Making money is a lot like mushroom hunting

Sounds weird, I know.How could a home based busines be anything like mushroom hunting?
Well, think about it for a minute.
If you were to head into the mountains, park the car and wander off into the
woods to look for mushrooms, what do you think you’d find?  With no prior knowledge?
With no training in where to go or what to look for?
Lots of strange looking spors, fungi, toad stools.images
Or would you rather have an experienced mushroom hunter show you the best spots,
lead the way into potential new bits of woods, and most important of all,
steer you to the safe and tastly mushrooms.
“Eat this one.  Not that one.  It will kill you.”
There are a lot of not-so-safe-and-tasty mushrooms out there.  The good ones
are hard to find.  Doesn’t it make sense to go with someone who has hunted
before?In home based businesses, there are a whole lot of bad mushrooms.  The reasonsI’m doing the one I love are many.  And there are many reasons I am not doing
all those others out there where you are likely to get a poison deal and lose all your money
When it comes to mushrooms, I know what I’m doing.  The same is true for home based
business.  I know what works.
Search no more.  The quest is over.  This is it.
You have everything you need to earn real income online.Carsten  picking mushrooms
Without selling or begging.Come on it.  The forest is damp and beautiful.  Only golden chanterelles in these woods.
Betsy Bell
206 933 1889
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