Why do you want to lose weight? Perhaps you have been carrying a few–or a lot of–extra pounds for years.  Or you have been on every diet out there.  Maybe you have always maintained a healthy weight until you hit the post menopause slow-down and now look.  Where did the belly roll come from? What is your over-weight story?

You are sick of the yo-yo diet that gets you to the size you love and then blows you up again to the size you hate.  You are sick of not feeling on top of life.  You are tired of a body that just puts on weight no matter what.  This time you think you can do it–lose that 15 lbs quickly, the way you did last time, but it just isn’t working.  You really want to lose weight.

You have come to the right place.  I am Betsy Bell.  I’ve been there.  I’carried 20 pounds extra after an illness in high school knocked me out of my sport.  I forgot to modify my eating to fit my calorie-burning life and blew up, complete with stretch marks, 20 pounds in a few weeks.  It was mortifying.  I couldn’t fit my clothes.  I was humiliated by my brothers and father. I was desperate to lose weight.

My mother and I went on a grapefruit and those little Amphetamine-laced chocolates they used to sell in boxes that looked like Sea’s candy.  Not sustainable. I quit dieting and gained it all back.  Then came the four pregnancies and the weight gain with each one.  Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after the successful mastectomy, dieted like crazy to slim my big butt and hips to fit my shrunken top.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Help me lose weight!

In 1985, I met a woman who introduced me to the Shaklee product line of supplements.  Within a few months, my metabolism leveled out.  I started losing weight naturally.  With the 180 Turnaround Smoothees, I got to my goal weight, ended horrible menopause symptoms and have kept my goal weight ever since.  I learned to eat for health, a big dietary shift I maintain even on vacation. (Back in the 80s, their smoothees were called something else.  Today’s 180 Turnaround Smoothees have the benefit of leucine and the science behind retaining lean muscle mass.)

I am your coach, your 180 Turnaround Specialist.  Join me and end the yo-yo misery.  Click here to get started with your program.  You will learn habits that will help you lose weight and keep it off giving you health you only imagined.  I’ve been healthy for 26 years and have lots of healthy years to go.

Betsy Bell, 180 Specialist

206 933 1889


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