By Do Well, I mean, make a difference in the world and earn money doing it. That’s what a Shaklee home based distributorship is all about: sharing fabulous products that work with people you care about.

Business from the RV

I had to share this wonderful Shaklee success story, success in a suprising way. Would something like this be in your future?  Or the future of someone you know?  To begin, use the products to change your health. Then you'll be ready to change your financial picture and the health of many. Barbara reports: As a single, full time RVer on limited … [Read more...]

Practice makes perfect

Hey, there, I just watched a Hip Hop and Rap program at the new Museum of History and Industry at the south end of lake Union here in Seattle. I was with a couple of my grandchildren and their parents.  It was an outing to honor Carsten who just turned 16 and has tried to do some Hip Hop moves.  A team of 5 dancers performed and then the lead … [Read more...]

Corporate Ex. turns Sales leader

What a testimony to this business opportunity!  Shaklee's corporate executive, Laura Evans, is now a Sales Leader in the field.  Here is her story: Laura Evans Joins the Shaklee Field! We have exciting news to share! After ten years of encouraging people to join Shaklee as a distributor, Laura Evans, our Senior Vice President of Sales has … [Read more...]

How do you find your passion?

Gentle Reader, I want to share this from Bob Ferguson, one of my mentors in my Shaklee business of the past 27 years.  What he describes has been my experience through each of several career paths.  Only one path was off track, going only for the money.  My action was not lined up with my inner passion.  However, I learned a lot in that career … [Read more...]

“Why can’t you fly now, Mother?”

“Why can't you fly now, mother?" "Because I am grown up, dearest. When people grow up they forget the way." "Why do they forget the way?" "Because they are no longer gay and innocent and heartless. It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly.” ― J.M. Barrie Dear One, Perhaps we were not heartless when we were young.  Perhaps … [Read more...]

Freedom is what I want for you

Gentle Reader, Freedom from living pay check to pay check, from debt, from a schedule you did not create yourself, from worry about the back-to-school expenses and freedom from not being able to give to the people you love:  all these Freedoms and more are on my mind this morning. I just back from Denver where I was learning even more about … [Read more...]

Pyramid or MLM

  Esteemed One, I’ve created a 2 minute video with my thoughts on Pyramid or MLM as an “all-boats-rise-to-the-top” method of beating the 1% at their game, up there on top of their corporate empires. Your life and mine don’t have to fit into this model.  We have an option in MLM, Multilevel Marketing, escape from the Pyramid.  I … [Read more...]

Is your SSI income holding you back?

Greetings! SSI and Social Security income can hold us back and keep us from venturing into an online internet marketing business. We may think:  I'll lose my government money if I earn too much.  One year I made the paltry sum of $300. All four of our daughters were in college.  We had scholarship money and loans based on financial need.  A … [Read more...]

My first sales job: MCI

Greetings! It was a bleak year, 1983.  I earned exactly $300 co-teaching classes called “Thinking Like a Women” and “The Feminine Face of God”.  A friend told me the new phone company, MCI, was hiring sales people, so I went down to their office Monday morning at 9 and every morning after that until on Friday they hired me.  I tell my MCI story … [Read more...]

Making money is a lot like mushroom hunting

Sounds weird, I know.How could a home based busines be anything like mushroom hunting? Well, think about it for a minute. If you were to head into the mountains, park the car and wander off into the woods to look for mushrooms, what do you think you'd find?  With no prior knowledge? With no training in where to go or what to look for? Lots … [Read more...]