Blitz for Heart Disease Wake up Call

 The Blitz is for hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other heart symptoms, even if you are on medication for your heart.Heart-attack-prevention

With each meal take:

2 Fiber tablets or a serving of Fiber Blend (take this in the middle of your meal as it will do the most good with food in your stomach to pull the fat and cholesterol into the waste stream rather than allowing it to re-circulate)

2 Tablets of plant stanols and sterols (take before the meal)

2  servings of a natural emulsifier called Lecithin

2 Garlic

2 servings fish oil

1 Magnesium serving at night

These supplements aid any one with heart problems and are especially effective if you are eating a heart healthy diet (as recommended by the Mayo Clinic) and getting exercise.  (Webmed’s suggestions) 

 If you can’t exercise for whatever reason, this regimen would still be helpful.

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