Heal Back Pain

Heal Back Pain I struck gold when mining my magazine and journal basket in the bathroom recently. In a 2011 issue (January) of Seattle Woman Magazine, Nancy Shatz Aton gives us 10 ways to heal back pain. This excellent list comes from her book, The Healthy Back Book: A Guide to Whole Healing for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Other Active People. It’s … [Read more...]

walking improves brain health

Gentle Reader,   To my delight, my signature byline, Be Well, Do Well and Keep moving, points as much to brain health as managing arthritis. Recent studies show that walking improves brain health.   In August 2010, Live Science reported on a study involving a group of “Professional Couch-Potatoes.” This is what one researcher … [Read more...]

Annual Physical

Gentle Reader,   My intention is to have my annual physical coincide with my birthday in early August. Travel and the rule that 365 days must pass before the insurance company will pay for another wellness check-up have pushed this forward. We are in early October, and I have been parading to not one primary care physician, but a total … [Read more...]

walking to lose weight

Gentle Reader, My thanks to an article forwarded to me by a friend.  My strategy for maintaining my goal weight all these years has been to walk everyday.  I am delighted to pass on this analysis of how much walking it takes to lose weight.  Takes the guess work out of it. One of the harmless forms of exercise nowadays is walking. You can … [Read more...]

Charlie Horse remedy

Gentle Reader, The Charlie Horse remedy is a welcome answer to miserable breath-stopping pain. Read on for suggestions on how to deal with your next Charlie Horse when it happens and how to potentially avoid its coming on. If you have been following my blog posts from Italy, you know that I have been suffering from pain in my right leg and … [Read more...]

summer athletes

Gentle Reader, People are out pushing limits in team sports or striving for a personal best.  What is the best nutrition to enhance the performance of summer athletes? I hike with friends every week.  Friends in a high-rise retirement home are logging miles so the combined efforts of the group will total the distance of the Pacific Crest … [Read more...]

First barrier of resistance

Gentle Reader,   I will tell you what the first barrier of resistance is not.  We move right through it in our typical stretches prior to a walk, run, bike or hike.   You are stretching.  You put your foot on the lower rail of the fence, leg at full extension and you lean forward to reach for your toes.  You push your calf … [Read more...]

What BMI stand for

Gentle Reader, I was browsing my kick-ass fitness coach daughter, Priscilla Bell's Survivor page on Face Book and today I am going to share a post she sent her followers.  You might agree. You will certainly gain a new perspective on BMI.  What BMI stands for really is the topic.  Here goes.  BMI      Basically Meritless Indicator  If you … [Read more...]

Victim of genetics

Gentle Reader,   One of my clarion calls has been “Don’t be a victim of your genes.”  Recent genetic studies indicate that some conditions that “victimize” people are dramatically challenging.  My local Seattle Times carried an article discussing the latest research findings published in The Lancet, Diabetes and Endocrinology.  Turns out … [Read more...]

Staying healthy while traveling

  Gentle Reader, I just spent two glorious weeks in Portugal. I will get on an airplane and fly off to other time zones several more times this summer and fall.  Staying healthy while I travel is of upmost importance.  You probably have the same goal:  staying healthy while travelling. Jet lag is one of the most difficult challenges … [Read more...]