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By Do Well, I mean, make a difference in the world and earn money doing it. That’s what a Shaklee home based distributorship is all about: sharing fabulous products that work with people you care about.

What’s a Bryn Mawr grad doing selling soap and pills?

I asked myself this same question when I quit the multinational corporation I was working for to promote health through sales of my beloved healthnut products.  What was all that study, a BA and MA in Romance Languages from the top college for women for, anyway?  A couple people I invited to lunch so I could ask them to join me were affronted, shocked even, by my choice of “careers”.  One lovely man, a dear family friend, came over after accepting and paying for my ministrations in the form of supplements, begging me not to ruin our friendship by trying to sell him this stuff.  OMG

I figured I just had to learn how ‘permission’ marketing worked.  There was so much to learn in the era before computers and email and face book and blogging.  I practiced my scripts in front of the mirror and forced myself to pick up the phone and call friends and strangers.  It worked.  Probably because a wonderful woman who graduated from one of those other sister Ivy League colleges recruited me with the question, “Would you like to learn more about nutrition?”  That was the right question.  I did.  And here I am today, healthier than I was 27 years ago, happily earning a secondary income allowing me to travel the world, with friends and with grandchildren.

The system I’m found to earn money on line involvesblogging about your favorite topics and enrolling others to join you.  I’m looking for you if you are a person with a strong interest in health and wellness.  You also need to be interested in growing personally, in learning how to market effectively through the internet.  The system involves teaching a person how to do all that.  It’s as simple as following the leader–and there are powerfully good leaders in this organization–and spending time every day learning and working the system.

If you have 10 hours a week, a willingness to learn, this could be a way for you to make some serious money and do the things you have on your bucket list.  Go for it.  At least take a look before rejecting the idea out of hand.

If this is not for you, who do you know who is looking for something they can do from home that will earn serious income?  Pass it along.  Results vary.  It takes dedicated hard work to earn a fortune.



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Who and What are you attracting?

“You are a living magnet” says Brian Tracy in Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. brian tracy book

He called it the law of attraction and states that you invariably attract into your life the people, ideas, opportunities, and circumstances in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

The leaders in Network Marketing Companies are attracting masses of followers into their groups, all with the vision of changing their thinking and changing their lives.  Doubt, low self esteem, and poor opinions of your own self worth have no place in the formula of attraction.  I remember when I was down so low from the misery of losing my husband that I called on people who were suffering even more than I was. Wrong direction.  I needed to go up, not down.

What I love about the Network Marketing is the self-development training.  Read an uplifting book every day.  I picked up Brian Tracy.  His book has been on my shelf a long time.  One of the first audio tapes I listened to over and over back when I first decided to cast my future with Multilevel Marketing was his speech to a large insurance sales force.  “Write your goals, the things you want in life, as many as you can in the next hour and don’t stop writing until the time is up.”  My husband and I were on a road trip.  We turned off the tape and began.  The very act of listing what we wanted in life gave me the courage and the will to persevere.  Try it.

Would you like training materials that propel you to the greatest things you can imagine in your life?  Join me.  There’s good money in it.  You fall in love with the ideas and concepts and you pass them on to others through our online system and tools.  They do the same.    Take a look.

Fondly, Betsy

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The Triduum and Easter, darkness to joy

Gentle Reader,

The great Triduum or three holy days ending triumphantly in Easter begins today.  I took on one new thing for Lent in response to the half page of suggestions our Saint Mark’s Episcopal worship committee sent out, activities that would increase mindful living.  When I read on the list “Write a letter to someone, stamp and mail it,” I thought about the boxes full of letters I have from my husband, Don Bell, and from my daughters when they went off to college, plus much of the correspondence from dear friends who meant so much to us and to me over the years.  These letters are treasures, little vignettes of life, soul pictures living on paper.  I have a grandson in college.  I wrote to him and quoted some passages from his grandfather’s letters to me.  Don died before any of his grandchildren were born and I have been writing the memoir of our early time together with these ten grandchildren in mind.  Ben’s response surprised me.  He wrote back to me asking for more.

Writing a letter requires slowing down, with intention, choosing words carefully, pouring over Don’s letters for just the right passage to share.  It felt like holy work.

Our whole-heartedly secular culture does not help the practicing liturgical Christian any more than it supports the Muslim or Jews in following their holy calendars.  I felt this tension more acutely this Lent than ever before.  A new business possibility came into my inbox and has swept me off my feet, nearly obliterating the contemplative aspect of these 40 days.  The battle between successful entrepreneurship and prayer put me in an anxious state.  I discovered a left over bag of Reese’s Peanut butter cups, Halloween candy, in the freezer.  I made myself a cup of tea, sat down and ate them.  All.  Excitement over this new thing that promised expert training in network marketing and a compensation plan that create wealth kept me awake.  The combination of sugar and sleeplessness resulted in a head cold.  Is my immune system that stressed by a heap of sugar and lack of sleep?

Have you been able to pin point a connection between sugar consumption, lack of rest and catching a cold?  Not too far-fetched. WebMD published an article on the immune system which includes comments on sugar.  From their page on Cold, Flu & Cough Health Center:

3. Eating foods high in sugar and fat: Consuming too much sugar suppresses immune system cells responsible for attacking bacteria. Even consuming just 75 to 100 grams of a sugar solution (about the same as in two 12-ounce sodas) reduces the ability of white blood cells to overpower and destroy bacteria. This effect is seen for at least a few hours after consuming a sugary drink.

For the whole article, click here:  10 Immune system booster and busters.  I knew this.  I ate the stuff anyway, without thinking about the consequences.  The priets are available for confession on Good Friday.  For a person who claims to care for my body as a holy thing, I feel stupid and guilty.  I will probably just take a long walk and eat tons of Swiss chard and kale, drink Throat coat tea and shovel in the Vitamin C.  Eating sugar doesn’t seem like it deserves the sacrament of confession.

I’d love to hear how this Lent/Passover is going for you.  Anything come up that effects your health?  Perhaps we can all support each other.

Do not forget the joy.  There will be 30+ people in my living room on Sunday.  The college and highschool, middle school aged kids will be full of conversation as well as ham and potatoe, asparagus and salad.  It will be glorious and promises not to rain so we can spill out into the back yard.  They don’t want to give up dyeing eggs even though it is doubtful they will hide any.  Children want to hang on to the traditions even though it means not being cool.  I love it.


Be Well, Do Well, Keep Moving


Injured at 52. Diagnosed and sentenced to a wheel chair at 55.  Hiking, skiing, dancing and walking at 75.  Read my story

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Do Well Business

I want to be one of the 3%-5%, the people who have enough for their retirement without having to depend on Social Security. I’m getting there. Do you worry about having enough money to match up with your life expectancy?  Does that time seem so far away you don’t have to think about it yet?

This 3 1/2 minutes video by one of my favorite trainers came into my in box last week.  Take a minute to watch.  When you are done, consider the wellness industry and its growth potential.

I wasn’t looking for a business when I met Jayme to talk about my health.  I was worried about avoiding a recurrence of cancer.  It had been 15 years since my masectomy.  I was eager to talk about health with a nice person who looked pretty healthy herself. Nutrition and vitamins confused me. The Shaklee products she introduced me to improved my health so much, I couldn’t stop talking about them.  Pretty soon I had earned a little bonus because some of my friends decided to try these products, too.  I soon saw that I could have the kind of relaxed life she enjoyed, spread the word about products I loved. I knew I would help others by doing this sharing.  In a year I earned a new car and a great trip.

I quit my corporate job to sell soap and pills.  Was I insane?  A person with a Master’s Degree?  How could I do such a thing.  For twenty five years, I’ve had a comfortable income from a part time effort.

Would this kind of business opportunity help you with that worry about outliving your income?  Would you like to fall in love with a product line and a company so completely that you’d want to share your find with your friends and family?

How can I help?  Click here to see what this is all about. It might be the career fit you are looking for.  Most people want to test and try the products before getting involved.  Here’s the spot to check them out.

Be well, Do well and Keep moving,



2012/7/10 In this post I’m questioning WORK and when we’re done, like, ready for retirement?

I’m turning 75 in a few weeks.  My thoughts are that I should be thinking about slowing down, maybe even retiring.  These thoughts seem to come from some cultural idea about the being over 70 and what a person is supposed to be doing.  Am I letting the calendar tell me how to feel?

In fact I am more excited than ever about getting clear about what value I bring to the world, to my family, my friends, my customers, the wider community and the World.

My oldest daughter just got remarried this past weekend to a wonderful man she has known for several years.  They met in a spiritual community of incredible people who eminate a zest for life and a capacity to see good and hope in the present and the future.  I don’t know all these people.  I loved working with some of them in the kitchen of the lodge in Plain, WA assembling the food many had brought to share.  All hands intuitively knew how to step in where needed.  There was a caring attentiveness in all things.

It turns out I was the matriarch in this gathering.  I experienced this mantle as gossimer threads weaving me into all four directions of the mandala/circle of their garden setting.  Grace and Jon were the center and directors of the event as hosts and bride and groom.  By some spiritual force, I, as Mother, held a presence, to the side, quiet and unassuming, to be sure, but real.  I was filled by the awe of having birthed this woman.

Somehow my role as provider of information, guidance and supplements, the Shaklee message of always Pure, always Green, always Works and a little inspiration feels similar.  I have neither commanded nor caused anything in my clients’ lives.  My life experience has birthed a desire to share what has worked for me, to ask questions to see if there could be a fit, and in the end (and now a new beginning) a wider and wider web of folks who love the

benefits of Shaklee and want to share them with the people they care about.  I neither commanded nor caused anything.  I was one vehicle through which this moment had its being.

If this is a business model, I want to keep it going till my last breath.  There is methodology, notebooks, tools, all the “how to’s” a person would need to do the same as I have done.  These reside behind the spirit.  If you are drawn to this, Join me.


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