Worldwide, the incidence of asthma is increasing rapidly, almost certainly a result of worsening air pollution from cars and industry.  Nearly one in five of Chicago’s children suffer from asthma. A recent study estimated that 17 percent of students in public and private schools have been diagnosed with asthma.  This is one of the highest rates in the nation.  It is the #1 cause of school absenteeism across the country. Cases have more than doubled between 1982 and 1994; more than 14 million Americans now experience these frightening—and sometimes fatal—attacks of wheezing and breathlessness.  The immediate cause of an asthmatic attack is tightening of the muscular bands that regulate the size of bronchial tubes. Traditional drugs used to treat asthma are often “very toxic, addictive and sadly ineffective” according to Dr. Andrew Weil in Natural Health, Natural Medicine.  Drugs used for asthma don’t cure the disease; they simply stop the symptoms.  I have always said asthma and allergies are signs of a failed immune system.

The natural approach to asthma involves 1) strengthening the immune system, 2) eliminating toxins in the environment (Shaklee cleaning products) and 3) adding the following anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Natural Anti-inflammatories
OmegaGuardOmegaGuard Complex supplements are the most efficient source of the omega-3 oils, which helps to modulate inflammation.  Hippocrates discovered this is 450 BC when he found that flax seed oil helped reduce asthma attacks.  Omega-3 in capsules is more practical than flax-seed oil and keeps better.
GLA ComplexReduces symptoms of eczema, PMS, menopause, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, alcohol withdrawal and lowers blood pressure.
To Strengthen Immune System
Sustained Release Vita-Câ, 500 mgHelps the body product white blood cells to fight infection and prevent illness, natural antihistamine, anti-oxidant to protect cells from degenerative disease, depleted by stress.  Research suggests that vitamin C is especially useful in fending off the carcinogenic effects of dirty air, cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

Dr. Gary E. Hatch of the Environmental Protection Agency recently stated that “a review of the available research shows that there’s mounting evidence that vitamin C may protect against the wheezing, chest tightness and recurrent coughing of asthma.”  Dr. Hatch notes that vitamin C is the “main antioxidant in the fluid lining of the lung, thus the main protector against free radical chemicals, such as air pollutants, that worsen asthma symptoms.”

Garlic ComplexNatural decongestant and natural antibiotic.  The Shaklee Garlic Complex product has all the potency of fresh raw garlic without the odor.  Also increases white cell count, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
NutriFeronThis capsule contains a powerful blend of natural plant extracts all found to be essential for the immune system, excellent for people with allergies and weaker immunity or high stress.  This exclusive combination of natural ingredients was developed and extensively tested by eminent immunologists in Japan and clinically proven to support and stimulate the natural immune response process, right at the cellular level.
Defend & Resist Complex (Echinacea)This popular herb activates the immune system, promotes production of white blood cells, promotes wound healing, reduces mucous, relieves boils, gangrene, bites and abscesses.  Make a tea with 2-3 tablets and drink one or two cups every two to four hours as needed.
Alfalfa ComplexNatural anti-histamine, improves digestion, natural diuretic; often recommended for sinus congestion, hay fever, allergies, gout, body odor, bad breath, stomach ailments, hiatal hernia and gas pains.


Energizing Soy ProteinProtein is essential for growth and repair of cells.  Because milk products can be a very mucous producing, our soy protein drink mix is usually a better choice for children who are prone to upper respiratory infections.
CarotomaxNeeded for tissue repair and immunity.  Essential for healthy mucosal membranes in respiratory (including sinuses and lungs), digestive and reproductive tracts.  Reduces susceptibility to infection.
B-ComplexStimulates the immune system. B vitamins are really the workhorse of the vitamin family for they are needed for such a variety of critical functions. Other functions include formation of protective antibodies, formation of mature, healthy red blood cells, normal growth, and they contribute to healthy skin and hair.
Best Water Perfect Pitcher, CarafeDrink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water to keep the respiratory tract secretions fluid.  Avoid dehydration—it causes your body to product histamine (an asthma-inducing agent) in an effort to prevent water loss through the lungs.  Drinking plenty of water also speeds the process of eliminating irritants and toxins from the body.
Vita-E 400 IU and Vita-E ComplexVitamin E may also improve lung function.  Over a ten-year period women in the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study who consumed the most vitamin E were less likely to develop asthma than women who consumed the least.  Researchers believe the vitamin helps decrease airway inflammation.  Vitamin E helps lungs repair themselves and restore the complex fluid which bathes the alveolar.  This fluid, rich in vitamin E, helps neutralize irritants that promotes asthma attacks.
OsteoMatrix and Chewable Cal Mag PlusA side effect of steroid use for asthma is bone loss.  Steroids wash calcium from the bones. Researchers believe that lower magnesium uptake or a magnesium deficiency may play a role in certain types of asthma.Magnesium may stop the severe asthmatic episode.


Non-toxic Cleaners and Laundry Products

Basic H2This amazing organic cleaner is extremely economical.  One quart makes 64 gallons of all-purpose cleaning solution.  No toxic fumes—no corrosive chemicals—no phosphates.  Use for floors, walls, windows, handwashing delicate garments, pets, diaper changing…and even mosquito repelling!
Basic GA highly effective disinfectant. Basic-G both cleans and deodorizes. You need only 1 tablespoon to make one 1 gallon cleaning fluid disinfectant to rid home of common household germs…economically. One quart makes 64 gallons of germicide with no toxic odors.
Fresh Laundry LiquidNo Ammonium Hydroxide, No Phosphates. Detergent vapors are highly irritable to skin, eyes and respiratory passages.  Detergents are found to be responsible for more household poisonings than any other substance.  Many cause dermatitis, flu-like and asthmatic-like conditions, and severe eye damage.

These products represent a huge change for someone new to the natural approach to asthma and allergies.  There are only side benefits and none of the negative side effects from medication.  If you have questions and want to discuss any or all of these products and their use to alleviate your symptoms by correcting the root cause, please get in touch.

To your good health,   Betsy

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