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Recovery from Surgery

Gentle Reader,

Facebook comments and face to face remarks about my happy and speedy recovery from surgery prompt me to share the whole story. I am no superwoman. I am a Shaklee woman. I do have the attitude of “be well, do well and keep moving,” but attitude alone cannot knit together tissue that has been sliced apart and held there while a surgical team cleaned out bad discs and inserted titanium to take their place. I don’t want to suggest by the report I am about to share with you that the only way to get robust healing from surgery is to follow the program I have followed. Not everyone’s body needs the level of supplementation that mine seems to need. However, I am not alone. There are hundreds of other people in the US, Canada and Mexico, Thailand, Japan and China who use supplementation by Shaklee to get the kind of results I attribute to this company’s products.

Things the help

(Because you won’t want to rely on my word alone, follow the links to read about these products as I mention them in order to know their ingredients and understand how they differ from other products on the market.)

In the hospital: 180 Protein shake mix the minute I could eat. Herb lax to stimulate peristalsis and get the bowels moving. Anesthesia and pain medicine shuts this part of the digestive system down. I know there are heads nodding from personal experience as you are reading this. I took my usual supplements as I could, given low appetite, groggy-ness and discomfort. I did not take any pain medicine. In 48 hours, I was home with ice packs on the incision points (both sides) and on the lower back where the work was done. I had pillows mounded high so I could lie in the bed with my knees and hips at 90 degrees putting as little pressure on the psoas as possible.

A steady stream of wonderful people came to help with meals and showering, etc. I discovered a TV series (on  Amazon Prime) called Mozart in the Jungle that took my mind off everything. I listened to books on tape (Audible) and managed to progress to the point of walking outdoors longer and longer distances with increased incline. Anyone healing from an operation needs the help of others and distractions.

What I want to share with you is my daily routine of supplementation. You may react negatively thinking “that’s way too many pills.” You may think that’s too much money. Or you may find it informative, learning about vitamins and minerals that help healing.

I take my supplements three times a day and add a couple system-cleansing things at night before bed. I routinely take a couple servings of 180 Protein shake mix and the Instant Protein Soy Drink Mix, especially using Physique, the muscle builder designed to help heal stressed muscles after a workout. It is a sports nutrition non-soy drink. I have used it after working out and it was especially helpful after surgery. Delicious, too, if you like banana flavor.

Daily divided into three meals:

Vita Lea Gold for people over 50
Vita C sustained release, 3000 daily with another 2000 mg daily during the first 4 weeks. C is essential to healing.
B Complex 6 daily of Shaklee’s well balanced B including all 8 B vitamins in the right ratio avoiding hot flashes or headaches people sometimes get from Super B.
Vita D3 6000 mg daily
Garlic 6 tablets daily (immune support)
Omega broad spectrum fish oil, 6 capsules daily
Lecithin 6 capsules daily plus another 4 during recovery. Lecithin emulsifies sticky material (inflammation around the incision points so that it can flush out of the body thus reducing inflammation)
Carotomax and Flavomax, both fat and water soluable antioxidants from green, red and yellow fruits and vegetables.
Alfalfa, an original Dr. Shaklee product full of minerals that acts as an anti-inflammatory, 45 daily at least.
GLA made from Borage Oil (Evening Primrose oil is common on the shelves of heath food and vitamin stores) an omega 6 supplement that regulates prostaglandins (and hormones) and also acts as an antiflammatory. 6 capsules daily.
Vita E, one capsule daily.
Osteomatrix (bone health product) 4 daily.

Three products for heart health: Blood Pressure to keep my blood pressure normal, Cholesterol Reducing Complex (I have lowered my cholesterol which normally runs about 220 to the upper 190s) and CoQ Heart, an antioxidant that supports the heart muscle

The herbal complexes that I take daily are MindWorks (proven to help memory and concentration), Mental Acuity (increases blood flow to the brain), Nutriferon (natural immune response booster), Glucose Regulation and Metabolic Boost to help balance blood sugar, Joint Health Complex 3 daily to reduce joint pain, Pain Relief Complex 3 daily to keep arthritis pain in my hands, neck and knees at bay.

To aid digestion I take EzGest before each meal and Probiotic Optiflora every morning with a glass of warm water and the juice of half a lemon. At night I take 2 Liver DTX and 2 Herb-lax to cleanse the liver and colon.

You may be shaking your head in dismay or rolling your eyes. Rest assured, I am not alone. For four generations people in the Shaklee family, hundreds of them, have been eating “the shelf” everyday. Ten years ago, our CEO and owner, Roger Barnett risked the company’s reputation by asking the University of California School of Public Health to analyze the blood drawn from 400 long term Shaklee users (20 years or more) and compare the results with people who have taken a multivitamin and with people who have taken no vitamins over 20 years, matching for many individual variables including age. The results astonished Dr. Bloch, the head researcher at the School of Public Health. The Shaklee users enjoyed a significantly higher sense of well-being and demonstrated statistically significant lower levels of diseases such as heart and diabetes. I am happy to one of these beneficiaries. It’s called the Landmark Study. You can read about it here .

If you are already taking some of the above mentioned supplements, what might be your results if you switched to the Shaklee brand? Check your health status by filling out the HealthPrint, a tool designed to help anyone assess their current health against a standard of optimal health.

I just returned from my post-op visit with Dr. Nora’s office. “Go and enjoy your usual activities and we hope to never see you again,” they said to me as I left. I’ll resume hiking in the nearby Cascade mountains in October. I can’t wait.

If you have questions about any of the supplements above or want to read more about the strategies I used to avoid this surgery for so many years, please browse the various posts at www.GrandmaBetsyBell.com

Be well, Do Well and keep moving.


206 933 1889

shopping for Shaklee www.HiHOHealth.com

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Landmark Study

Shaklee Health Sciences e-Bulletin April 2008

The Landmark Dietary Supplement Study

  1. The Shaklee Landmark Study

Here at Shaklee, we’ve been supporting healthy lifestyles including healthy food choices, smart supplementation, and regular exercise for over 50 years! And now we’re proud to have published the Shaklee 50th Anniversary Dietary Supplement Study, a landmark first-of-its-kind study that supports the potential benefits of long-term supplementation in a unique consumer population. The study, Usage patterns, health, and nutritional status of long-term multiple dietary supplement users: a cross-sectional study was published in Nutrition Journal, an online peer-reviewed scientific journal on October 24, 2007.

And the results are stunning! Long-term dietary supplement use was consistently associated with more favorable blood levels of important nutrients and key heart health biomarkers. More importantly, long-term users of multiple dietary supplements generally reported lower prevalence of disease in self reported health conditions including elevated blood pressure and diabetes, when compared to single multivitamin users and nonusers.


This first-of-its-kind study was conducted on a unique study population using new online data collection methods employed for the very first time in collaboration with renowned nutritional epidemiologist Dr. Gladys Block, from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.


Information regarding diet and supplement intakes, exercise, and health status was obtained from online questionnaires and on-site physical examinations from 278 long-term Shaklee multiple dietary supplement consumers. Data for 602 matched nonusers and 176 single multivitamin supplement users was obtained from the Nationwide Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) the largest and longest running national health and nutrition survey, sponsored by the National Center for Health Statistics.

  1. Study Results


The long-term multiple supplement users included more females, were slightly older, better educated, had higher incomes, and lower body mass index (BMI) than the other groups. Dietary supplements consumed on a daily basis by more than 50% of the multiple supplement users included such products as a multivitamin/mineral, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, carotenoids, calcium with vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, glucosamine, an herbal immune supplement, a probiotic supplement (women), and a soy protein supplement (men).


Blood Nutrient Levels generally increased with increasing dietary supplement use. Blood nutrient levels for folate, vitamin C, alpha and beta carotene, and vitamin E were consistently found at more optimal levels in the multiple supplement user population. To address the safety of long term use of a broad array of supplements, the investigators also found healthy and safe blood levels of vitamin D and iron, nutrients for which high intakes have been associated with possible adverse effects. Specifically, serum ferritin, a measure of iron storage, was highest, and more optimal, among women in the multiple supplement user group vs single multivitamin users and nonusers. Conversely, it was lowest, but still more optimal, in the male multiple supplement users compared to the two other groups.


Blood Biomarkers. Multiple supplement users had higher blood levels of HDL cholesterol and lower blood levels of triglycerides, both consistent with lower heart disease risk. Increased supplement use was also associated with more favorable concentrations of serum homocysteine and C-reactive protein, a marker of low grade inflammation. Of note is the fact that none of the 278 multiple supplement study participants had an elevated CRP level (>3.0 mg/L) identified as high risk by the American Heart Association.


Disease Prevalence. In general, disease prevalence was lower in the multiple supplement user group compared to the multivitamin only user and nonuser groups. In addition, when researchers controlled for differences between groups in variables such as age, sex, education, income, and body mass index, they found the risk of elevated blood pressure was 39% lower in multiple supplement users than in nonusers and the risk of diabetes was 72% lower in multiple supplement users compared to nonusers. Finally, long-term multiple supplement users were four times more likely to describe their health as “very good or excellent” compared to nonusers.

  1. Study Conclusions


This landmark study provides compelling support for the health benefits seen in long-term users of a broad array of dietary supplements as compared to single multivitamin and non-supplement users. Long-term multiple dietary supplement users consumed a broad array of vitamin/mineral, botanical, and condition-specific dietary supplements on a daily basis. They were more likely to have optimal concentrations of chronic disease-related biomarkers including serum homocysteine, C-reactive protein, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglycerides and less likely to have suboptimal blood nutrient concentrations including folate, vitamin C, alpha- and beta-carotene, and vitamin E. Long-term supplement users also had a lower risk of prevalent elevated blood pressure and diabetes compared to nonusers.


A limitation of the study is the fact that the data are cross-sectional, and therefore the reported associations cannot presume causality. And although quite compelling in their support for the health benefits of supplementation, the study findings need to be confirmed by further research into the usage patterns, health, and nutritional status of other groups of long-term users of dietary supplements.

  1. What This Means for You

The Landmark Study findings help to validate what we in Shaklee Science and Technology have promoted all along. Long-term healthy Shaklee lifestyle approaches including smart dietary choices from foods and supplements, and regular exercise to achieve and maintain a healthy weight are indeed strong supporters of optimal health and vitality. And we want you to be sure that your healthy lifestyle includes these smart diet, supplementation, and exercise strategies as you strive to achieve optimal health:

Eat Healthy. Your healthy eating plan includes smart choices from every food group and emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk products. It also includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts and is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt, and added sugars.  

Supplement Wisely. Make wise supplement choices a part of your daily routine. A comprehensive and balanced multivitamin/mineral supplement with at least 500 mg calcium and vitamin D just makes good sense. Antioxidant nutrients help protect cells against aging so be sure you’re considering the antioxidant vitamins C and E, and beta carotene. Ensure your intake of critical B vitamins including folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, to help protect DNA and support healthy aging. Try to increase your intake of the omega three fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which have been associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease as well as improvements in inflammatory and metabolic balance. Finally, look to probiotic nutrition to support healthy digestion and immune function.

Exercise and Achieve a Healthy Weight. For the two out of every three Americans who are overweight or obese, losing weight is the first priority for improving health. Make regular physical activity a key component of your overall health management program to balance your caloric intake from food with the calories you expend each day. Try to be physically active for at least 30-60 minutes most days of the week and increase exercise duration or intensity for even greater health benefits or to help manage body weight.

Be well. Dr. Jamie McManus MD, FAAFP Chairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education

For information about the supplements mentioned in the article, go to my personal Shaklee website, type in any of the items mentioned–calcium, vitamin D, soy protein–and you will find the products thousands of Shaklee users have been taking.  Consistent use of these products over time may give you similar results.  They have helped me remain vigorous into my late 70s.  As a man I met at the gas station this week said when I told him I had recently been to my 55th college reunion, “You holding up well!”

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving, Betsy




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Gentle Reader,

(This was first published a couple years ago, but not in the Health and Fitness blog thread).



In this post, the latest info on genetic variations.  Where is the norm?
No one is perfect
Because my youngest daughter Ruth was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer three summers ago, after already having a melanoma removed from her arm at the same age (34) that I had a malignant breast removed, Group Health decided to do a genetic study of the two of us.  My mother had died of pancreatic cancer but had been diagnosed with breast cancer around age 68 or so.  They came up with a genetic variant: P53.  It turns out that 8 families in the US are now in a study because of multi-generational variants in P53.
I haven’t taken the time to research what this mean for our family except to worry about the melanoma part for myself.  (I have been treated for actinic keratosis on my face with chemo cream that makes you look absolutely freakish).  Shall I share the photo of a face under reconstruction?   Maybe not in this post. There is a third cancer showing up in the families in this study:  brain cancer.  “Holy Shit” is the only response I could find.
Ii spent time with my mother’s remaining relatives this past summer. One cousin died of melanoma; another of breast cancer.  My aunt died of a brain tumor.  Were they all carrying this genetic tendency marker, P53?  Who knows.  And double Holy Shit.
So when Dr. Stephen Chaney, noted cancer researcher and Shaklee consumer and promoter, sent his take on a recent article explaining how many errors our individual genomes have, I was eager to read on.  We are all full of variants.  ”We’re all defective in one way or another”. I have always said in my health talks that we must not give up in the face of genetic markers, known or unknown.  (Want to read the study?  http://www.sciencemag.org/content/335/6070/823)
People say, “maybe it’s genetics” when they confront a diagnosis.  I find what Dr. Chaney has to say to be comforting, and, while I pay attention to little tweaks and pains here and there questioning the big Cancer picture, I am not about to stop taking care of every prevention measure I can come up with, just because I now have a “genetic tendency caused by a variant in P53.”
Now some of you may be saying ‘What does this mean for me?’Dr. Chaney says, “When you carry this idea through to its ultimate conclusion, the bottom line message is:
1) Nutritional recommendations are based on averages -none of us is average.
2) The identified risk factors for developing diseases are based on averages – none of us is average
3) Clinical trial results are based on averages – none of us is average.
4) Even clinical trials of drug efficacy for treating disease or drug safety are based on averages – none of us is average.
That means lots of the advice you may be getting about your risk of developing disease X, the best way to treat disease X, or the role of supplementation in reducing the probability of disease X may be generally true – but it might not be true for you.“So my advice is not to blindly accept the advice of others about what is right for your body. Learn to listen to your body. Learn what foods work best for you. Learn what exercises just feel right for you. Learn what supplementation does for you. Don’t ignore your doctor’s recommendations, but don’t be afraid to take on some of the responsibility for your own health. You are a unique individual, and nobody else knows what it is like to be you.”I couldn’t agree more.  This is my whole reason for writing this blog and sharing information with you.  Even with known variants, we can shape our health future.  Thirty years ago I was introduced to Shaklee vitamins and other food supplements. I believe these products have made all the difference.  If you already take supplements, or have never started, may I suggest the brand you take could be important?  Changing brands could change your life.  Browse the product guide, and try them out.  You will feel better or your money will be fully refunded.

Believe it.

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving.  Betsy

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Which Products do You Use?

 Changing Brands Could Change Your Life.  Try the Shaklee equivalent of any product you are currently using.  If not satisfied, your money is refunded.

Which Products Do You Use?


Redirect Your Spending andSave Money
Laundry Care
Concentrated Powder Detergent Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder
Fragrance-Free Concentrated Powder Detergent Fresh Laundry Fragrance Free Concentrate Powder
All-Fabric Bleach Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover
Laundry Pre-Spotter Basic H2-L Power Formula/Liquid Laundry
Delicate Fabrics Wash DishWash or H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate
Fabric Softener Soft Fabric Concentrate
Dryer Sheets Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets
Liquid Laundry Detergent Fresh Laundry Liquid Regular or HE Formula
Household Cleaners
All Purpose Cleaner Basic-H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate
Window Cleaner Basic-H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate
Floor Cleaner Basic-H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate
Chrome & Glass Cleaner Basic-H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate
Tub & Tile Cleaner Scour Off
Oven Cleaner Scour Off
Degreaser BasicH2
Heavy Duty Cleaner Basic-H2
Wipes Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes or Germ-Off Wipes
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Basic-G
Disinfectant Cleaner Basic-G or Germ-Off Wipes
Dishwashing Liquid DishWash Concentrate
Automatic Dishwashing Liquid Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate (plus 4-5 drops of H2)
Personal Care
Bar Soap Meadow Blend Cleansing Bar/Gentle Action Cleansing Bar
Liquid Soap HandWash Concentrate
Shower Gel Enfuselle Moisturizing Shower Gel
Bath Gel Enfuselle Moisturizing Shower Gel
Hair Shampoo ProSante Shampoos
Hair ConditionerScalp Treatment *Reduce Hair Loss ProSante ConditionersProSante Nourishing Scalp Treatment
Hair Spray ProSante Finishing  Spray
Hand & Body Lotion Enfuselle Hand & Body Lotion & Shea Butter Cream
Mentholated Skin Cream Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream
Toothpaste New Concept Dentifrice Spearmint or Wintergreen
Deodorant Desert Wind Roll-On, Deodorant Cream
Sunscreen Enfuselle SPF 30, Enfuselle AM Repair SPF 15
Skin Replenishing Oil Enfuselle Hydrating Moisturizer or Shea Butter Cream
Skin Care
Facial CleansersFacial Cleansing Bar Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Purifying Cleansing GelEnfuselle Gentle Action Cleansing Bar
Eye Makeup Remover Enfuselle Eye Makeup Remover
Cleansing Lotion Enfuselle Hydrating Cleanser
Astringent/Toner Enfuselle Hydrating Toner, Purifying Toner
Anti-Aging Treatment 

Instant Firming Treatment

Enfuselle Time Repair A.M. SPF 15, C+E Repair P.M., EyeTreatment

Enfuselle Instant Firming Serum

Facial Exfoliate Enfuselle Refining Polisher
Facial Mask Enfuselle Infusing Mineral Masque
Day Moisturizer/Treatment Enfuselle Time Repair A.M. SPF 15, Calming Complex,Hydrating Moisturizer, Balancing Moisturizer
Night Cream/Treatment Enfuselle C+E Repair P.M., Hydrating Moisturizer,Balancing Moisturizer, Calming Complex
Eye Cream Enfuselle Eye Treatment, Calming Complex



Which Products Do You Use?


Redirect Your Spending andSave Money
Acne Treatment Enfuselle Acne Clarifying Complex
Lip Treatment Enfuselle Lip Treatment SPF 15
Men’s Grooming
Day Moisturizer/Treatment Enfuselle Time Repair A.M. SPF 15, Calming Complex,Hydrating Moisturizer, Balancing Moisturizer,
After-Shave Lotion Purifying Toner or Enfuselle Hand & Body or Multi Purpose
Lip Treatment Enfuselle Lip Treatment SPF 15
Hair SprayScalp Treatment *Reduce Hair Loss ProSante Finishing SprayProSante Nourishing Scalp Treatment
Deodorant Desert Wind Roll On or Deodorant Cream
Shaving Cream Enfuselle Shower Gel/ Herbal Blend Multi Purpose Cream
Anti-Aging Treatment Enfuselle Time Repair-A.M. SPF 15, C+E Repair P.M
Children’s Products for Health
Baby Shampoo Shakleebaby Gentle Wash
Baby Bath Shakleebaby Gentle Wash
Baby Lotion Shakleebaby Soothing Lotion/Shakleebaby Massage Oil
 Diaper Rash Crean Shakleebaby Diaper Rash Cream
Multivitamin for Infants (Powder or liquid) Shakleebaby Multivitamin & Multimineral Powder
Chewable Multivitamin Shakleekids Incredivites & Mighty Smart DHA Supplement
 Meal Shakes and Bars Meal Shakes, Protein Smoothies, & Peanut Butter Choc ChipMeal Bars and Berry Almond Meal Bars
Snack Bars 180 Bars, PB, Chocolate, and Lemon/Cranberry
Chewable Calcium Chewable Calcium Magnesium Plus
Chewable C  Chewable Vita-C, 100 mg
Foundations for People On The Go
Soy Protein Dietary and Basic Food Supplements Energizing Soy Protein, Instant Protein, Shaklee Vitalizer
Breakfast Drinks and Bars Meal Shakes, 180 Shakes (Soy or Whey Formula) &Peanut Butter Choc Chip Meal Bars and Berry Almond Meal


Energy Boosters Energizing Soy Protein, Instant Protein Soy Mix, 180Energy Green Tea or Pomegranate Energy Green Tea
SodaGreen Tea Shaklee Performance180 Energy Tea – Green Tea or Pomegranate Green Tea
Weight Management Program (Drink, etc.) 180 Shakes – Van, Choc, Café Latte and Strawberry,180 Energy Tea, 180 Metabolic boost
Energy Bars/Snacks/Meal Bars 180 Snack Bars – PB, Chocolate, and Lemon/Cranberry180 Meal Bars – PB Choc Chip, Almond Berry Crunch
Building Blocks / Vitamins & Minerals
Multivitamin/Multimineral Shaklee Vitalizer Daily Packs, Vita-Lea, Vita Lea Gold 50+
Antioxidants Vita-E Complex, CarotoMax/Sust. Released Vita-C/Flavomax



Which Products Do You Use?


Redirect Your Spending andSave Money
Immune System Booster Nutriferon, Immunity Formula I, Defend and Resist
B-Complex B-Complex
Vitamin C Sustained Release Vita-C, Vita-C Chewable
Vitamin E Vita-E Complex with Selenium
Beta Carotene, Phytonutrients Carotomax, Immunity Formula I
CalciumMagnesium/Potassium OsteoMatrix, Chewable Cal Mag PlusVital-Mag
Iron Iron Plus C Complex
Zinc Zinc Complex
Fiber Supplement Shaklee Fiber Plan, Fiber Tablets
EPA/Omega 3 OmegaGuard
Lecithin Lecithin
Resveratrol and Polyphenol Vivix Anti-Aging Tonic
Herbal Formulas
Ginseng CorEnergy – (Ginseng) promotes energy*
Echinacea Defend & Resist Complex- (Echinacea) immune support*
St. John’s Wort Moodlift Complex – (St. John’s Wort) positive mental outlook*
Ginkgo Biloba Mental Acuity Plus – (Ginkgo) for mental clarity*
Glucosamine Joint Health Complex – (Glucosamine) build joint cartilage*
Saw Palmetto Saw Palmetto Complex – promotes urinary flow for men*
Evening Primrose Oil or GLA GLA Complex – helps regulate normal bodily processes*
Milk Thistle Liver DTX Complex– (Milk Thistle +) promotes liver health*
Valerian Gentle Sleep Complex –(Valerian +) – promotes restful sleep*
Peppermint, Ginger Stomach Soothing Complex–(Peppermint-Ginger +) – calms*
Acidophilus/Bifidus Optiflora
Digestive Enzymes EZ-Gest – alleviates gas, bloating & feeling of fullness*
Alfalfa Alfalfa Complex – nutrients and Chlorophyll
Garlic Garlic Complex–retain normal blood pressure & cholesterol*
Black Cohosh, Soy Isoflavones, Flaxseed 

Hot Flash Relief

Menopause Balance Complex– (Black Cohosh &Soy Isoflavones)hormonal balance during menopause*
Digestive Health
Digestive Enzymes E-Z Gest; OptiFlora Prebiotic/Probiotic
Laxative Herb-Lax – for occasional constipation
Sports Nutrition
Fluid Electrolyte Replacement Drink Shaklee Performance
Muscle Recovery Drink Physique
Dietary and Food Supplements Energizing Soy Protein, Instant Protein, Shaklee Vitalizer
Food/Energy Bars/Meal Bars 180 Bars, PB, Chocolate, Lemon/Cranberry,180 Meal Bars – PB Choc Chip, Almond Berry Crunch
Home Water
Bottled Water or Water Filtration System Perfect Pitcher or BestWater Filtration Systems


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Betsy Bell’s Health4u, 4455 51st Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116

206 933 1889   betsy@hihohealth.com   www.HiHoHealth.com   www.grandmaBetsyBell.com



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Medicinal herbs and herbal supplements and weight loss

Gentle Reader,

Can an arthritis sufferer who is also over weight benefit from Medicinal Herbs & Herbal Supplements?  Perhaps you are one of those people like a friend of mine.  She’s in her late 40s and has been unable to get to her ideal weight for her entire life.  She was a fat baby.  She has eaten the perfect diet:  low carbs, lean protein, plenty of fruits and vegetables and hardly any snack foods that most of us would consider OK for once-in-a-while treats.  She has developed aches and pains, those joint issues that come when a person exercises a lot (trying to get that weight down) and fears arthritis is creeping in.  She already takes medicinal herbs and herbal supplements made by Shaklee which help with pain relief.  I have described the benefit of Pain Relieve Complex in several previous posts.

In desperation, she consulted a physician who suggested the Atkins diet.  For the beginning months she ate nothing but protein and then slowed added carbohydrates in the form of raw vegetables, 25 grams a day, no more.  (One protein source she loves is Shaklee’s Instant Protein Soy Mix, a pure, non-GMO protein source with no carbohydrates at all.)  She began using the medicinal herbs and herbal supplement Glucose Regulation Complex.

Taken in the middle of a meal, the herbs in this Glucose Regulation Complex unlock the doors of the stubborn cells and allow the sugars to enter!  Voila!  And Halleluiah!  At last her body is using the glucose to energize her and the pounds are coming off.

Medicinal herbs and herbal supplements abound on the market today.  How do you decide where to buy them and from whom?  Let me suggest the following bench marks to consider.  If your product does not meet all these requirements, look further, or shop for the Shaklee product.  (If the Shaklee corporation makes the medicinal herb or herbal supplement you are looking for, you are in luck.  If not, ask these questions of the manufacturer before you buy.)

  • Does the company control the source material from which the medicinal herb or herbal supplement is created?
  • If not, does it inspect with a plant chromatography methods?  In other words, does the batch of raw material pass through a thorough inspection of all the properties to determine if there are contaminants, and if the plant material is what it supposed to be?
  • Has the company conducted double blind scientific testing to see if the medicinal herbs and herbal supplements manufactured by the company itself reached the blood stream in the human body and performed as predicted?  Was the study conducted well enough for a peer-review journal to publish the results?
  • Does the company provide a money back guarantee on the medicinal herb or herbal supplement so that if the customer does not get the results they are looking for, they get their money back?

If all these points cannot be answered in the affirmative, I would not recommend buying that medicinal herb or herbal supplement.

OK, then.  Are you one of those people who are ready to try a medicinal herb or herbal supplement to see if you can get your body to accept glucose into the cells?  If so, please take a look at Glucose Regulation Complex.  The active ingredients include

  • Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate)
  • Taurine
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Banaba Leaf Extract (Lagerstroemia speciosa) Standardized to contain 18% colosolic acid
  • Vanadium (as vanadium amino acid chelate)

Other ingredients include Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) and Zinc (as zinc gluconate)

These ingredients help the sugars you eat get into the cells where they belong.  End of sugar cravings!

With the loss of extra pounds, arthritis pain goes down and maybe even away.  Of course, I can’t predict your individual outcome, but what if Glucose Regulation Complex worked for you the way it has for my friend?  Why not give it a try?

The side benefits of Glucose Regulation Complex include lowering cholesterol.  The scientific information you will want to study is in this pdf.  I have put the document on the resources page of my blog www.grandmabetsybell.com/resources/.

Feel free to pass this post along to friends and family who struggle with weight loss.  This may provide the missing ingredient.

I’d love your comments so others can benefit from your wisdom.

Be well, Do well and keep moving,


206 933 1889



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