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Collagen: the glue that holds us together


What is it and how do you know if you have all the collagen you need.

A few years ago, my hair thinned, my nails started splitting and tearing (they had been my screwdrivers), and my skin tore at the slightest brush with a blackberry vine. What was happening? I check out a few sources and realized that this aging body wasn’t making enough collagen. So, I went to the health food store and asked the clerk which collagen would help. There were many to choose from: big horse tables (4-6 a day), powders, liquids. I had no idea but took the tablets home and began to take them. My nails firmed up again. My hair stopped falling out–the bathtub drain was clear. My skin still tears easily. Oh well.

Shaklee never jumps on board the latest “thing”. Their scientists must study, test, source, and differentiate. At last, they came out with a Collagen product, different from many others on the market. Collagen itself contains detectable amounts of only eight essential amino acids, but all nine are required to support protein synthesis. So, Shaklee combined 10 grams of collagen plus 1 gram of pea protein to create Collagen-9. This blend of collagen and pea protein provides all nine essential amino acids, as well as vitamin C and biotin, to support the production of all proteins including collagen.

What is Collagen, anyway? …

The word “collagen” is derived from the Greek word kólla, which means glue.

Collagen is the most common protein in your body. In fact, about 30 percent of your body’s proteins are one type of collagen or another.

Collagen is a structural element of bones, muscles, tendon, and ligaments, and is a major component of your largest organ… the skin. Collagen is also found in blood vessels, teeth, cartilage, spinal discs, the digestive tract, and the corneas of your eyes.

The older you get, the less collagen your body makes… and it’s of a lower quality than when you were young.

Your body cannot make collagen without vitamin C.

While there are sixteen different types of collagen in your body, most of it is type I, II, III, or IV.

The structure of a type 1collagen protein is a triple helix… three chains twisting around each other… that gives collagen its unique strength. In fact, type I collagen is stronger than steel on a gram-for-gram basis because it’s made of fibers densely packed together.

And… it can stretch without breaking.

Collagen’s production and its ability to repair itself are diminished by too many refined carbohydrates (especially sugar), UV light exposure, nicotine, and nutrient deficiencies.

A recent study suggests that collagen may help build muscle mass and reduce fat stores when you engage in resistance training.

Weight Loss while you sleep

Our nightly repair process goes on while we sleep. The repairs work better if our stomach is not processing food—so don’t eat before you go to bed. Repair work takes energy which comes from fat while we sleep.

By using Shaklee’s collagen formula, in combination with an empty stomach before bedtime, you may experience better overall health, improved appearance, more restful sleep, help to maintain your mobility and flexibility, and natural weight loss.

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Remember, dear Ones, there is no guarantee that any product will work miracles for your health, but what if you did experience better health, as so many Shaklee customers have? Why not try it. Always a money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

They’re back & they’re better … Get Clean

Germ Off+ Wipes!

Now you can clean and disinfect household surfaces in just 5 minutes! Get Clean Germ Off+ Wipes are effective against bacteria and viruses, on hard, nonporous surfaces.

These wipes can be used without rinsing in kitchens and on food contact surfaces.

What are Germ Off+ Wipes?

They are disinfectant wipes effective against bacteria and viruses on hard, nonporous surfaces. No rinsing or wiping is required, even on food contact surfaces.

Are they effective against COVID-19?

The disinfectant in Germ Off+ Wipes kills the COVID-19 virus.

Do I need to use gloves while using Germ Off+ Wipes?


Are Germ Off+ Wipes safe in any room of the house?

Yes! Germ Off+ Wipes are safe to use without rinsing in kitchens, on food surfaces. They can be used on toys, car seats and other hard, nonporous surfaces. Discard used wipes in the trash. Do not flush.

What is the shelf life of Germ Off+ Wipes?

The shelf life for this product is 1 year.



Sale: Menopause Balance Complex.

While they last, from my inventory. $22 for 60 (retails at $31.45) + shipping. Helps calm down the effects of perimenopause, hot flashes, headaches, meanness. You know who you are. Call me: 206 409 5940

Be well, do well and keep moving, Betsy

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Here’s where you begin

Gentle Reader,

What is the difference between fixing a problem and prevention?  Most of my blog posts consider specific problems developing from pain in the joints caused by traumatically induced arthritis or the age related osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis issues some of us face just because we’ve been moving hard and fast all our lives.  The fix-it approach tries to mimic the medication or prescription our doctor has recommended, but take care of the problem—fix-it—with supplements or therapies instead.  The “problem” may be a wakeup call, that tolling bell that asks, what could I have done to avoid this in the first place?  You question the traditional medicine path that suggests a medicine or surgical procedure because they have developed a sure-fire protocol for the problem you want fixed.  Is there another approach?

You really want better overall health and think it might, just might make the arthritis pain lessen if the whole body were better fortified.  You already eat a healthy diet of more vegetables than breads and cakes, of lean grilled meat and fish over fried fish and chips or hamburgers with all the trimmings.  You limit your alcohol intake to a couple glasses of wine a week, maybe a beer or 2 and the rare martini.  You use olive oil instead of butter and hardly ever open a box to make breakfast or dinner.  The last time you swung through the Golden Arches was back in ’89. You haven’t microwaved left overs in a flimsy plastic container or sipped water from a thin film plastic bottle that has been sitting in the sun.  Toxin-free, healthy diet, exercise.  A+.

Still, something isn’t quite right.  The finger nails are still thin, and like your hair ends, break easily.  You bruise every time you bang into the ball at the back of the car that pulls the trailer.  You have bad breath and dandruff no matter how much Listerine and medicated shampoo you use.  You’re not sleeping the way you’d like and you hit the wall every afternoon around 3 looking for a cookie and a coke.

Why isn’t the great diet, good exercise and toxic free world giving you the optimal health you are wanting?

The wise person that answered that question for me 26 years ago suggested that maybe I wasn’t getting enough nutrition.  My food wasn’t cutting it.  Perhaps I needed supplements.

You are already taking supplements, you say, and you still have some of these not-so-great physical situations.

In 2004, Shaklee’s new owner, president and CEO, Roger Barnett, did an extraordinary thing.  He had blood drawn from 500 Shaklee consumers who had been taking a variety of supplement (“the shelf”, we call it) for at least 20 years and handed over the data to one of the pickiest health organizations in the US, the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.  Take this, he said, and compare the blood samples of these Shaklee users with people who have taken at least a multivitamin for 20 years and people who have never taken any vitamins.  Whatever your results, publish them.  What Chutzpah, what daring, what risky business.

The results were astonishing to the head researcher, Dr. Gladys Block.  On every possible measure the Shaklee users’ overall health markers were significantly better than the others.  The user of generic multivitamins were, by some measures, less healthy than those who took no vitamins at all.  You can read the entire study here.  Here about the study here.

Then Shaklee’s scientists designed a new product called Vitalizer containing 6 pills/capsules, tablets designed to get into the blood stream and work were the nutrients are most needed in a multi-patented delivery system.

When you ask me for (or go in search of) specific supplements for specific issues, step back for a minute.  Take a bird’s eye view of your overall health and ask yourself. “Am I getting a good absorbable protein and the basic vitamins and minerals that form the building blocks for everything?”  Perhaps beginning with an Energizing Soy Protein and Vitalizer for 90 days (it takes that long for the blood to be all new) will fill in the gaps and give you an overall healthier base.  Then see to the “fix-it” issues.  The specific supplements designed to alleviate pain, reduce stress, lower cholesterol, reduce menopause symptoms, sooth sore muscles, aid digestion and build solid bones.  We call this the Common Sense Approach to Health and Wellness.  Changing brands could make all the difference.

Take action:  Check this list of symptoms.  If you treat any of them with over the counter medicine, you are putting a tape over the red light on your dashboard and not looking into the root cause.


__Overweight or Underweight


__Dry/Oily skin/Problem skin

__Thinning hair/Dull hair

__Emotional on empty stomach


__Need caffeine/sugar

__Can’t wake up

__Can’t sleep/Restless sleep

__Poor attention span

__Splitting Nails




__Bruise easily

__Heartburn/Need antacids

__Sinus problems

__ cold hand or feet

__Poor night vision

__Back pain/Leg pain


__Poor digestion/stomach

__High/Low blood pressure

__High/Low blood sugar

__Various aches and pains

__Elevated cholesterol

__Cravings for sweets

__PMS/Hormonal problems

__Menstrual cramps/problems

__Subject to colds/flu/infection

__Muscle cramps

__Joint pain/Arthritis

__Bleeding gums


__Breath or body odor

__Decreased sex interest


__Menopausal symptoms

__Vague “blah” feeling

Shocked or pleased with your results?  Let us know.

My challenge to you is this: If you take the Starter Program of Energizing Soy Protein and Vitalizer for 30 days, and see no change in our health, you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Shop at www.HiHoHealth.comThis Vitalizer Wellness Starter package retails at $135.50 plus tax and shipping.  My offer to you is 10% off.  Vitalizer Gold for the over 50 is a little more, or $142.00 plus tax and shipping.  This is a 30 day supply.  The 10% rebate comes at the beginning of next month.

Fondly, Betsy

Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving

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