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Digestive enzymes

What factors create digestive challenges? Why do we need digestive enzymes?
What is EZ-Gest?
How does it work?
Why chose and why use EZ-Gest

What Is EZ-Gest?
EZ-Gest offers as-needed relief for the unwanted results of incomplete digestion of
foods. Unlike popular single-function digestive aids, EZ-Gest offers plant-based,
comprehensive digestive enzyme support*:
 Alleviates symptoms such as gas, bloating, and feelings of fullness*
 Includes targeted enzymes to help digest common “problem” foods, such as dairy
and gas-producing vegetables, including beans and broccoli*
 Supports complete digestion of the fat, protein, and carbohydrates in all foods,
with a concentrated, multi-enzyme formula that addresses all food groups*

Let’s look at Factors that Create Digestive Challenges
1. Getting older. Some research suggests that older individuals may not be able to
handle the digestion of high fat foods as well as when they were younger. These
age-related changes in gastro intestinal function are complex, but may involve a
mild decline in production of lipase ― the fat-digesting enzyme ― by the
pancreas. Intestinal lactase activity also appears to decrease with advancing age.
This can lead to increased symptoms of lactose malabsorption and avoidance of
calcium-rich dairy foods, particularly in those who already have some degree of
lactose intolerance.
2. Over-eating. Heavy, fat-laden meals can take longer to digest. The digestion
often associated with greasy foods may also be partly explained by the production
of gases when fatty acids and stomach acid are neutralized in the small intestine.
If trapped, this gas may contribute to bloating and discomfort.
3. Typical “Western” dietary patterns. It is estimated that with a typical American
diet, a certain amount of protein escapes digestion. In the colon, undigested
protein is acted upon by bacteria, producing metabolic by products that can create
an unfavorable environment for the cells that line the colon.
4. Poor mealtime habits. Digestion can suffer when people continually eat on the
go and in a rush. When food is not chewed well, salivation may be inadequate
and food grinding may be incomplete. As a result, carbohydrate digestion may
not get the jump-start it needs before reaching the stomach. Some people suffer
from chronic or repeated belching due to swallowed air. A mild degree is normal,
but swallowing too much air while eating or drinking can lead to bloating or
excessive belching. Often this happens due to eating too rapidly or while under
stress. Some of the air swallowed may pass through the stomach; it is estimated
that this may contribute 20–60% of intestinal gases. Star Achievers Team, LLC © 2013, Not for sale, can be shared Page 2 of 2

How Does EZ-Gest Work?
Digestive enzymes manufactured in the body play key roles in breaking down the
complex molecules of food during digestion. Different enzymes work at different sites in
the gastrointestinal tract and under different conditions. For example, gastric pepsin does
its job in the low, acidic pH of the stomach, while pancreatic enzymes such as amylase,
proteases, and lipase work in the higher, more alkaline environment of the small

EZ-Gest enzymes are “acid resistant” and have the capacity to function within a range of
pH that is compatible with that of the stomach during digestion. When taken along with
problem foods such as dairy or beans, EZ-Gest enzymes are in the right place at the
right time to assist with breaking down the complex molecules of these foods.* The
plant-based enzymes in EZ-Gest are derived through natural fermentation, and support
digestion of all food groups:*

Why Choose EZ-Gest?
 Complete formula of enzymes known to support digestion of all food groups.*
 Plant-based formula.
 Enzymes in EZ-Gest are acid-resistant, and survive stomach acid without
synthetic enteric coatings.
 Scientifically backed formulation containing enzymes clinically proven to work.
 No artificial colors or flavors.
 No synthetic preservatives.

How Should EZ-Gest Be Used?
EZ-Gest is recommended for use with meals that may cause digestive discomfort, such
as heavy meals, or meals containing problem foods. Take one capsule of EZ-Gest as a
digestive aid.*

Consumers who are specifically concerned with lactose intolerance or gas-producing
vegetables may wish to take EZ-Gest at the start of a meal. If pregnant, nursing, or
galactosemic, ask a healthcare professional. If rare sensitivity to fungal sourced
ingredients occurs, discontinue use.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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