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Can an ADD/ADHD study help us?

Gentle Reader,

I just read Dr. Steve Chaney’s most recent post which concerns food sensitivities and ADD/ADHA.  The study is carefully done with cross checks for biases and the resultant information is extremely helpful for the parents of children who once might have been identified as “figgitty” and now are sent home for a prescription.

For years I have been writing about diet to alleviate the aches and pains that come with osteo-arthritis, as well as other forms of arthritis.  We sufferers are at the other end of the age spectrum so this comparison may seem like a stretch.  The reason I share Dr. Chaney’s post with you is because of the methodology used in the study of 4 – 8 year olds.  The children were given food sensitivity tests, but Dr. Chaney states that is not necessary if you follow the protocal.  You can read his entire post here. Before going on medications that have serious side effects (that includes aspirin which causes stomach bleeding), perhaps you would like to try the same elimination diet these children secumbed to.  Perhaps foods exacerbate your pain and you could reduce your dependence on drugs by this simple, inexpensive and side-effect free process.  Keep a food and pain diary. After five weeks of nothing but rice, meats, vegetables, pears and water  (An elimination diet is the “gold standard” for evaluating food sensitivities because it eliminates almost every food known to cause sensitivity from the diet).  Add foods in slowly and make careful note of your pain level as you add them.

If you decided to try this, let us know your results. This could be a break through process for many arthritis sufferers.  Please take time to leave a comment.

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