Freedom is what I want for you

Gentle Reader,

Freedom from living pay check to pay check, from debt, from a schedule you did not create yourself, from worry about the back-to-school expenses and freedom from not being able to give to the people you love:  all these Freedoms and more are on my mind this morning.

I just back from Denver where I was learning even more about how to achieve this freedom.

I already have this freedom.  How did I get it?  By joining a multilevel marketing company 25 years ago.  I joined because of the health products–which saved my life–and I stayed because I recognized that selling the products would give me the life I wanted, like the one my sponsor enjoyed.

She took long walks with her friends, was home when her children returned from school. She wrote and worked in her garden.  She worked hard in a disciplined way about 3 nights a week on the phone, and over lunch most days, meeting with people to demo products and help them achieve the healthy life they were looking for.

I hated my job and wanted this kind of life.  And I have had just that kind of life for 25 years.

My second biggest dream was offering this same freedom to others.  Several people saw the possibility for themselves but couldn’t achieve the same results.  At last I have the educational tools to offer you through the Star Achievers Team, so you can have this freedom, too.  The system has a price tag and is available on line just the way Stanford University or Pheonix University teach you on line for a fee.  The first is a training manual with flow chart, scripts, marketing tools that allow you to work at home and people come to you.

Dust off your dreams of a better life.  The stories I have heard of people changing their attitude and then changing their lives were nothing short of miraculous.  Not everyone who works this online business is successful.

Earning big check with Shaklee. Results may vary. You must make a commitment to yourself and your dreams to have these results. Be aware that most people don’t go this fast.


What are your dreams?  Join me.

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving,

Fondly, Betsy



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