How to have good posture

July 18, 2012

Gentle Reader,

Posture makes a difference when it comes to managing arthritic pain.

I was surprised by a chapter in book I’m reading for business growth and development called The Other 90%, How to unlock your vast untapped potential for Leadership and Life, by Robert K. Cooper. The book contains four sections or Keystones: Trust, Energy, Farsightedness and Nerve.  The chapter in Keystone three, Farsightedness called “Face the World Straight On” talks about good posture being unlocked not forced. It reminded me of my own upbringing, common to many in my generation. We were told to “stand up straight” over and over again.  This meant tuck our buttocks under, jut our chin out, thrust our shoulders back and suck our stomachs in.  I perfected this to the extent that I could walk around all day with a marble clamped between my cheeks, the buttock muscles never relaxing even when I picked a dropped pencil off the floor.

Refuting that horrible regimen, Mr. Cooper describes Five Keys to Staying Upright with Energy and Ease:

Hold Your Head High  Your head weighs about 15 pounds.  If we imagine it is suspended from the top by a sky hook, we can easily let it rest on top of our neck and shoulders and forget about straining it forward.  Let the head lead the body in the next motion.

Align the Neck   The rectus capitus anterior muscle at the top of the spine will do the job if we give it some attention and practice.  It needs strengthening (a little head nodding will do it) to enliven this muscle to lift the head over the neck when working at the computer, talking on the phone, reading a book.

I’m going to invite you to read the rest of this chapter for yourself if you are so inclined. Here’s the link.

You never know where you will find excellent guidance for good posture which will certainly help alleviate arthritis pain and other joint pain.

These posts on managing arthritis without medicine or surgery (or after surgery) help you take control of your physical situation.  They certainly help me with mine.  Posture, exercise and diet alone are not enough, however.  Vitamin and herbal supplements add their nutritional and healing benefits.  I have used and trusted the Shaklee company’s products for 30 years.  Changing brands could make all the difference.  Click here to explore the Shaklee product guide, and here to make a purchase.

Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving.



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