Resisting your fitness goals?

Gentle Reader,

How often I hear the gloomy discouragement “I want to exercise, but I just don’t do it as often as I need to. I can’t get results. I’m not losing weight.” Gyms make nearly all their money by signing people up who never show up after the first visit. Even at my Xgym where the monthly cost is just under $400 for a twice a week session with a personal training, people let their credit card run month and month and don’t come to their sessions. How lame is that? What a waste of money.

If this is even a little bit you, read on.

Do you think a couple supplements might help? If they could help, would you like to hear about them?

Shaklee has a line of Sports Nutrition developed for elete athletes at the request of several different agencies over the last 30+ years. First there was the Daedalus Project where Leonardo DaVinci’s human powered airplane was built by some students at MIT. To power the bicycle with wings, they needed a fuel that would keep a cyclist peddling non-stop from the Island of Crete to mainland Greece. The idea was to put that ancient Greek myth about Daedalus to the test. Look it up if you’re curious. Shaklee created Performance, a rehydrating drink with sugars and electrolytes that provided the only fuel for the guy on the bike for 119 km or three times the distance across the English channel.

Take a listen to Les Wong, long time Shaklee scientist and heavy duty sports guy, tell about what the company was thinking when they developed these new products. The history of Shaklee’s involvment with gold medal-seeking athletes is impressive.

Here’s the new no/low-calorie line: Performance Fitness Pack

Buy on or before Sept 30 and the water bottle is free.

I’ve been using the Shaklee performance drink ever since they brought it to market for regular folks. It does have a pretty high calorie count due to the requirements of that extreme effort. Women who are counting calories have stayed away from such a rehydrating drink even though there are excellent nutritional reasons for the sugars to help power an extreme athlete. Most of us don’t fit that catagory of athlete.  Right? Right.

We are not going for the Gold. For the regular person like me who is out walking, doing Zumba and other group exercise classes, often in conjunction with a weight loss program, we now have three new sport supplements with fewer calories. Yeah! Shaklee.

Low Calorie Electrolyte Drink powder sticks   

You’ve got your water bottle. Now break open a stick of rehydrating drink mix with zero calories and keep on moving. This box of powder/power sticks( item # 21307) in Lemon/Lime is only $20 for 20 sticks. Talk about convenience and help for the person who is exercising to help lose weight.

Shaklee’s Performance Advantage Physique
whey protein now comes with only 110 calories per serving and 3 grams of sugar. The same bio-build that is in the body building Physique with extra leucine to repair muscle while letting the fat go. The same amino acids that athletes look for in a recovery drink. Now in chocolate and vanilla flavors.
#21314 vanilla, lower calorie Performance Advantage drink mix is $50 member price for 20 servings, 2 scoops per serving.

Energy Chews are now called Performance Energy Chews. Same product, new packaging.
I use these daily for those days when Pomegranate tea sends me running to the bathroom. If I’m hiking or going to fitness class, I’d rather get my energy boost from a solid. Two Energy chews due the trick. They are also excellent for keeping you alert driving home after a meeting or a party and you are feeling drowsy.  Safety first.

    New! New! New!
                                                    Sleep better!Wake up pain free!

Performance PM Recovery Complex
Who knew science had a way to help the sports-tired body recover while we sleep?

Ultra pure Tart Cherry extract clinically shown to optimize recovery and reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness which helps improve sleep quality
Relieves pain cause by overexertion

I take one of these plus Pain Relief Complex before bed on days when I have pushed myself and am worried I’ll get out of bed creaking and groaning. It helps! Maybe if I were still 60 instead of 80, it would help even more. Try some and let me know how it works for you.
Keep moving. Don’t give up. Drop the weight with lower calories and recover from your workouts, whether it is gardening, aerobics class, cycling, hiking, swimming or dancing (my favorite).

See you at the gym/YMCA/trail head.  Love, Betsy

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving.

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