Increasing conversions

To my customers who would like to get their friends to try Shaklee products,

What am I talking about when I mention “increasing conversions?” You have loved the results you get from Shaklee products and wish your friends and family would fall in love with them, too. Maybe you are a Get Clean user and you wish everyone knew “clean” doesn’t mean a lemonĀ  or a Pine Sol smell. Maybe you find your thinking is clearer and your memory is better since you began taking MindWorks and you wish your friends would try MindWorks, too, so they could carry on a complete conversation with you. Maybe your hair is thicker and more luxuriant since you started using Pro Sante shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment. You have a good friend whose hair in thinning. You’d like to help.

What I mean by increasing conversions is the action your listener takes after you wax poetic about a particular Shaklee product. How do you share your enthusiasm in such a way as to produce curiosity and subsequent purchase?

Recently I wrote about the challenge of staying awake. Staying awake while driving. Falling asleep over a good book or in a concert. Dosing off in a business or other meeting.

I used questions. Are you having trouble staying awake for your favorite program? Is it getting dangerous for you behind the wheel late at night?

I mentioned well-known remedies and asked if the person tried them or if they were helping. Are you reluctant to drink more and more coffee so close to bed time? Do you hate those sugary hi-energy drinks everyone uses for this problem?

Next comes a story about someone else. Mike was unhappy with his daily habit of a sugary latte midafternoon. He decided to try Shaklee’s Energy Chews and they worked better to lift his energy and had few calories. A year later, he is still using Energy Chews instead of lattes to get his afternoon boost.

Finally comes the question: Would you like to try some? I could get them for you with my next order. Or, better yet, you can go online and buy them for yourself.

Increasing conversions online instead of in a person to person conversation is similar. I use Google analytics with my blog posts so I can see when a reader follows a hot link to the Shaklee product page. If you are not a blogger, but you do share on Facebook or twitter your happy solution to a health problem you’ve been having, remember asking questions about the Facebook friend’s experience is the best approach. Tweet the problem and the commercial solutions that aren’t that great, then share a story. Finally, and at the end, online or offline, ask the buying question. May I send you my Shaklee member page? You can place your order right there. We can compare notes about if it works for you like it does for me.

After the conversion (buying the product), don’t forget to check in on the friend to see how it’s going for them. A quick email or text a week or two after they have their product. It takes time to develop a new usage habit. Remember how it was for you when you first began adding Shaklee protein powder to your coffee or smoothie each morning? Ask your friend if they got the package. If they opened and tried it yet. If they have remembered to use it every day. And then ask, it will probably take a while to notice the difference, so watch for it.

I like to end with a question: is it OK if I check in again in a couple weeks? I’m excited to see if you like it as much as I do.

As a blogger, if you are one, you may already use google analytics. If not, the shift you make in the way your phrase your postings could make a big difference in your conversions. My recent post about Energy Chews resulted in 3 new customers. Out of 201 send, I had a 30% open rate and 10% clicks and 3 new customers for the chews! This is my first posting with these changes in process.

You, dear Customer, may not understand any of that clicks/open rate business. You’d just like to share the things you love with the people you love. Increasing conversions for you will be the result of better questions and story telling and not being afraid, in love, to offer the buying opportunity.

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving, Betsy

PS to re-read that post on Energy Chews, go here.

The page on my site that describes the benefits of Energy Chews is here.

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