Business from the RV

I had to share this wonderful Shaklee success story, success in a suprising way. Would something like this be in your future?  Or the future of someone you know?  To begin, use the products to change your health. Then you’ll be ready to change your financial picture and the health of many.

Barbara reports: As a single, full time RVer on limited Social Security I needed energy and focus, not only for driving, but for workamping temporary ‘jobs’ (i.e. will work for camping fees) which can be quite demanding.  I will describe some of my exciting experiences, including a job I took on as a challenge to myself, wondering if I could do it at my age, my joy and ideas about my success, and how Shaklee helped me achieve my energy needs.  
 I have been using Shaklee products since January 1980. During the economic downturn in the mid 90s AT&T laid off 10,000 people locally in five days, and I lost ½ of my therapy practice, and ½ of my income that week!  Quite a shock!
While taking my supplements one morning and mulling over what to do, I realized “I’m sitting with a business opportunity right here in my lap!”  I knew the products, the philosophy of the company, the quality, etc. My uplines had been including business profiles sometimes in my orders (nothing was on line yet) and I had read all of them.  I called and asked if they thought I could build a business; they encouraged and helped me!  I built a nice business in NJ, till it equaled my agency pay; and then moved to Las Cruces, NM … keeping the remainder of my private practice going by phone. By the time I retired from counseling, I had enjoyed bonus travel the Shaklee way, and built my business to nicely cover my expenses, which gave me the freedom to travel full time and fulfill my dreams! What an adventure, Thanks to Shaklee!
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