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Stop that cold from coming

What do you do to avoid catching that cold that is going around? Over the Counter remedies? Homeopathics? Antihistamines?
How are these remedies working for you? You’ve just got to stop that cold from coming or you will miss working/skiing/visiting your friends/seeing your family. Help!

I recently drove over to Mazama in the Methow valley of Eastern Washington to cross country ski. My friend called early the day of our departure to say she was coming down with a cold and didn’t want to infect any of the rest of us. We were sharing a house with three others. She had taken a homeopathic in the middle of the night when the symptoms woke her. She’d taken an antihistamine.

I, too, had been fighting the early symptoms of a cold and wondered to myself if I should be going. I used a Netty Pot with warm salt water to try to clear a sinus blockage. I swallowed four Vita C every 3 hours, took extra lecithin to keep the gathering gunk running so the cold didn’t settle in my chest. I drank buckets of Breathe Easy and Throat Coat tea. By the time of our departure, the sinus pain had gone; the cough was easing up and the drippy nose lessened.
I urged my friend to go. And to stop the antihistamines, but instead, I’d bring a bottle of Sustained Release Vita C and she could take a couple every few hours. She agreed.  She continued with her homeopathics and the lemon tea, plus some Throat coat and Breathe Easy as we drove the many hours. Of course, we had to stop often at restrooms along the way with that much tea going in. And within twenty-four hours, her cold turned around.

A customer got in touch while I was gone, desperate for Defend and Resist, a throat lozenge Shaklee makes that helps to ward off the early symptoms of a cold. He was afraid he’d run out before he got the upper hand. When I got home, we talked and the supply of D&R he had, took care of it. No cold.

All around me, people are dropping like flies. We all have our favorite remedies and strategies for avoiding a full-blown cold that keeps us from work or play. If your methods haven’t worked as well as you like, or if you are in the middle of a horrible cold, or a lingering cough, please go here to read about these cold avoiding and relieving products you might want to try. Or click here to go straight to my Shaklee website and make a purchase.
Good health to you. Betsy

And by all means, Keep Moving.


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Immune Support

Cold and Flu Season= Immunity and how to get more of it.


Organs of Immunity


Skin: Forms an effective barrier against pathogens.

Respiratory system: Cilia lining the airway move mucus and contaminants out of the body.

Stomach and intestines: Stomach acid kills most bacteria. Antibodies secreted by the intestinal cells attack pathogens.

Lymph nodes: Lymphocytes are cells of the immune system that recognize and eliminate pathogens.

Spleen: Aids the body in fighting harmful bacteria.

White blood cells: Attachs pathogens throughout the body.


How Viruses Work

If you have ever had a cold or the flu, you have been the victim of a virus.  “Viruses are responsible for many other serious, often deadly, diseases including AIDS, Ebola, infectious hepatitis and herpes.”


Viruses are tiny microbes much smaller and very different from bacteria in that they cannot survive on their own.  Viruses need to invade a living cell in order to live and grow. Once inside a host cell, viruses rapidly replicate themselves, burst their host cell and start infecting other cells around them. Once enough cells are effected, you begin experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough and sweating as the body tries to defend itself against the attack.


Why viruses are so difficult to combat…When the proper host is not available, some viruses can hide out in your body for years waiting for the right conditions.  Viruses can mutate quickly so as soon as scientists create a new vaccine, a mutated resistant virus often appears.  An antibiotic doesn’t necessary help unless the bacteria is identified and the medication is specifically designed to kill that strain of bacteria.


How viruses spread…Most viruses are airborne and can pass from an infected person when they cough or sneeze. Others are infectious only when a person has contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person…like the AIDS virus.  Some viruses are tough enough to live on room temperature surfaces (doorknobs, handrails or countertops) for up to 48 hours.  That’s why frequent hand washing is critical if you want to avoid viral infections.


Bulletproof immunity…Recently, a devastating strain of Enterovirus has been infecting school-age children, developing overnight from mild flu-like symptoms to threatening their very ability to breathe, particularly in children with asthma.  In a global community, we are exposed to widespread contagion of pathogens, many of which have no preventative vaccine or medical treatment.


Our best defense is a strong immune system.


Strong immune support is no guarantee, but it is your best chance to stay healthy in the face of any and all health threats.


5 steps to bulletproof your immunity:


Stay hydrated. Healthy fluids such as Get Clean Water and Shaklee tea flush toxins.


Eliminate Sugar refined sugar is a poison which dramatically decreases immune function.



Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep depressed the immune system.  Try Gentle Sleep Complex.


Eat healthy foods often.  Plenty of fresh vegetables and whole fruits, to keep your blood sugar even throughout the day.

Take probiotics.  80% of your immune system is located in your gut… trillions of beneficial bacteria help you fight disease and absorb nutrients.  Optiflora

Ready to shop?  My Shaklee shopping page is here.

Questions?  Call or email me.  206 933 1889, betsy@hihohealth.com

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immune system

Gentle Reader,

immune system3
What is your defense?

Our immune system needs help.  Flu season is upon us.  People all around me have colds.  Our children are getting leveled by Enterovirus 68. Are you nervous about the Ebola virus?  The annual debate surfaces again among people who prefer a natural approach to prevention and those accepting vaccines. What are your plans for protecting yourself, your children or your grandchildren, if you have any say in their health care?

Let’s take a fresh look at the immune system.  The immune system is a complex and highly developed system, yet its mission is simple–to seek and kill invaders.  Every minute of the day, thousands of battles rage inside your body.  Millions of microscopic foreign invaders are trying to penetrate your cells, while your body’s immune system struggles to fight them off.  If the invaders win, the result can be a lingering cold or flu, or it could be a chronic illness, cancer or some other disease.


The immune system is a person’s primary defense against disease.  With the ever-increasing globalization of our world and strange mutations of viruses on the loose, there has never been a more critical time for you to strengthen your body’s immune system.  In addition to known viruses such as the common flu, there is a new onslaught of life threatening viruses such as Hepatitis B and C, HIV and SARS.   Do not count on the health care system to protect you.  Take personal responsibility.  Choose your optimum health strategies.


If you have had even a cold, not to mention the flu, that is an indication that your immune system was not able to do its job effectively of protecting your body from these infections.


The immune system protects you in three different ways:

1.      It creates a barrier that prevents bacteria and viruses from entering your body.

2.      If a bacteria or virus does get into your body, the immune system tries to detect and eliminate it before it can make itself at home and reproduce.

3.      If the virus and/or bacteria are able to reproduce and start causing problems, your immune system is in charge of surrounding, isolating and eliminating it.


Knowing this, it is quite obvious why you need to build and maintain a strong immune system.  The stronger it is, the more likely your body will be prepared to defend itself when a deadly bacteria or virus comes knocking.

Want to watch a short video made for kids (aren’t we all kids?) to explain just how this immune system works?

It is extremely important to keep this system healthy, nourished and stimulated.


There are many challenges from modern life that affect the immune system:

  • not enough rest or exercise
  • too much exercise (like running a marathon) will depress the immune function temporarily
  • inadequate nutrition
  •       high stress
  •       environmental pollutants & airborne irritants
  •       aging


How to counteract these challenges:

  • Get better sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Reduce stress
  • Support your system with supplements


Vitamin supplements are highly recommended to strengthen and maintain a strong immune system.  As a FIRST CHOICE, choose Nutriferon from SHAKLEE.


Considering the Flu Shot ?

Instead choose Nutriferon for broad spectrum protection


What is Nutriferon?

It is an exclusive blend of clinically-proven immuno-supportive phytonutrients–FOUR key herbal extracts, which contain bioactive polysaccharides that are safe and natural immune stimulators:

1.      Pumpkin seed – increases interferon production

2.      Plantago seed – stimulates overall immune response

3.      Safflower flower – prompts macrophage to produce cytokines

4.      Japanese honeysuckle flower bud – increases activity of immune cells


What does Nutriferon?

When used every day, it provides natural, unsurpassed support for the immune system’s most powerful front-line defenses by

  • increasing the production, speed, activity and accuracy of the immune system cells and
  • increasing the communication between all immune system cells.


How does it actually work?

1.      It  enhances cytokine production.  Cytokines are chemical messengers between immune cells which encourage immune cell growth, proliferation, activity, accuracy and power.  They destroy target cells, such as viruses and cancer cells.

2.      It induces natural interferon production, a powerful group of cytokines.

3.      It increases the activity of macrophages–white blood cells that constantly patrol the body looking for “bad guys” to consume.  When a macrophage spots anything foreign, it calls for help from other immune system cells using the messenger chemicals called cytokines.

4.      It enhances neutrophil activity and maintenance.   Neutrophils are key players in the immune response process.

5.      It causes immediate increase in lymphocytes.  Lymphocyte cells organize the entire defense of the body.  When they become damaged or begin to be reduced in number, the body cannot defend itself effectively.

6.      It optimizes IgE balance–the immune response against environmental irritants and airborne substances.  So Immune Building Complex is especially good to cope with asthma and environmental allergies.

7.      It helps bring balance to the immune system

a.      by helping up-modulate a weak immune system

b.      by helping down-modulate a runaway immune system (auto-immune response)


How to Use Nutriferon:

Take two easy-to-swallow caplets daily 

It is intended for EVERYDAY USE.  Don’t wait until you get sick.  It helps to keep your immune system charged and in an optimum state to defend itself DAILY!

Two a day will provide dietary support for all men and women, especially

  • those interested in maintaining a “peak-performance” immune system
  • those who are elderly and, therefore, vulnerable to diminished immunity
  • those whose diets are not always optimal
  • those with high levels of stress
  • those who are sedentary or have erratic exercise habits

Precaution  People on immune suppressant drugs (prednisone, gout medication, “inhibitors of cytokine activity,” etc.)  should consult their health care provider.  If the ESR or CRP levels are elevated in the blood, use caution with Nutriferon.


Product History

This incredible formula is the result of decades of work by eminent immunologists.

  • It was released to the world marketplace in February 2003 by the SHAKLEE Corporation.
  • It has been awarded four honorary patents in Japan, USA, Europe and China.
  • Nutriferon was developed by Dr. Yasuhiro Kajima, the discoverer of
  • interferons and an eminent immunologist, professor and scientific researcher from Japan.

Dr. Kajima began his immunology research in 1932, and IBC is the result of this pioneering research.  It is now available exclusively through SHAKLEE distributors.


Incredible Results !

  • Clinical test results revealed after one month’s usage:  Hepatitis-C virus levels reduced to 1/3.


  • Lymphocyte count recovery after surgery and chemo for cancer was reduced from the usual 3 months to 3 to 4 weeks


  • Martha Willmore’s patient with environmentally-induced asthma has not used inhalers since introducing Nutriferon—and before Nutriferon had used the inhaler every 2 hours at night.

You will decide what your line of defense will be.  Even when you do everything right within your power, some virus or bacteria may get through and overwhelm your immune defenses.  What to do should you get sick is the topic of another post.  Until then,

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving.


206 933 1889

I hope you will take a minute to comment.  Pass this information along to anyone you think might benefit.



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reduce medication

Gentle Reader,


The recent Global Conference in Long Beach held by the company whose products I rely on to support my optimal health, reflected some big picture changes in our world’s approach to health.  Perhaps it would be more correct to say, big picture trends in our world’s health challenges and a call to approach those challenges from a different perspective.  From the Ebola outbreak in Africa to the obesity epidemic in the more opulent populations, we are experiencing greater threats to physical health and well-being across the globe.  Huge sums of money go toward finding medications to cure the threats.  For the first time in history, our children may not reach the ages of their grandparents and parents.  While many in the US and Canada live to be 100 and even more, their health span is not keeping up with their life span because of health challenges.  The research in the medical field is geared to curing illness. A staggering number of people of all ages take prescription medications, and this number is on the increase.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reduce medication instead of increasing reliance on drugs?


What the Shaklee Corporation medical and research staff focus on is prevention.  Their web site reflects this “Healthy Foundations” – “Healthy Solutions” approach, encouraging people to look at their health concerns and direct their attention and dollars to bringing their bodies and minds up to a peak level of performance through nutritional support.  They might even be able to reduce medication. “But”, you might counter, “there are so many non-medical options on the market today, all screaming for your attention, and they all seem to be less expensive.”


How much is optimal health worth to you?  Where is the proof that Shaklee’s “foundations” and “solutions” are more effective?  I urge you to do your own research on the effectiveness topic as I did so many years ago.  First, my body responded positively to the foundations program.  Then I wrote to Shaklee asking for their research papers so I could read for myself how the studies were conducted, how they controlled for variables, who their test population was (did I fit that profile?), etc.  My research supported what my body experienced and I was All In for good, letting all the noise of other product offerings, regardless of the price, fade from my attention.


One woman who is complaining of lack of focus and forgetfulness attributes these health failings to age.  I asked her if she was OK with that progression or would consider slowing it down, maybe even reversing it.  She said she was skeptical of all medicine, and that supplements seemed like the same thing to her.  That got me thinking about my own health history.  I started out in a medical family where the latest drug was offered for the slightest symptom and the firm belief was “better living through chemistry.”  I offered her research papers so she could educate herself.  She really didn’t want to continue on this downward path and was open.  “But”, she added, “I won’t retain research documentation.  How have these supplements affected people’s health?, was her next question.


I have pointed you to the research.  Here are a couple of testimonies for you.  The first is about our immune boosting supplement, Nutriferon.  There are several excellent studies using this supplement.  You can find them on the web.  This will be especially interesting to anyone with thyroid challenges.


November 24, 2013

Shaklee testimonial on Nutriferon:

 I ordered my first bottle of Shaklee Nutriferon on 4/20/2010:

 When my husband was found to have COPD the first of 2013, I started giving him a double dose (4 pills) a day. Then when his tests with the pulmonary specialist started getting better numbers, he is just taking 1 dose of 2 pills a day. He still has some breathing problems but his last test showed normal numbers. He is helping himself also by walking every day and watching what he eats. I contribute Nutriferon and his change in lifestyle helped him with his condition.

 I was diagnosed with having a thyroid problem 44 years ago and I have been on Synthroid ever since then. I have been faithful about getting a physical with blood tests once a year. Throughout all those years, the dosage of Synthroid has never gone down. In April, 2010 I started taking 1 dose (2 pills) of Nutriferon a day. In June, 2013, I had my regular yearly tests and the doctor lowered the dosage and after 3 months I had another blood test and he lowered the dosage again. I am now taking .123 MG a day which is what I was taking years ago. I will have another blood test in Feb. 2014 to find out if he needs to lower again. This had never happened in all the 44 years of taking thyroid medicine.

 Also, I was put on Benicar 20 MG for high blood pressure in 2007 and now this year the doctor has said to split the pill and take half a pill a day.

 My husband and I are going to continue taking Nutriferon, since we are convinced it is helping us with overall health. I have it on Autoship.

I want to thank Mary Reece and Joyce Brown with introducing me to Nutriferon. I started taking Nutriferon to boost my immune system and it has done so much more.

Connie Protsman, Atmore, Alabama

 This testimony is about depression, one of the primary causes of prescription medication in the US. Perhaps there is another way to handle mental health challenges.

Ten years ago, I found myself in a very deep depression (even suicidal at times) as a result of situational and familial stresses.  As a result of a very tuned-in nurse at the embassy (in Rabat, Morocco) who asked the right question that got me to open up and discovered that I would benefit greatly from taking anti-depressants. I started taking them January of 2004.  I began with Zoloft then changed to Paxil within a few months; in addition I sought psychological support from an US-trained psychiatrist there in Rabat.

I began feeling better and more functional pretty quickly.  However, within 6 months I realized I had gained significant weight.  This was surprising to me because I had started teaching fitness classes again because I felt so much better, was working out very regularly and eating better!  Within 10 months, I had gained nearly 55 pounds!  I was, at this point, back in the US and my doctor switched me to Prozac in hopes of stopping the weight gain.  It did, for the most part, but also I wasn’t able to lose any of that weight gained.

Fast forward a few years, I wasn’t really happy like I remembered being prior to my depression and I had another psychiatrist tell me that I would be on anti-depressants the rest of my life after having had 2 episodes of severe post-partum depression.  This scared me!  I was determined to prove him wrong…somehow.  On the anti-depressants, I wasn’t able to really experience the highs of happiness and joy; the only benefit was that I was no longer experiencing the deep lows and depression, which was great.

January 2010, my neighbor reintroduced me to Shaklee (I grew up using the Shaklee cleaners and supplements due to a loving mother) and suggested that I try the Stress Relief Complex (SRC) to help me with the added stresses of 3 growing and demanding children and an ever-increasingly stressful marriage.  Within 3 months, because I loved how much better the Stress Relief Complex had helped me, I started taking Shaklee’s Vitalizer pack to increase my nutrition AND started my Shaklee business!  I spoke with my Doctor and told her I’d like to come off of the Prozac because of how I was feeling/doing taking the Shaklee supplements.  She was, thankfully, on-board with me but made me promise to keep an RX just in case and if I experienced any bad side effects to talk to her.  Within 10 months of beginning the Stress Relief Complex and adding in Vitalizer, I realized that I hadn’t taken an anti-depressant for several weeks!  That was October 2010!  I’ve been anti-depressant free ever since!

Since then I was able to lose ALL of the weight I’d gained, plus more, using the Shaklee weight management system, continuing my multivitamin use, Stress Relief Complex as needed and adding in extra B-Complex

More recently, I’ve learned about the benefits of increasing vitamin D3 and extra calcium if depression /anxiety also causes increased muscle tension.  I’ve been able to help many women come off of their anti-depressants naturally and now, help members of my own family with nutritional support with similar issues. 

*Always talk to your doctor about your plans; get their support and seek professional counseling as needed, as well as increase your own personal support network of trusted family and friends.*  I have also made thorough use of a therapist for counseling purposes as needed and continue to seek support from her as needed!  All things considered – for myself and others who’ve tried this approach — nutritional therapy and counseling services have made the most difference when combined!  

Happier and Healthier than ever!     –CK Gaush, April 2014  www.ckgaush.myshaklee.com

Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving!


206 933 1889

If you have had a significant health benefit from using Shaklee supplements, resulting is getting off medications, please let me know.  Others would like to hear your story.



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Immune support

Gentle Reader.


I tried to make sense of developing breast cancer at age 34.  One thought was to blame too much use of antibiotics as a child, along with cold and flu suppressants.  No doctor has been willing to go there with me.  My approach to my own health these past 42 cancer free years has been to strengthen my immune system in every way possible.

To my great relief and delight, the man who discovered a key to the immune response, Interferon, developed an herbal compound that stimulates our own body’s ability to make interferon.  Shaklee has the exclusive right to market this herbal complex, Nutriferon.  Herbs provide immune support.

I wish everyone I care about and people I don’t even know yet would take this Nutriferon every day.  We would have a lot fewer sick days if they did.

What is Nutriferon? Scientific results

Individual ingredients in the immune boosting blend include

pumpkin seed (Cucurbita Moschata) extract, which has been reported to induce interferon in cell cultures. It also contains

Plantago seed (Plantago asiatica), which has polysaccharides thought to stimulate non-specific immunity.

Safflower flower (Carthamus tinctorius) polysaccharides have been shown experimentally to prompt macrophages to produce cytokines. And

Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) flower buds have been traditionally used to fight infections.

What does Nutriferon do?

Experimentally, it’s been reported to increase the activity of immune cells. For example, clinical studies demonstrate that this novel, patented botanical blend is effective at inducing the body’s natural production of interferon, a key conductor and activator of immune response processes. Nutriferon activates and increases the phagocytic activity of macrophages and may increase the activity of natural killer cells, immune system defenders that seek out and destroy invaders at the cellular immune response level.

Human Clinical Trials

1. Administration of a Botanical Blend in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

High dose interferon is approved as a treatment for hepatitis C. The investigators in this study chose to look at [Nutriferon] for its potential natural interferon induction and the impact on patients with chronic hepatitis C.

The three month study conducted at Kanazawa University Hospital in Ishikawa, Japan, was an open-label trial of patients with chronic hepatitis C who ingested 1gm of the blend [Nutriferon] daily. Of the 35 patients that completed the study, there were improvements reported in malaise, abdominal bloating, nausea, and vomiting with no adverse changes in hematology or biochemical examination parameters. There was a statistically significant decrease in HCV-RNA virus levels in patients with high viral titers after 1 and 3 months administration of [Nutriferon] and no serious adverse events were observed with botanical blend administration.  The study findings suggest that [Nutriferon] has antiviral activity and may be both safe and useful for administration to patients with chronic hepatitis C, especially in those with high viral titers.

Think about what this implies!

2. Administration of a Patented Botanical Blend in Patients with Pollenosis [allergies like hay-fever]

Allergies such as hay fever are hyper-sensitivities in which immune responses to environmental antigens cause inflammation and damage to the body itself.

Three uncontrolled trials on 113 subjects with mild nasal allergy or hay fever were conducted between 1998 and 2000. In these trials, subjects who used the botanical blend reported specific improvements in subjective measurements such as sneezing, nasal discharge, teary eyes, and nasal blockage. 10 subjects with nasal allergy consuming 2 g daily of [Nutriferon] for 4 weeks showed a statistically significant increase in peripheral blood gamma interferon levels after 4 weeks when compared to the pre-treatment measurement.   Reduced allergy response!

3. Effect of Administration of a Botanical Blend in Menopausal Women

Biological factors including hormones and cytokines, as well as psychological factors determine menopausal symptoms. The negatives associated with hormone replacement therapy are driving the search for alternative therapies. Thirty-two post-menopausal women were given 2g daily of [Nutriferon] for 6 months to measure effects on the immune and endocrine systems. There was a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, significant decrease in facial skin surface blood flow, and a significant decrease in plasma TG and LDL-cholesterol after 3 months administration.  [Nutriferon] appears to have clinically improved menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women and may help to maintain or improve normal biological function and quality of life as measured by these indicators in postmenopausal women.  Think about this!!

4. Some Effects of [Nutriferon]

In a follow up to the previous study, there was a significant decrease in plasma FSH level, and a significant increase in plasma GM-CSF levels and after 6 months administration of the botanical blend in the 32 subjects. It is significant that [Nutriferon] reduced menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women. [Nutriferon] may have acted as an immunomodulator and an endocrine modulator.

5. Administration of [Nutriferon] on Physical and Mental Symptoms Accompanying Premenstrual Symptoms (PMS)

Forty-two women ages 20-35 years old with PMS symptoms took 800 mg daily of the blend for 3 months reported statistically significant improvements for abdominal cramps, low back pain, swollen breasts, acne, breast pain, constipation, nervousness, sleepiness, short temper, and reduction of concentration after one month.

So much for the scientific medical-babble.  What does this mean for you and me?

A couple of testimonies:

My son gets sick a lot and travels for his job. He is usually sick for 4 days.  He took 6 Nutriferon when he started to get sick, took 6 more when he woke up at 4 a.m. By 9 am at breakfast, he was shocked to feel well.

I’m allergic to pollen, dust, grass, weeds, trees, feathers, fur, certain scents, dogs, cats, and certain foods (citrus, fish, cashews or anything processed in a plant with tree nuts). I also have asthma. I suffered oozy itchy rashes on my hands so bad I could hardly bend my fingers and couldn’t work as a nail tech. For years I would break out all over my body every time the wind blew. I was always getting nosebleeds. I was constantly sick with bronchitis, and pretty much had no voice for 4-6 months out of the year. I tried over-the-counter, and every prescription med, inhalers, nose sprays, you name it. Zyrtec worked the best but made me absolutely crazy and I had to quit taking it. I was getting allergy shots for a while and they helped a lot, but the series were sporatic, due to red tape in the MediCal system, and a couple times I had analphylactic reactions to the shots.

I was a non-committed Shaklee user, but decided to give the Nutriferon a try. My God, what a difference! I doubled up on it the first few days, then took two a day regularly for a long time. I did go without it for about a week at one point, and that is where I really saw the difference because the symptoms came back! Other than that, I’ve been basically symptom free since I started taking the Nutriferon.

I have seven children, one with severe allergies who also takes Nutriferon. My oldest daughter who is in college, takes it every day and was the only one in school that didn’t get sick the whole year. The other kids take it when others around them are getting sick at school and work. Tara Colvin

How about that for immune support!?

Be Well, Do Well and keep moving.



For more studies and stories, visit www.GrandmaBetsyBell.com/blog

BetsyBells Health4u

4455 51st Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98116

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How to develop Immune system function

Do not spend the winter sick.

             Prepare Now for Cold and Flu Season 
How to Develop and Maintain a Healthy Immune System Function

NutriFeron – One of the most powerful formulas ever developed for strengthening the immune system. Its unique, synergistic blend of plant extracts including pumpkin seeds, plantago seeds, safflower flowers and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds, can be taken daily preventatively. But if you feel you are starting to come down with a virus up to 6 per day has been shown to be very effective at heading off an infection.

• Supports and stimulates the healthy immune system, by increasing the activity
of macrophages and inducing natural interferon production

• Optimizes immune response against environmental irritants and
airborne substances (as with allergies, asthma)
20962 60 caplets Retail $45.90 MP $39.00
59193 Share It Pack (4 bottles) Retail $165.24 MP $140.40 Save 10%

How many do you have to eat to stay healthy?

Sustained Release Vita-C®, 500 mg.– Only all natural sustained release C with no shellac. Antioxidant property protects the body against free radicals. Boosts the healthy immune system, infection fighter, natural antihistamine, increases the resistance to ligament and tendon injury. Vitamin C is depleted by stress such as infections, illness, fatigue, surgery, anxiety, pollution and extremes in temperature. As we age, there is a greater need to regenerate collagen, which requires more vitamin C.

20095 180 tablets Retail $25.50 MP $21.70

Defend & Resist Complex (Echinacea) – Keep in medicine chest and take when you feel you are coming down with something. Has become the most prominent herb used in the United States and Europe. Activates the healthy immune system, promotes production of white blood cells, enhances resistance to infection, viral and bacterial, especially flu and herpes; reduces mucus. Works best when started at the onset of cold or flu symptoms. Can be used effectively for up to 10 days at a time. In addition, larch tree extract and elderberry surround viruses and prevent them from reproducing.
20613 90 tablets Retail $20.35 MP $ 17.30

Garlic Complex- Natural decongestant and natural antibiotic. Shaklee’s Garlic Complex has a two-way odor control with a gentle, temperature-controlled drying process and a pleasant blend of spearmint and rosemary extracts to maintain high potency. Historically, has been used for congestion, asthma, sinusitis and allergies, colds, flu and pneumonia, sore throat and bronchitis. Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is effective against yeast infections (Candida). Nature’s strongest natural antibiotic.

20084 240 tablets Retail $41.80 MP $35.55


Susan Knott and Son Riley Knott Story

Susan Knott and her son, Riley, suffered from allergies for many years. Their symptoms were most severe during spring and fall allergy seasons, but as time went on, they needed to be on the medications all year long.
Riley’s symptoms were the most severe with constant sinus congestion, red itchy swollen eyes and nose, feeling miserable. Even after 2 ½ years of allergy shots, he still required Zyrtec and Nasonex nasal spray. They helped diminish some symptoms so they were manageable, but he never felt allergy-free.
Susan was introduced to the Shaklee products that help strengthen the immune system 3 years ago in late January. She and Riley, 16 years old, began with:

Optiflora Probiotic Capsule (because 70% of the immune system is in the gut)
Vita Lea Multi
Vita C Sustained Release — 2 to 4/ day
Nutriferon (4 herbal extracts that help the body produce a key component of the immune system (interferon) naturally — 2 to 4/ day

Within 6 to 8 weeks, Susan was so much improved that she was able to stop her allergy medication completely…
Riley, whose condition was more severe, took 3 to 4 months before symptoms subsided and he was able to eliminate the medications. Both Susan and Riley were able to reduce the number of supplement tablets as their healthy immune systems got stronger. Today during allergy season, if symptoms return, Susan and Riley simply increase their vitamin levels and add Shaklee Premium Garlic and Alfalfa.

Call today to get started on your anti-cold program or go on line and order.  www.HiHohealth.com

Betsy Bell’s Health4U
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Vitamin C Sustained Release

This is the time of the year, our bodies experience stress due to the change of seasons.
So to keep us at the top of our game we are focusing on Vita C. It is also called
ascorbic acid, which is the form of vitamin C found in most foods. It is a water-soluble
vitamin and cannot be stored in the body. Most plants and animals can produce their
own vitamin C, but humans cannot. For this reason, humans must eat ample amounts of
vitamin C every day.
Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that helps boost the body’s immune system, a
formula that helps maintain natural antioxidant defenses, cell integrity, and the health of
eyes, teeth, gums, bones, muscles, and blood vessels.

You may want to consider adding additional Vitamin C to your diet, if you find yourself
with any of the following:
 Bruise easily
 Bleeding gums
 A smoker
 Take medication
 Stressed?
 And the list goes on

If you experience any of these situations you will want to consider adjusting your vitamin
C intake.

Vitamin C is needed for proper growth, development, and to heal wounds. It is used to
make the collagen tissue for healthy teeth, gums, blood vessels and bones. Since
vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, it is also used to prevent damage to our bodies from
toxicities and pollutants, such as cigarette smoke.

Vitamin C helps protect other nutrients such as A, E and several B vitamins from
oxidation. It also regulates our body’s thermostat, cooling and heating the body through
circulation while promoting circulation through capillaries to fingertips and toes, and think
about it, when you are stressed circulation slows down and you will find that your
fingertips and toes are generally cold. Keep in mind that vitamin C is water soluble so it
needs to be taken throughout the day.

How much Vitamin C do I need in my diet?

Dr. Linus Pauling did extensive research on vitamin C and he states that just to maintain
normal body functions you need 3000 milligrams a day.
Smokers should add an extra 35mg per day to these numbers, because vitamin C is
depleted as an antioxidant in smokers. Additional vitamin C is needed to ensure it’s
other roles are performed.

Shaklee Sustained Release Vita-C®
is a propriety sustained release system that delivers the vitamin C equivalent of eating oneand a half oranges every hour on the hour for five hours. Unlike other sustained released products, Shaklee sustained Vita-C is based on natural gums and waxes, again like other C’s which are mainly ascorbic acid Shaklee Vita-C offers a full biolfavonoid complex.

Remember this……..don’t count on getting your vitamin C from orange juice. Vitamin C is
not stable in liquid and will oxidize after two hours being in liquid.

Avoid Vitamin C Deficiencies: The late Linus Pauling, PhD, found that vitamin C
deficiencies and heart disease often go hand in hand. If you are at risk for developing
heart disease, gradually build up to a daily intake of 3,000 to 6,000 mg, divided into two
or three doses.

Another reason to take Vitamin C: Your brain contains 15 times more vitamin C than
other organs in your body, and it’s vital for memory and mental function. Supplement
with a minimum of 1,000 mg of vitamin C every day.

Do you bruise easily, have bleeding gums, are you a smoker, take medication, are you
stressed? And the list goes on. If you experience any of these situations you will want
to consider adjusting your vitamin C intake.

Vitamin C is needed for proper growth, development, and to heal wounds. It is used to
make the collagen tissue for healthy eyes, teeth, gums, muscles, blood vessels and
bones. Since vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, it is also used to prevent damage to
our bodies from toxicities and pollutants, such as cigarette smoke.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Defend and Resist

Defend and Resist Complex

The immune system protects the body from bacteria, virus fungus, and other harmful
organisms. At times of the year when you are more likely to be slowed down by
immune challenges, it’s more important than ever to keep your immune system up to
speed. Scientific studies suggest that along with a healthy diet and getting enough rest,
consuming certain herbal supplements can help you be prepared for the moment when
you first feel the need to bolster your immune system. Defend and Resist Complex can
help your body respond to seasonal challenges by giving your immune system what it
needs to stay strong.

What Is Defend and Resist Complex?

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Defend and Resist Complex features standardized extracts of Echinacea, black
elderberry, and larch tree with immunoactive arabinogalactans to stimulate the body’s
natural resistance during seasonal challenges. Defend and Resist Complex also contains
zinc, which is known to help support a healthy immune function. Convenient tablets may
be swallowed, dissolved in the mouth then chewed, or crushed and mixed with hot
water to drink as a tea.
Defend and Resist Complex Supports Your Body in 4 Ways
1. By stimulating the body’s natural resistance.
Echinacea native to the United States, Echinacea was first used by the native
peoples of the New World. Also known as purple coneflower, Echinacea is a
perennial flower that resembles a black-eyed Susan. The Echinacea in Defend and
Resist Complex is an extract of both the herb and the root of the most studied herb
species, Echinacea purpurea. Recent studies have shown that Echinacea can help
your body respond to seasonal challenges by giving your immune system what it
needs to stay strong. A basis for understanding how Echinacea works comes from
laboratory studies showing cichoric acid and alkylamides, compounds found at high
concentrations in Echinacea purpurea, have strong immuno-stimulating activity. Six
tablets of Shaklee Defend and Resist Complex per day provide 168 mg of Echinacea
extract concentrated 6:1 to reliably provide the equivalent of over 1,000 mg of dried
herb. In addition, Echinacea is extracted from cultivated plants, which not only helps
guarantee the quality of the raw materials, but also helps protect increasingly rare
wild plants from being over-harvested.

  1. By maintaining a healthy immune response.
    Black Elderberry. The elderberry has been involved in human history for centuries.
    The generic name sambucus may come from the Greek sambuke, a musical
    instrument made from elderberry wood and said to be capable of making music to
    heal the spirit. Black elderberries (Sambucus nigra) are a rich source of antioxidant
    compounds called anthocyanidins and polyphenols. Scientific studies have shown
    that elderberry extract can help the body maintain a healthy immune response.
  2. By enhancing immune support.
    Larch Tree. The larch tree (Larix occidentalis) is a deciduous conifer ― a member of
    the pine family that loses its needles each year. Only 10 species of larch occur in the
    world, mostly in cold areas of the northern hemisphere. Larches are commonly
    called tamaracks in many parts of the United States. There is evidence that
    compounds found in high concentrations in the heartwood of larch tree cells, called
    arabinogalactans, are even more immunoactive than extracts of Echinacea.
    Laboratory studies further suggest that larch arabino-galactans stimulate important
    markers of function. A recent clinical study showed that larch heartwood extract
    helped support the immune systems natural ability to achieve a state of immune

  3. By providing the full Daily Value of Zinc.
    Zinc is present in virtually all cells in the body, zinc works as a trigger for over 200
    different enzymes whose functions range from making the materials DNA and RNA
    to helping with the metabolism of fatty acids. Zinc also contributes to growth and
    development, and is important for proper immune function.

Is There Scientific Evidence for the Ingredients in Defend & Resist Complex?
Recent studies have shown that cichoric acid and alkylamides found in the Echinaceaplant have immunoactive properties.* It has also been demonstrated that these phytonutrients occur in higher concentrations in the leafy parts of the plant than in the root. In laboratory tests, Echinacea boosts the production and activity of white blood cells.* Echinacea provides natural support for the body’s immune system.*

  1. Black Elderberries are a rich source of antioxidant compounds called
    anthocyanidins and polyphenols. Scientific studies have shown that
    Elderberry extract can help the body maintain a healthy immune response.*

  2. There is evidence that Echinacea’s benefits are enhanced by immunoactive
    arabino-galactans that are extracted from the heartwood of the Larch Tree.*
    Scientific studies show that arabino-galactans, polysaccharides found in
    Larch cells, boost important indicators of immune system function.*

How Should Defend & Resist Complex be Used?

Defend & Resist Complex is offered in tablet form. Tablets may be swallowed, dissolved
in the mouth then chewed, or even crushed and mixed as a tea, without degrading the
benefits of the herbs. To supercharge your immune system when you start to feel the
need, take 6 tablets daily for about 7 days.
• Recommended serving size for children 4–12 years is 2–4 tablets per day for about 7 days.
There are four ways to take the six-tablet daily serving of Defend & Resist Complex throughout the day:
• Swallow
• Chew
• Drink it dissolved in hot water as a tea
• Dissolve it in your mouth, then chew

This product will provide you with emergency protection, which super charges the
immune system when coming down with a cold or flu and will stimulate the body’s
natural resistance and enhances immune support.

So during the times, when you face additional health challenges, do to stress, you can
pump up your immune system. This wonderful combination of Zinc, Echinacea, Larch
Tree extract and Black Elderberry, stimulates the body’s natural resistance and
enhances immune support.

Defend and Resist Complex or commonly known as DR goes a long way for seasonal
support and is a wonderful “must” for every family especially at this time of year when
we are exposed to colds and flu. It is a wonderful alternative to cold medicines
(especially, with all the information now coming out, about how dangerous some of
these over-the-counter remedies can be!)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Listed below are the noted differences found in these three immune-strengthening

Nutriferon delivers the highest level of daily protection, by increasing the production of
the body’s natural interferon. Interferon’s (IFNs) are proteins made and released by host
cells in response to the presence of pathogens―such as viruses, bacteria, or parasites
or tumor

Defend and Resist supercharges the immune system when you start to feel the need.

Defend and Resist Complex can help your body respond to seasonal challenges by
giving your immune system what it needs to stay strong,* with the unique formula based
on standardized herbal extracts.

aims at a higher standard achieving the best health possible by
delivering specific nutrients, protected by Shaklee Guard. This design provides for our
bodies, first-line defenders, cell builders and cell protectors. Provides a baseline
increasing resistance to infectious disease and supplying daily support for your immune
system. Formula I gives you one easy to take capsule with six vitamins and four minerals
– all key immuno active nutrients. Shaklee Guard ensures freshness and stability.

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Every day our bodies are under attack by pathogens and dangerous microbes that infest our surroundings with an unseen, unfelt, yet undeniable health threat. Our body’s built-in immune system protects us whenever possible, but it’s under constant attack from poor nutrition, stress, pollution, and fatigue. THE SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE in NUTRIFERON is a powerful breakthrough in immune system science. It is a patented, clinically proven blend of immune strengthening plant extracts. For daily use, it increases the production of your body’s natural interferon, a critical activator of the immune system and works at the cellular level

 Rapidly activates your immune system’s defenses

 Mobilizes the immune system’s “search-and-destroy” teams

 NutriFeron is the only immunity supplement formulated by the discoverer of natural interferon, after an exhaustive review of 200 natural compounds.

 Patented, clinically proven formula

 A natural way to keep your immune system finely tuned and on ready alert, taking the defenses you
already have and making them even better.

 Available exclusively through Shaklee, NutriFeron is a powerfully effective supplement that has exceeded a stringent set of scientific tests for safety, purity, potency, and clinical tests for performance.

 Star-K kosher certified

In a recent laboratory study, NutriFeron has been shown to positively impact natural killer (NK) cells — more support for this powerful breakthrough in Immune System Science. Now more than ever is the time to take care of you. Every day your immune system has to protect you from millions of microbes that inhabit your surroundings—microbes you may be breathing, eating, touching, or sharing. 8 Reasons to support your immune system with Nutriferon

1. Naturally Boosts Interferon Levels Scientists have identified interferon as being critical to healthy immune function. NutriFeron is the ONLY DIETARY SUPPLEMENT IN THE U.S. created by the immunologist who

2. Created by the Discoverer of Interferon Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima, the world-renowned immunologist who discovered interferon in 1954, dedicated 40 years of research to finding natural compounds that would provide a boost to
interferon production. This patented botanical blend is found in NutriFeron. NutriFeron from Shaklee is the ONLY IMMUNITY SUPPLEMENT IN THE U.S. CREATED BY THE DISCOVERER OF INTERFERON.*Star Achievers

Years of Research

After 40 years of painstaking research testing hundreds of natural compounds and herbs, Dr. Kojima developed a UNIQUE BLEND OF FOUR POWERFUL PLANT EXTRACTS that boosts the body’s natural production of interferon.*

4. Patented Blend of Interferon-Boosting Plant Extracts NutriFeron boasts the MACH® patented blend of interferon-boosting plant extracts, AN EXCLUSIVE FORMULA that includes pumpkinseed extract, safflower flower extract, Asian Plantain seed extract, and Japanese Honeysuckle flower extract. Each serving provides 500 mg of immunity-bolstering ingredients.*

5. Supported by Four Human Clinical Studies** Four published clinical studies confirm the extraordinary health and immune-supporting benefits of the proprietary blend of plant extracts found in NutriFeron. This potent-yet-safe phytonutrient blend provides immune support right at the cellular level. *

6. Exclusive Formula Protected by 3 Patents NutriFeron is supported by THREE patents and is available only through Shaklee Independent Distributors. This unique, patented formula is a Shaklee exclusive.

7. Made to the Highest Quality Standards A powerfully effective supplement, NutriFeron has been subjected to a stringent set of scientific tests for safety, purity, potency, and performance. 8. Springtime Blooms Tear You Up? Preliminary studies suggest that NutriFeron balances your immune response against environmental irritants and airborne pollutants Shaklee takes pride in making products that are naturally safe—AND proven effective. To prove it, every Shaklee product is backed by an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee. What Does Interferon Do?
Interferon serves two important functions:*
 To signal surrounding cells to trigger their response mechanisms.

 To activate immune cells to respond. Interferon is essential to the immune system and helps protect us from the daily exposure to millions of potential invaders that we confront each day. Who Should Use NutriFeron?

 Anyone over 12 years of age with busy, stressful lifestyles who wants to unleash their immune

 Those who want to balance their immune response to environmental irritants and airborne pollutants The recommended serving of NutriFeron is two caplets daily. If pregnant or nursing, please ask a health care professional. Keep in mind that…

• Preliminary laboratory studies suggest that in as little as three days, NutriFeron can unleash the full potential of the immune system.

**The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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But I have to have an operation!

Gentle Reader,

I was talking with a guy last night who had to have an operation for his hip.  The osteoarthritis had become so advanced into the hip joint that various movements were impeded.  A long time supplement user, he fortified himself with various supplements in order to tolerate the operation well and heal quickly.  He is a little disappointed with how long it has taken to get back to a range of motion he hoped for.  He is apprehensive about the operation waiting for his other hip.

As a wellness advisor, I have counseled many people about steps they might take to prepare for surgery, all kinds of surgery, whether for cancer or for arthritis and bone issues.  I thought I would share with you the document I have developed over the years.  Please add your own thoughts if you have had surgery and found alternative supplementation and actions that have helped with healing.

Before Surgery:

Soy protein 2 x daily  (if taking chemo, increase to 3-4 x daily)

Vita-Lea 3-4/daily  (Shaklee’s multivitamin-mineral supplement)

Fiber Tablets or Mix:  Soluble fiber (bloodstream), insoluble fiber (gut)

Herb Lax:  Cleanses gut, blood

Vita. C Sustained Release w/bioflavinoids:  anti-inflammatory, new cells grow faster, immune system support, helps w/pain.  Take a minimum of 3-4 of 500 mg./da – up to 10,000 mg.  (gradually decrease since body has to adjust to excreting excess)

B-Complex:  aids in good digestion.  Depleted by stress.  Take 8/da – space out

Zinc:  Helps w/pain, healing, no more than 50-60 mg./day except when there is trauma like a cut or incision (up to 120 mg./da until healed).  Body can’t make new cells w/o zinc, protein, & C.

Immunity Formula I:  2-8/da (A proprietary Shaklee supplement to enhance the immune response.)

Carotomax:  Cleanses cells, reduces inflammation (swelling), makes mucous membranes healthy.  Especially helpful if using breathing machine.

Vitamin E:  Oxygenates cells, gets rid of toxins of anesthesia.

DO NOT take GLA, E, OmegaGuard (fish oil), Garlic or lecithin before surgery. Stop 1 week prior.

Alfalfa (vitamin K):  10-20/da to reduce bleeding during & after surgery.

Garlic:  Helps flora, antibacterial agent. Not before surgery as is a blood thinner.

NutriFeron:  Take 4 for 2 weeks. (A proprietary herbal blend that stimulates interferon production.)

OsteoMatrix:  Coats nerve endings, helps repair them quicker, helps you relax so you can sleep deeper (can take w/Gentle Sleep Complex). (This is Shaklee’s calcium product.)

Iron:  Need blood test to know if needed. (Shaklee’s comes with vitamin c to help absorption.)

After Surgery:

Performance:  Dilute more than usual, make ice chips out of it, & start taking slowly as soon as feel like it. (Shaklee’s rehydrating drink, perfectly balanced for absorption.)

Protein:  Take as soon as can drink but don’t feel nauseated.  Alternate with Physique. (Physique is Shaklee after workout maximize, excellent for healing sore muscles.)

Liver DTX: 2 at night (Shaklee’s detox milk thistle product to help restore normalcy after the medications of surgery.)

Stomach Soothing complex:  Helps calm digestive system if feeling queezy.  Made with peppermint and ginger, can be taken as a tablet or dissolved into hot water for tea.

Vita-Cal:  Helps reduce gas bubbles. (A chewable Shaklee calcium product)

Fiber:  Start w/very small amounts to start cleansing.  A Fiber Blend tablet or ¼ tsp. Fiber Blend.

Vitamin E 400+:  4-6/da.  Prevents blood clots, oxygenates.  Start slowly if high blood pressure is an issue.

Lecithin:  Helps build sheath around nerve endings which helps reduce pain. 6 daily

GLA:  Up to 6/da, anti-inflammatory. (Shaklee makes their GLA from borage oil for best absorption and least contamination)

Omega Guard (fish oil):  If you digest it well.

Alfalfa:  Diuretic, liver cleanser, reduces swelling, helps kidneys, etc. start working again. 20 daily

Herb-Lax:  Start slowly. Very helpful after surgery as elimination slows down so much from the anesthetic.  Take to the hospital.  From personal experience, this is super important.

Purified Water:  very important

B-Complex:  Promotes healing, increases energy level.

Ginseng:  Helps energy & supports adrenal glands.  (Shaklee’s CorEnergy)

Dandelion leaf:  Swelling & inflammation. (Not a Shaklee product)

Optiflora pills and powder is strongly recommended to rebuild the flora. 1 serving daily of this pre and pro biotic made by Shaklee

This is a tall order when you may not be used to taking so much stuff.

The minimum pre-op is Energizing Soy Protein,  Vita C, Optiflora, Vita lea Gold and Alfalfa

Post op:  Physique, Vita C, Vita E, Optiflora, Vita Lea Gold, Alfalfa, Herb lax, Lecithin.

I have gleaned this information primarily from Carol Dalton, a nurse practitioner in Colorado who, during her long practice, has found the Shaklee supplements to work best for her patients.  People who have followed this protocol have had remarkable healing and suffered the least from the trauma of surgery.

Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving,


BetsyBell’s Health4u

206 933 1889

www.HiHoHealth dot com


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