4 1/2 hours of driving…Oh, my aching back

Gentle Reader,

Six hiking buddies escaped to the cabin of one of us on the Oregon coast just sound of Canon Beach.  The sun shone and the sand was warm, inviting surfers, families and dogs to play even though it was mid week and basically empty of tourists or locals.

I was really hurting from the long hours of driving and didn’t want to miss a minute out doors.  I had no Back2Life machine with me.   But I got over my aches and pain fairly easily with a technique I’d like to share with you.  In addition to several Pain Relief herbal tablets that inhibit the pain path nicely with no side effects.

Lie on the floor with your butt up against the front legs of a chair and your bent knee legs on the chair

seat.  While in this restorative pose position, move in the very tiniest motions, a pelvic clock.  Ten up and down movement between 12 and 6, then 10 between 1 and 7, then 2 and 8, then 3 and 9 and so on around the clock face.  The pelvic tilt

is a miniscule movement using your abdominal muscles to produce a small swing from up to down.  You can look it up under Feldenkrais.  It works miraculously to unwind and restore balance to the lower back.

For a little eye candy, here is the sitka spruce forest we hiked in, a herd of elk crossing the dunes, the sunny beach and the wild flowers blooming their little spring hearts out.

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Be well, Do well and Keep Moving.

Before you go, tell us what you have done to get the kinks out after a long drive or hours in a chair.  Leave a comment.

Fondly, Betsy

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