No cure for aging

Gentle Reader, In my Facebook inbox this morning came, “There’s no cure for aging, so embrace it.”  I thought this is a post just for me.  It sings my tune. Plays my tambourine.  One of the comments let a little air out of the balloon by speaking truth to all of us songbirds of perpetual spring.   Tommie Montgomery Leydsman There … [Read more...]

personal training results

Gentle Reader, I was wondering if I could walk to the car on my rubbery legs from the lunges with a weight vest on when  PJ Glassey captured me on video.  I had just finished my 21 minute workout with Dan this morning at the Xgym on Alki in Seattle.  My goal in going to the Xgym 2 x a week for personal training is to increase bone … [Read more...]

Dirty dozen non-organic foods

Gentle Reader, The following information will help you make healthier choices when grocery shopping. Organic food is worth money. Take care of yourself and your family. These are the dirty dozen non-organic foods to avoid.   I am grateful to my customer, Lanni, for sharing this web site with me.  You can follow Garrick Dee, … [Read more...]

Hearing loss and dementia

Gentle Reader, I can’t hear you!  Will you please speak up? I noticed I was the only one asking for increased volume. I arrived early for yoga so I could put my mat right in front of the instructor.  Otherwise, I missed her instructions.  The meditation went right by me. I cupped a hand behind first one ear and then the other to … [Read more...]

Sitting causes premature death

Gentle Reader,  Sitting causes premature death.  Wow, that’s a big statement. Imagine my surprise when an NRP report on the radio last week suggested that sitting will be the next “smoking” as a cause of early death. I have harped ad nauseum about the need to keep moving, but I didn’t think it would come to this. "Sitting is more dangerous … [Read more...]


Gentle Reader, I sit here the night before Thanksgiving with multiple layers on, my nose cold and the backs of my ears feeling the cool air circulating in my living room, the temperature set at 65.  The Roman shades are still up so I can enjoy the spectacular Christmas lighting I put up this year.  The May pole is planted in the middle of the … [Read more...]

Healthy retreat

Gentle Reader, Traveling again, and wanted so much to have a healthy retreat.  I flew to Santa Fe for a long weekend to sit, walk and write with Natalie Goldberg at the Upaya Zen Center.  November in Santa Fe worried me.  I packed long johns, silk undershirts, leg warmers and turtle necks and vests. It did snow, their first of the winter, but … [Read more...]

fear-based medicine

Gentle Reader, Do you wonder if we approach our health from the point of view of fear?  Fear-based medicine seems to trump science.  We are afraid of cancer, of sexual dysfunction, of diabetes, of heart disease, of arthritis and of Alzheimer’s or memory loss.  I was just with a group of people last night when the person speaking forgot a name … [Read more...]

backyard chickens

Gentle Reader, I depart from my usual commentary on health and fitness to give you a post on backyard chickens.  My flock and my granddaughter's Alicia's flock have dominated our lives for the past couple weeks.  Someone suggested I share the drama. ***  Her cry wrenches their hearts.  Mid-range utterances, she tips her head back and repeats … [Read more...]

Allergy control

Gentle Reader, Are you suffering from the newly released molds and irritants now that the fall rains are here?  Have you been using over the counter medications to keep your nose from running and to dry up that post nasal drip? You need allergy control! I was an allergy sufferer for years.  In fact, I developed an allergy to the Northwest … [Read more...]