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More energy by day; better sleep by night

From the heart……

Recently I stopped by the drinks section of my favorite healthy grocery store, Puget Consumer Coop in West Seattle. I rarely buy any flavored drink preferring filtered water. I seldom leave home without a full water bottle in my purse. But that day, I was dragging and wanted a quick boost. Whatever it was that I bought and drank down on my long walk, it wired me with fantastic energy for the rest of the day and into the night. A bit too much.

There are two problems here:

1. Too much water is being pumped from the Earth and sent around the world with just a little added something-or-other. This is environmentally unsound. Flavor your local tap water yourself. Cut down on plastic bottles. Cut down on shipping which clogs the highways and adds C02 to the atmosphere.

2. What’s in all those drinks? Are they healthy? Artificial? If we need an energy boost—and apparently we do—are we doing damage to ourselves by drinking these concoctions?

Just as I was pondering these problems, Shaklee introduced a new powder, in serving-sized packets designed to make your filtered tap water into an energy drink. Read on to get the full story on this drink.

You and I have to do all we can to reduce the mining of water and the shipping of things we could make at home. Little shifts in our habits like making our own energy drink could help reverse global devastation. Every little act makes a difference, especially if we tell other people about it. Change the neighborhood, one household at a time.

Sustained Energy Boost you can mix at home.
Grapefruit or raspberry.

Sustained Energy Boost is an on-the-go stick pack available in two fruity flavors, Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit. It delivers a boost of energy powered by 100 mg caffeine from extracts of green coffee beans and green tea, plus chardonnay grape seed extract to promote healthy circulation, which helps deliver caffeine to the body and brain.

Why does it contain chardonnay seed extract?
Rich in polyphenols, chardonnay grape seed extract has been shown in a pilot study to rapidly enhance circulation within 1 hour. Healthy circulation is critical for the distribution of nutrients to the body and brain. Sustained Energy Boost contains chardonnay grape seed extract to promote healthy circulation to help deliver caffeine to the body and brain.
When is the best time to drink it?
Anytime you need a pick me up.
What’s the best way to drink it?
Mix 1 stick with 8–10 oz. of water or your favorite drink. Take a sip and get going!

MN $19.95 for 14 sticks. You will save so much money making your energy drink at home! Order some today.

More from the heart.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping through the night for years. Is it one of the conditions of growing old? Friends have talked to me about not sleeping well. Even with 3 tablets of Gentle Sleep Complex every night. Our body repairs as we sleep. We need a full night’s restful sleep, preferably uninterrupted. This seems to be a problem across the generations. So much stress in a chaotic world. Just as I was considering going to the health food store to see what might be available, Shaklee announced a new sleep aide. Read on for the details.

A restful night’s sleep is a precious thing. It can be yours.

Dream Serene ingredients

Melatonin, a hormone produced in the body that regulates sleep-wake cycles. Melatonin has been clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster.
Valerian, a plant that reduces the time necessary to fall asleep and improves sleep quality in individuals with sleep problems.
Lemon Balm extract is used in teas and traditional medicine to relieve headaches and treat sleeplessness. It is clinically shown to affect sleep and mood.
The synergistic blend of valerian & lemon balm promotes more restful sleep.
L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea leaves that helps alleviate stress.

Understanding How Sleep Affects Your Heart

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one-third of adults get less than the minimum recommendation of 7 hours of sleep each night, adding to their risk for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. What does that mean for you?

Count your hours. Lack of sleep can disrupt your hormones and cause calcium buildup and other changes in your arteries. On the other hand, excessive sleep of more than 9 hours is associated with higher health risks too. Most adults need to aim for 7 to 8 hours nightly.

Watch your blood pressure. Your heart slows down, and your blood pressure drops while you sleep. This nocturnal dipping gives your body a chance to heal from daily stress. Without this time off, you’re more vulnerable to hypertension and other issues.

Manage diabetes. Elevated blood sugar can harm your blood vessels. Sleep helps to stabilize blood glucose, lowering your risk for prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

Lose weight. Do you crave fattening foods after a restless night? Studies show that lack of sleep may throw your hunger hormones out of balance, and make you want to overeat. Excess pounds increase inflammation and strain your heart, especially if they settle down around your midsection.

Reduce sleep apnea. If you snore and feel tired during the day, you may have sleep apnea. This disorder causes you to stop breathing intermittently while you’re asleep, putting you at greater risk for heart attack, stroke, and atrial fibrillation. Ask your doctor about CPAP therapy and other options.

Minimize disruptions. Even if you go to bed early, frequent interruptions can keep you from enjoying the four essential stages of sleep. The deeper stages of non-rapid eye movement sleep are especially beneficial for your heart. In addition, continuous sleep keeps your heart rate from spiking each time you wake up.

Be consistent. One study found that shift workers had almost 20% higher rates of coronary heart disease. If possible, go to bed and wake up at around the same time each day.

Change your diet. Eat more fiber, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Cut back on saturated fat and avoid trans fats.

Exercise regularly. Work your way up to doing at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. Cardio workouts like running and biking strengthen your heart and lower your blood pressure. Strength training conditions your heart and enhances your overall health too.

Learn to relax. It’s natural to feel anxious sometimes, especially in these chaotic times. Relaxation practices can help you to cope and enjoy more restful sleep. Take part each day in activities that help you relax.

Use natural sleep aids. A gentle, yet effective product like Shaklee Dream Serene, a patent-pending formula containing melatonin and a proprietary blend of valerian, lemon balm, and L-theanine can help you fall asleep, stay sleep and alleviate occasional sleeplessness.

Sufficient sleep and other heart-healthy habits can lower your risk for many serious medical conditions. Talk with your doctor, so you can figure out which factors are most important for helping you to lead a longer and more active life.

MN $21.25 for 30 capsules

Be well, Do well, and Keep Moving,


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Increase energy naturally

Replenish and Increase your Energy Naturally


Between 50% and 75% of consumers experience fatigue and low energy levels.  Women especially struggle with the vicious cycle of tiredness.  The more worn out you feel, the harder it becomes to relax and rest, which means more fatigue.  Many turn to stimulants like caffeine to receive “energy boosts” which in turn can cause you to be jittery, over-stimulated and often causes a ‘crash’, resulting in more fatigue.  You may be looking for natural energy products.


Still others turn to energy drinks, a market that is increasing. The $9.4 billion energy drinks and shots category continues to be a solid performer, despite falling sales in 2013 from controversy and lawsuits that challenged its safety. Reported by Mintel, a comprehensive market analysis company.


The controversy is justified.  The market is flooded with products that contain high levels of artificial sugars, high fructose corn syrup, and unwanted and unnecessary chemicals and additives, including red, green and yellow dyes.  What are you sacrificing in health to get the energy boost you crave?


Shaklee scientists pay close attention to what American’s are doing to their health–what we crave to keep our bodies going.  After careful research and in depth study, they have two products that help.  These natural energy products are safe and deliver the oomph we need even when we haven’t had enough sleep or have to accomplish some goal before 5 p.m. and the afternoon is dragging.


CorEnergy is a capsule containing a blend

  • Cordyceps Sinensis, a valued mushroom that has been extensively tested in China and found to help fight everyday fatigue.


  • Panax Ginseng: traditionally used to revitalize and replenish vital energy.


  • Green Tea: one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidant phytonutrients called polyphenols; it helps to promote sustained vitality.


To get the maximum increased energy effect from CorEnergy, take it 15 to 20 minutes before a meal, say breakfast and lunch.


A side note: Panax Ginseng has been a best seller in the market for years.  Some time ago, early 2000s, all the sources of Ginseng from China were contaminated by mold due to flooding in the warehouses.  From that point on, the ginseng roots were saturated with anti-fungicidal before storage and subsequent shipment to the US.  Shaklee, who always tests their raw ingredients, discovered this contamination and suspended the manufacture of our Ginseng product until they could locate a clean source.  We had no Ginseng to sell for over a year and did not bring CorEnergy to market until they developed a process to extract the active ingredient.  No other company withdrew their Ginseng product from the market.


Skeptics who worry about finding an herbal product containing the active ingredient in measured doses need look no further than Shaklee.  We test and test again.  Each capsule contains an exact dosage.  Guaranteed.


The Shaklee answer to the energy drink and goop is Energy Chews.  They are 75% organic, contain scientifically proven ingredients, including L-theanine and L-tyrosine, to help support focus and alertness, plus energy-releasing B vitamins, natural caffeine from green tea, and 25% daily value of Vitamin D.  Energy Chews produce increase energy naturally


No Red #40, Yellow #5, Yellow #6 dyes, no artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium; or artificial preservatives such as potassium sorbate, sodium EDTA, benzoic acid, and sodium benzoate.  (These are the things you might find in the energy stuff available at your local checkout stand.)  I get a boost from Energy Chews within 15 minutes of chewing and swallowing two yummy individually wrapped cubes.  Keeps me awake in the lecture, behind the wheel and in the late afternoon.  One customer says Energy Chews helped him break the 3 p.m. latte habit.  And they cost less.


Go for it.   Add one or both of these products to your monthly order.  You’ll be glad to have them on hand for the occasional droopy day or late night push.

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