.  You are tired of falling asleep in the lecture or over your book.  Even your favorite show can’t  keep you awake.

You want to live a long, long time, but not by visiting the doctor’s office to keep your body going.  You want to take control of your health. But how do you begin?  If you’re like me, the drug store, grocery store, health food store are overwhelming.  You need a trusted person to help you.  Someone who has felt the confusion and panic and found a product line you can trust.

You worry about the environment and all the chemicals humans have introduced that harm it and us.  You want your body, clothes and house clean. You want the best products, ones that work, that don’t pollute or harm you in any way.  Click here to see the top three solutions to help the environment. The same three reasons apply to all your basic household laundry, kitchen, and cleaning products.

Do Well

Create the life you want to lead.  Gain the time and the money to do exactly that.

Whether you are tired of working for a boss, or just want to stay home with your kids, or you need to take care of your sick relative, a part-time, full-income business might be the right path for you.  You are bursting with creativity and you want to give back, make a difference in the world. Health and wellness is THE path to the future. Here’s your chance.

But I need help!

You want a guide to help you along this path, someone who has felt this way, done the search and come up with a solution that gets fantastic results.

You found her.  I’m 77 and still climbing mountains, reading late into the night and waking up each day with energy.  I see my doctor once a year if he’s lucky.  The health I enjoy today was definitely not present in my 30’s and 40’s.  I wanted travel, leisure, the freedom to play, create, make a real difference in the world.  I have done that and am doing it more each day.  I can help you fulfill your health and wealth dreams.  Give me a call: 206-409-5940.

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