Hello World! Got any aches and pain?

This is a brand new blog about keeping moving when the pain sets in.  Don’t fall into a wheelchair if you can possibly help it.  I’ll be sharing ideas about how to handle pain from arthritis, some things I’ve done to stay upright and walking with severe spinal stenosis.  We all need to help each other stay away from the knife and drugs.  Stay tuned for my story.

Keep Moving, Betsy

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Susan Canavarro
12 years ago

Hi Betsy, this is a wonderful blog, full of helpful and down to earth information. I’m going to take time to read your posts on weight gain and arthritis
Thank you.

11 years ago
Reply to  Betsy Bell

– Hi there I just recently came acorss your blog. I love your work and was wondering what kind of camera you used. Your photos are beautiful. I am a novice and am just now ready to make the move to a DSLR.

11 years ago

Jim Johnson stopped lonkoig for causes of chronic back pain after researching the studies on the subject. Scientific studies don’t support the common theories about what causes chronic back pain. Many people without pain live happily not knowing that they have back conditions usually treated with surgery. Johnson also found that people with pain usually have weakened multifidus muscles. Those without pain usually don’t. So, instead of lonkoig for causes, Johnson recommends that patients initially work to strengthen their multifidus muscles. These muscles weave around your spine from your neck to your low back. Their location on your spine indicates… Read more »