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Youth skin care line

Dear One,

A little over 18 months ago, Shaklee introduced the YOUTH skin-care line, ideal for dull, dry skin or for anyone wanting to look younger longer. The previous line, Enfuselle, was loved by so many, including me. I wasn’t that excited about losing the familiar and embracing the new. Besides YOUTH products are more expensive, like the high-end department store brands. Was the increase in cost worth it? I wasn’t sure. Here’s my heart-to-heart take on the new line.

YOUTH skin care by Shaklee


Shaklee has moved forward over the 100 years since Dr. Shaklee first created Vitalized Minerals. The scientists at Shaklee’s laboratory have continued Dr. Shaklee’s legacy, pushing the envelope, putting their medical and science team to work solving new health problems.


Pro-Biotics and GLA

Two examples: I remember waiting for Shaklee’s pro and pre-biotics and their version of gamma linolenic acid —GLA—, an omega-6 fatty acid that our bodies use to form prostaglandins—potent, hormone-like substances that help the body to regulate many normal bodily processes. I was desperate for this hormone balancing stuff when menopause was taking me down.


When GLA came along, I stopped buying Evening Primrose Oil capsules and went for Shaklee’s Borage Oil based GLA and noticed the difference with my hot flashes right away. My body needed a little help to make the hormonal transition. GLA gave it to me.


The Optiflora pearl loaded with friendly micro-flora and the Optiflora power that fed them when they made it to the lower intestines made a dramatic change in my digestion and my immune system. It was worth waiting for the science department’s painstaking research and protective delivery system.




When Enfuselle came out, I did an ingredient search at the Environmental Working Group’s site (www.ewg.org) and found every Enfuselle product to be safe on a scale of 1 – 5. Today the scale to measure harm goes from 1 – 10 as new research discovers more and more cosmetic and skin care ingredients contain potential carcinogens.

You don’t want to put stuff on your skin that could cause cancer, do you?

Shaklee scientists went back to the drawing board and created a skin care line without the 2500 ingredients that could be cancer causing and are frequently found in skin care products.

How’s that for taking the initiative toward something healthier when the current product line was selling extremely well?!

As a cancer survivor with a pre-disposition to melanoma (I’m missing a gene that heals free radical damage in the body), I jumped right on YOUTH and breathed a sigh of relief that Shaklee made something safe for me and for all of you, too.

I had to get used to a very different product line. An oil-based cleanser—Luminous Gel-Oil Cleanser—turns out to be luscious, gently exfoliating with green algae.


A toner —Perfecting Skin Toner—that lasted me from February to August, six months—and has all kinds of citrus to help balance the PH of your skin so the natural acidic balance is restored after rinsing with tap water.


Your skin needs to be just a little acidic as an immune system protection against pathogens. Most cleansers strip the acid mantel. Rinsing adds minerals from the water to the skin. We need the toner to balance PH and protect. 

The toner is expensive at $47 retail and $40-member price. Still, Shaklee’s toner has the same muscadine grape and A, C and E vitamins that all the YOUTH products contain. I wanted that protection. Six months before I ran out? I’m OK with that expense.

The moisturizer—Age Defense Moisturizer—has zinc oxide and goes on thick. It took some getting used to, but what a difference it makes to the luminous, healthy glow my face developed over time. No sun. Period. 30 SPF. No scent, either, so the moisturizer is good for men and women alike.

The special products—Activating Serum and Radiance C & E—are treatments for the skin, renewing the health of deep facial cells. My deep wrinkles reddened a bit with initial use, but the burning sensation subsided after a few weeks and the grooves seemed to get shallower. These two products are $95 retail and $80 member. Again, they last several months.


The Radiance C & E contains 60 little golden pillows containing the 20% pure Vitamin C. I alternate using one pillow every other day and the Activating Serum mornings and at night on alternate evenings. I opened new containers of the Activating Serum last March and again in August. Good value.


I always end with the Advanced Renewal Night Cream to boost collagen and elastin production while sleeping. I feel I’ve been to the day spa every night. It’s quite the luxurious experience.


If an anti-aging program isn’t for you at your age, the products to use for your four-step day time program for keeping your skin youthful and hydrated are Luminous Gel-Oil Cleanser, Perfecting Skin Toner, Moisture Activating Serum and Moisture LOCK Day Cream. Get the Sun Protection Factor on your skin with the Beauty Balm foundation. Each color (there are four) glides on with 30 SPF.


Shaklee has two masks, one dark and rich Purifying  Clay Mask to detox and clarify your skin; the other a golden hydrating Gel Mask to deeply sooth and moisturize.


For the eyes—those pesky bags and droops—Restoring Eye Treatment reduces appearance of puffiness and dark circles. I love that I can still read comfortably after applying this treatment at night.


To get a feel for these products and how to use them, watch my Facebook live demonstration on most Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. In less than ten minutes I show you how to use the various products. It’s been fun to learn a new technology. I removed the first couple attempts and the quality of my presentation is getting better all the time. It’ll give you a chuckle to watch.


Www.facebook.com/betsybellshealth4u  Go to my YouTube channel on the YOUTH products where you can watch a beautifully done professional demonstration. I commend that to you if you have questions and watch to understand how to use these products. When you get to my Facebook channel on YOUTH, please like it and share so it will go up in the list. There are a lot of Betsy Bell you tube channels. I’d appreciate it.

The Shaklee website (www.HiHoHealth.com my personal website with Shaklee) offers special deals on YOUTH products, so be sure to check out that web site if you are thinking about trying YOUTH for yourself, or as a gift this Christmas for someone special. The man in your life might just love some of these rejuvenating products. Take a look.

Be well, do well and Keep moving.

Have a delicious, love-filled Thanksgiving.

There is so much to be thankful for, in spite of the national and global chaos. Just look around you and appreciate your life, all the goodness and beauty.  Betsy

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