What’s a Bryn Mawr grad doing selling soap and pills?

I asked myself this same question when I quit the multinational corporation I was working for to promote health through sales of my beloved healthnut products.  What was all that study, a BA and MA in Romance Languages from the top college for women for, anyway?  A couple people I invited to lunch so I could ask them to join me were affronted, shocked even, by my choice of “careers”.  One lovely man, a dear family friend, came over after accepting and paying for my ministrations in the form of supplements, begging me not to ruin our friendship by trying to sell him this stuff.  OMG

I figured I just had to learn how ‘permission’ marketing worked.  There was so much to learn in the era before computers and email and face book and blogging.  I practiced my scripts in front of the mirror and forced myself to pick up the phone and call friends and strangers.  It worked.  Probably because a wonderful woman who graduated from one of those other sister Ivy League colleges recruited me with the question, “Would you like to learn more about nutrition?”  That was the right question.  I did.  And here I am today, healthier than I was 27 years ago, happily earning a secondary income allowing me to travel the world, with friends and with grandchildren.

The system I’m found to earn money on line involvesblogging about your favorite topics and enrolling others to join you.  I’m looking for you if you are a person with a strong interest in health and wellness.  You also need to be interested in growing personally, in learning how to market effectively through the internet.  The system involves teaching a person how to do all that.  It’s as simple as following the leader–and there are powerfully good leaders in this organization–and spending time every day learning and working the system.

If you have 10 hours a week, a willingness to learn, this could be a way for you to make some serious money and do the things you have on your bucket list.  Go for it.  At least take a look before rejecting the idea out of hand.

If this is not for you, who do you know who is looking for something they can do from home that will earn serious income?  Pass it along.  Results vary.  It takes dedicated hard work to earn a fortune.






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