Safe household cleaners

What is Get Clean and Why do you care?

Make every day Earth Day with Shaklee’s House Hold Products.

Safe household cleaning products that are concentrated save money, reduce waste, and care for the environment.

We believe cleaning house shouldn’t involve dirtying the earth.  Years ago Dr. Shaklee formulated a powerful cleaning agent that breaks down easily instead of hanging out for hundreds of years.  No phosphates, borates, nitrates, or other stuff the planet doesn’t appreciate.  By making them super concentrated, we leave you to add water so we can subtract waste.  This has tons of implications.  Literally.  Less weight to ship. Less product to use.  Less packaging to throw away. GetCleanAdwithcontact_info (1)

We believe is saving you money, while we go about saving the earth.  Did you know that when you buy some common cleaners, a lot of what you’re buying is water?  We figured out a long time ago that we could make a more economical cleaner by making it concentrated.  That’s why these products are an awesome value.  You’d have to shell out more than $3,400 at the grocery store to get the same amount of clean you get with the Get Clean Starter Kit.  You might be willing to pay extra for safe, powerful, green Get Clean. But it’s nice to know you’re actually making such a positive impact on your budget as well as the planet.

Using the Get Clean products can save 108 pounds of packaging waste that would end up in the land fill.

You save 248 pounds of greenhouse gas when you buy the Get Clean Starter Kit, versus conventional ready-to-use cleaners.  Take a look at the Product Catalogue or check out the special offer for April for the starter kit and several smaller kits.


Get Clean Starter Kit:  #50457  Retail $115.32; MP $99.00

Dish Washer Automatic Power Concentrate Dispenser (empty)

Dish Washer Automatic Power Concentrate (2 lbs)

Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate (16 fl. oz.)

Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes (35 count)

Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate (16 fl. oz.)

Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover (2 lbs.)

Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets (80 count)

Fresh Laundry Fragrance Free Concentrate HE Compatible (32fl. oz.) (liquid)

Plus: Spry bottles (3-pack), dropper pipette, pump for 32 oz. bottle, laundry measuring scoop, dual measuring spoon, Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Super Microfiber Window Coth, Super Microfiber Dish Sponge, Miracle Scrubber Pad and caddy.

New From You    Get Clean Testimonials

I would like to share my Get Clean Laundry detergent story

My daughter, Sara, wants to wear my 35 year old wedding dress for her September wedding.  I had my doubts as the dress has been sitting in a trunk moved from place to place and was covered with big brown spots.  I thought I needed a specialist who restores old gowns. After some internet research I send the gown to a specialist about 90 miles from my home in Greenville, SC.  I talked with her when the dress arrived and she thought she would be able to clean it.

After two months I called again and she had bad news for me.  The spots were not coming out and she was afraid she would damage the fabric if she tried other methods.  So I paid her $100 and got the gown back in the same shape I sent it to her.  I have used the soak the impossible solution many times and decided to give it a try.  I had nothing to lose.  I soaked the dress in sections as there is a lot of fabric in a wedding dress.   After two days of soaking each section, all of the spots came out and the dress was completely clean although wrinkled.  I took it to my local dry cleaner.  They steamed it and the dress is like new.  It fits beautifully and Sara is thrilled.


1/4 cup Shaklee’s Get Clean Laundry Concentrate
1/4 cup Nature Bright Laundry Booster

Mix in a pail of hot water.  Add your soiled items and let soak up to 5 days!

Try it.  It is amazing and completely safe even for fabrics which are not supposed to be washed like the wedding gown!

Nancy Dykes


This is a one-time-a-year procedure! Once you have completed this
over-all clean up, you can sit back, relax, and never have to do this big job
again! Read on….

1. To get rid of build-up of soap residue in showers, on tiles, bathtubs, sinks,
etc. Use a wet miracle pad with Scour Off and plenty of warm water. Rub or
brush gently, and enjoy the fragrance! Rinse with clear water. Wipe down with a
solution of 1 TB Basic-G per 1 gallon of water to kill mildew. If mildew is
lodged in grouting or seams, brush with full strength Basic-G, let set one hour,
then rinse. Need more brightening/whitening? Make a paste of Dish Wash
Automatic Dishwasher Concentrate or Nature Bright and Scour Off, brush on, let
set, rinse.

2. To get rid of film on mirrors and windows. Mix 1-2 drops of Basic-H2 in 16
oz. water in a spray bottle. If you have been using other glass cleaners, you
may get streaks until the oil residue they leave is cleaned off with the new
Basic-H2 solution. Be sure you use only drops when mixing. For dusting, spray
on your dust rag and dust even your best wood furniture.

3. To Disinfect. Mix 1/2 tsp Basic-G in l6 oz water in a spray bottle. Use this
to wipe the outside of garbage pails, diaper pails, bathroom vanity, kitchen
sinks, toilet, etc. For best results, let set for 10 minutes. It’s a great
deodorizer as well as a disinfectant.

4. To minimize clean-up in the sink area. Once soap residue is removed with
Scour Off, always use a Meadow Blend Bar or Hand Wash Concentrate to get your
hands clean, without leaving a film. It is effective yet so gentle to your

5. To eliminate any cleaning in shower–on walls or doors–from spots. After
soap residue is removed, use only SHAKLEE products because they can’t leave film
or spots. You can bathe with the Meadow Blend Bar, Small Wonder Shampoo & Baby
Bath, Enfuselle Shower Gel, Basic-H2, or Hand Wash. Your skin will feel great
since these plant-based products are soap free, effective, and totally safe.
When you use only SHAKLEE ProSanté Shampoos and Conditioners, there will be no
ugly residue collecting in your tub and on the tile or glass doors. None of
these products leaves any bathtub ring. Isn’t that exciting?

6. These products are very kind to sensitive skin, including babies. Yet
SHAKLEE’s cleaning products have passed every state’s tests for biodegradability
and non-pollution. Many competitors’ cleaners take 10 years to decompose.
SHAKLEE’s return to nature in less than 30 days. SHAKLEE cleaners are also
Kosher Certified for purity and ingredient labeling.

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[…] by using highly concentrated, biodegradable cleaning and laundry products?  Check them out on my shopping page.  You’ll be so glad you did.  You’ll throw away 1 bottle for every 50 of those other […]