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New study: soy good for breast cancer

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Breast Cancer and Soy – Surprising New Findings! 
New evidence suggests that eating soy could be protective against breast cancer – even estrogen-negative breast cancers, an effect that no one expected.
Breast Surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk explains that the possible effects of soy on breast cancers have long been confusing. In some parts of the body the isoflavones in soy act like estrogen, while in other body parts the isoflavones suppress estrogen.
75 percent of American women’s breast cancers are linked to estrogen, so isoflavones might theoretically lower risks — or make they might make the risks even higher.
But now a new study published in the journal “Cancer” found that women who were high soy consumers had a 21 percent drop in breast cancer incidence and recurrence. And weirdly, the study found an even bigger effect, a 50 percent drop, in estrogen-negative cancers.
Apparently, soy also has a protective effect completely aside from its effects on estrogen. Dr. Funk speculates that it might be due to antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties in soy that we don’t yet understand.
Soy foods widely are available, whether it’s tofu, edamame, or soy milk. “These were not truly high soy consumers,” says Dr. Funk of the women who saw the benefits. They were getting an average of 1.8 milligrams a day, while just one cup of soy milk provides 27 milligrams.
Her conclusion is, “Everything in moderation.” You don’t need to eat five pounds of tofu for lunch!

“Every study that comes out seems to support the boring mantra of ‘everything in moderation,’” ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork observes. Here’s the link to a video at The Doctors. The study was published in the journal Cancer.

I’m delighted by these new findings. I’ve been urging soy for breast cancer prevention since my own diagnosis and mastectomy in 1971. Little was understood about any of this back then. However, soon after diagnosis, I came across an article about the low rate of breast cancer in Japanese women whose diet consisted of soy and olive oil whereas mine consisted of red meat and butter. I dropped the red meat and butter and went for tofu and olive oil as best I could.

Then in 1985, I met Jayme Curley who introduced me to the most non-GMO, scientifically processed for the maximum delivery of genistin soy powder on the market, a wonderful soy powder. After making shakes every morning for a month or so instead of the usual eggs, bacon and toast and jelly, my health changed in many ways. There has been a heated argument over the advantages and disadvantages of soy in the cancer prevention diet. There are major differences in soy powders, tofu and other soy products. It all depends on the source and the processing to know you have a health-giving product.

Worried about breast cancer? Why not begin your day with a soy shake? Worried about the return of breast cancer? A soy shake could help present it.

Look for a vegan soy formula with no sugar or sweeteners,

soy food- good for you

Unflavored and lower calorie, it is perfect for customizing with your favorite flavors.

I use one scoop of the soy mix, one scoop of my favorite flavored shake mix to get the full serving of soy with fewer calories. Then I add soy milk and vegetables and fruit to make a filling breakfast which lasts until way past normal lunchtime. I’ve got a Ninja 900 to blend it all in. The cup has a tight-fitting lid, great for a meal on the run.

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