Color me pink

The shine of a gloss, the comfort or a balm, and a touch of sheer color. Who wouldn’t want a healing balm for the lips that feels lovely and makes you look lovely?

Shaklee introduced GLAZE a few months ago. I had to try it myself over time before letting my faithful readers know my recommendations. Many of you are settled with the products you like and renew regularly from Shaklee. These Shaklee products supplement whatever your health regimen is. I appreciate your loyalty to the Shaklee products you have decided are priced right and are beneficial to your health.

Indulge me in my plea for you to try some of the new products Shaklee has introduced in the last year or so. Perhaps you would like a change but you are reluctant to branch out from your routine. I, too, get in a rut with my skin care regimen, my morning and evening beverage, the sources of protein and fresh food and the recipes I prepare over and over.

It’s Spring! Time to try something new!

Glaze is formulated with avocado oil and shea butter to produce a high shine, moisturizer that protects and nourishes. It’s non-sticky, vegan and cruelty free AND it’s infused with anti-aging Pomifera oil.

Pomifera oil comes from the Maclura pomifera fruit, recently discovered to provide a botanical oil that is a potent source of antioxidants, omega-6, and other bioactives. It is cold-press isolated from the seeds of the fruit and combined with plant oils to create everyday essentials for visibly healthy, glowing skin. Shaklee created a simple skin care line for a minimalist approach to nourishing and protecting your skin on a daily basis. And now, this: GLAZE.

Only $26 for a tube (Member price). A money-back guarantee if you use it and don’t like it.

What are people saying about Pomifera GLAZE?

Best Lip Gloss EVER. These three Lip Glaze not only have beautiful colors that all work for me, but the protect and moisturize my lips better than anything I have ever used. My lips are very sensitive and most products irritate my lips. These Glazes sooth my lips instantly and protect them for a long time. I get the side benefit of having the beautiful colors to wear. Linda A.

I am not a lip product person but gave this a try. It goes on easy but I find I am reapplying it often as it doesn’t stay, even when I am not eating or drink anything. Maybe it is just soaking into my lips? The are smoother and less chapped with the use of this product and I do love the color. I keep it in the console of my vehicle so that I reminded to use it daily. Janice R.

Be well, Do well, and Keep Moving, Betsy

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betsy Bell
betsy Bell
3 months ago

I prefer the Slay shade. It’s berry color is subtle but gives shape to my lips. At 86 with lots of fine and deep lines around my mouth, this product does not leak into them the way lipstick does. A real advantage. I had stopped used lipstick because of the unsightly leaks of color along the wrinkle line. So glad they came up with something that works for aging faces. Thank you, Shaklee.