Resisting your fitness goals?

Gentle Reader, How often I hear the gloomy discouragement "I want to exercise, but I just don't do it as often as I need to. I can't get results. I'm not losing weight." Gyms make nearly all their money by signing people up who never show up after the first visit. Even at my Xgym where the monthly cost is just under $400 for a twice a week session … [Read more...]

Victim of genetics

Gentle Reader,   One of my clarion calls has been “Don’t be a victim of your genes.”  Recent genetic studies indicate that some conditions that “victimize” people are dramatically challenging.  My local Seattle Times carried an article discussing the latest research findings published in The Lancet, Diabetes and Endocrinology.  Turns out … [Read more...]

Think Thin

Gentle Reader, I hear “I’ve got to lose those extra pounds I gained over the holidays.”  This cry goes up every year in January.  The newsstands and grocery checkout lanes are full of magazines with the latest and greatest way to lose weight.  Did you ever wonder why it is so hard to get to your goal weight and stay there? Could it be a … [Read more...]

Lose Weight

Why do you want to lose weight? Perhaps you have been carrying a few--or a lot of--extra pounds for years.  Or you have been on every diet out there.  Maybe you have always maintained a healthy weight until you hit the post menopause slow-down and now look.  Where did the belly roll come from? What is your over-weight story? You are sick of the … [Read more...]

From size 16 to size 6

Read Elizabeth's Shaklee 180 Story:  Learn how she went down 30 pounds and dropped from a size 16 to 6 and stayed that way. Some of you may or may not know this about me, but I have struggled with my weight for quite some time. At the age of 14 I got up to a size 12 and I stayed there until I was 19. Then in fall of 2008 I spent 4 months in … [Read more...]

Weight Loss winner!

  Ask Shaklee 180™ Healthy Competition Winner, Weight loss winner, Viki! Posted by Dr. Jamie McManus on Oct 31, 2013 in Announcements, Contests, Healthy Weight, Natural Nutrition Viki, Healthy Competition Winner and Pro Cartwheeler Did a 180 and lost 127 lbs* Viki went from feeling like a burden to her family to … [Read more...]