Is your SSI income holding you back?


SSI and Social Security income can hold us back and keep us from venturing into an online internet marketing business. We may think:  I’ll lose my government money if I earn too much.  One year I made the paltry sum of $300. All four of our daughters were in college.  We had scholarship money and loans based on financial need.  A friend advised me that we’d be better off financially if I did NOT get a job.  I didn’t believe it ……

I tell my little story in this 3 minute you tube.

Don’t let the risk of losing your SSI income keep you from investigating an online business.  You can learn how to turn your computer skills into enough income so you won’t need that hard won SSI income any more.  The same is true for SSN benefits before age 72 which drop off for one month or more if you earn too much.  Is the threat of lost government income holding you back?

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Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving


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10 years ago

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