Science the Shaklee Difference

Shaklee Clinical Research Studies - Shaklee’s commitment to clinical research is reflected in every product it makes. The ideal balance of nature and science is not achieved by guesswork. It is a meticulous process of research and development, testing, and refinement. That’s why Shaklee continues to invest in clinical research as part of its ongoing commitment to scientific integrity. The following peer-reviewed clinical studies sponsored by Shaklee scientifically substantiate either Shaklee products or the testing of concepts leading to Shaklee products.

Increase energy naturally

Replenish and Increase your Energy Naturally   Between 50% and 75% of consumers experience fatigue and low energy levels.  Women especially struggle with the vicious cycle of tiredness.  The more worn out you feel, the harder it becomes to relax and rest, which means more fatigue.  Many turn to stimulants like caffeine to receive “energy … [Read more...]

Daedalus Project

You may be interested in the scientific study behind Performance, the hydrating drink that fueled the famous Daedalus Project, human powered flight.  The research document describing the problem and the solution and the results were first published in American Scientist, vol. 76, July-August 1988.  Worth reading to understand how unique Shaklee … [Read more...]

Landmark Study

Shaklee Health Sciences e-Bulletin April 2008 The Landmark Dietary Supplement Study The Shaklee Landmark Study Here at Shaklee, we’ve been supporting healthy lifestyles including healthy food choices, smart supplementation, and regular exercise for over 50 years! And now we’re proud to have published the Shaklee 50th Anniversary … [Read more...]


Alfalfa Complex   This is the time of the year when you will really want to add alfalfa to your supplement regime that is, only if you haven't already experienced all the rich benefits of this fabulous plant. Seasonal changes in the weather often bring about sensitivities to various forms of pollen, mold and dust. So let's see how … [Read more...]

Immune Support

Cold and Flu Season= Immunity and how to get more of it.   Organs of Immunity   Skin: Forms an effective barrier against pathogens. Respiratory system: Cilia lining the airway move mucus and contaminants out of the body. Stomach and intestines: Stomach acid kills most bacteria. Antibodies secreted by the intestinal cells … [Read more...]

One woman’s asthma story

I am the woman who spoke about asthma at the Diane Petosky seminar.  Here are the changes I made that alleviated my asthma symptoms: 1) Get rid of commercial fabric softeners 2) Use Shaklee Basic-L laundry product, as well as Nature Bright fabric brightener and Softer-than-Soft fabric softener. This eliminated all of the irritants in the … [Read more...]


Asthma Worldwide, the incidence of asthma is increasing rapidly, almost certainly a result of worsening air pollution from cars and industry.  Nearly one in five of Chicago’s children suffer from asthma. A recent study estimated that 17 percent of students in public and private schools have been diagnosed with asthma.  This is one of the highest … [Read more...]

Memory loss test

A self-test for dementia...   Are you struggling to find the right words in a conversation? Do you get confused while balancing your checkbook? Are you forgetting things that used to be easy to remember? Are you worried that these memory “slips” might be a sign of dementia? Now there's a simple screening test for memory loss, cognitive … [Read more...]

lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol Reduction Complex†† First: A few facts on Heart Health Next: Sterols and stanols and how they work Followed by: HDL VS. LDL Concluding with: The Shaklee’s Difference & TLC Would you like to lower Your Cholesterol Naturally? Are YOU Among the Millions of Americans with High Cholesterol? One in three adults in the U.S. has … [Read more...]

What is memory?

Just what is Memory anyway?   We use the word “memory” without understanding what it is. Our memory is a complex system that can dictate our day-to-day behavior. Memory can be defined in several ways, including: the process by which the brain stores and remembers information. remembered from the past. the remembering of a … [Read more...]