How do you find your passion?

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I want to share this from Bob Ferguson, one of my mentors in my Shaklee business of the past 27 years.  What he describes has been my experience through each of several career paths.  Only one path was off track, going only for the money.  My action was not lined up with my inner passion.  However, I learned a lot in that career that led to my longest career path: helping others who want it, to have better health through prevention: diet and supplements, and a clean environment inside and out.

The key question is: How do you find your passion? I wish I knew the answer, but here are a few clues based on my own experience.

We are all born with some gifts and the key to unlock passion is to look for those gifts. We have to look inwards.

To explore your passion, you have to let go the fear of failure. That’s because our fear of failure keeps us from trying things. Exploring passion means you have to do stuff. The essence is in the action, in failing often and learning from those failures.

Passion does not hit us like a lightning bolt, it evolves with time. It is entirely possible that our passion may change with our progression in life. What’s important is to remain open to the possibilities our passion brings to us.

Passion shines when it meets the purpose. Some people are too passionate about an activity (e.g. writing) without knowing the purpose (e.g. making a positive difference in a reader’s life). Passion without purpose will not take you very far. When passion meets a purpose, wonders happen.

Exploring a passion requires committed effort, discipline and persistence. When you start acting on things you like, you will fail. You may keep trying for long and improve slowly. Enjoy the process without getting anxious about results. The key is to never give up.

“Work is love made visible”   by Bob Ferguson

This unfolding of passion to purpose has been the story of my life and my various career paths, including my current one.  Good luck with finding your passion and bringing it to fruition.

If helping heal the environment one house-hold at a time is a passion of yours, perhaps selling Shaklee’s Get Clean products is a path for you.  Try the products yourself and see if this brings you to work that is love made visible.

If curbing the obesity epidemic is a passion of yours, perhaps selling the 180 Turnaround program and providing support to those who are desperate to lose weight will bring you to work that is love made visible.  Become a 180 Turnaround Specialist.

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