Happy Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

February 14th brings to mind our loved ones and our wish for them (and for ourselves) a long and healthy life. Yet many of us continue to live a Heart-Unhealthy lifestyle. If you missed my post, here’s a chance to take another look. As you untie that box of chocolates (dark, I hope) and tip back that rich Merlot, consider this a wake-up call.

Read (re-read) the health-tips and see for yourself where little habits might shift to induce better choices. It is not about giving up chocolate and red wine. It is about perspective, balance, finding joy and deliciousness in taking a walk, having more salad and good fats (avocado, salmon) in your everyday meals. Love yourself to better health and maybe even a longer, more robust life ahead.

Be well, Do Well, and Keep Moving. Betsy

Share this post with your loved one and I thank you.

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