Who and What are you attracting?

“You are a living magnet” says Brian Tracy in Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. brian tracy book

He called it the law of attraction and states that you invariably attract into your life the people, ideas, opportunities, and circumstances in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

The leaders in Network Marketing Companies are attracting masses of followers into their groups, all with the vision of changing their thinking and changing their lives.  Doubt, low self esteem, and poor opinions of your own self worth have no place in the formula of attraction.  I remember when I was down so low from the misery of losing my husband that I called on people who were suffering even more than I was. Wrong direction.  I needed to go up, not down.

What I love about the Network Marketing is the self-development training.  Read an uplifting book every day.  I picked up Brian Tracy.  His book has been on my shelf a long time.  One of the first audio tapes I listened to over and over back when I first decided to cast my future with Multilevel Marketing was his speech to a large insurance sales force.  “Write your goals, the things you want in life, as many as you can in the next hour and don’t stop writing until the time is up.”  My husband and I were on a road trip.  We turned off the tape and began.  The very act of listing what we wanted in life gave me the courage and the will to persevere.  Try it.

Would you like training materials that propel you to the greatest things you can imagine in your life?  Join me.  There’s good money in it.  You fall in love with the ideas and concepts and you pass them on to others through our online system and tools.  They do the same.    Take a look.

Fondly, Betsy



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