One woman’s asthma story

I am the woman who spoke about asthma at the Diane Petosky seminar.  Here are the changes I made that alleviated my asthma symptoms:

1) Get rid of commercial fabric softeners

2) Use Shaklee Basic-L laundry product, as well as Nature Bright fabric brightener and Softer-than-Soft fabric softener. This eliminated all of the irritants in the other laundry products I had been using.

3) Get rid of all household cleaners such as Comet, Sani- Flush, Pine-Sol, or any other commercial cleaning products.

4) Use the Shaklee cleaning products, including Basic-H, Basic-G, Basic-I , Biodegreat, At-Ease, etc.

5) Use Basic-D and Satin-Sheen for dishes. (It is nearlyimpossible to rinse off all traces of other detergents and you end up eating the chemicals on the plates!)

6) I started with the Basics: 2 Vita-Lea w/iron, 2 B-Complex, 1 Vita-C, 1 Vita-E and the Energizing Soy Protein. Later I added 10 alfalfa tablets and Super Cal-Mag Plus, Still later I added Omega-3 Complex, Garlic and Lecithin. I don’t take huge doses of any of the supplements.  The Basics helped me so much that I have not felt the need to take tons of them.

7) Drink lots and lots of good water.

8) Exercise daily  to keep your lungs and everything else working properly. Do what you can, and build up gradually.

I don’t do any other homeopathy or  other programs for my asthma. Oh! Don’t forget the Airsource air purifier. No matter where I go during the day, I always know I can breathe fresh air at home, and that really gives my lungs a chance to heal.  I used to use my Albuterol inhaler every 3-4 hours and never really felt good. I also used Azmacort, 4 puffs twice a day, and occasionally a nebulizer . Now I use the Albuterol occasionally, like 1 puff every 4-6 weeks!
Therefore, I don’t need the Azmacort anymore. And the nebulizer is somewhere in the back of a closet.  I am a gardener and love to be outside. I can bring fresh flowers in the house and stick my nose right in them to smell them. In the winter, I can cross-country ski on the coldest of days and come in to a wood fire in the fireplace. Part of it is from eliminating chemical irritants, part from the supplements giving my body what it needed to heal, and partly the Airsource giving me pure air to breathe. After so many years of suffocating and having to be on guard all the time, I am so grateful to have found a solution that for me has been incredibly easy to do.
Good luck to you.

Gail Beuning

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