Gifts for health

Gift Ideas for a Healthy Life

Here is a suggestion list of beautiful ways to remember someone’s birthday, anniversary, special achievement or goal with a simple gift for a healthy life.  Your friends and family will know how much you care when you give one of these gifts for health.


*180 Pomegranate Tea Stick(s) with a Girardelli Chocolate Square with a little note to “enjoy this gift of energy” and to “remember to enjoy all antioxidants all year-long.”

*Energy Chew(s) with a little note to “enjoy the energizing treat of Olympians.”

*180 Drink Mix Packet with a little note “a gift of healthy fast food this busy season.”



*Performance Sports Drink (Orange or Lemon-Lime), 180 Snack Barsand Joint & Muscle Pain Cream along with a sports bottle, football, soccer ball, a signed ball or signed photograph.

*180 Snack Crisps (Sea Salt or Barbecue or both) in a basket circled with ribbon along with some movies or a subscription to NetFlix, etc.

*Basic-H2 with a sponge in a bucket filled with car magazines.  Add Scour Off Paste for the tires and tough spots.

*ENFUSELLE Sun Screen, Performance Sports Drink (Orange or Lemon-Lime), and ENERGY CHEWS with golf stuff, ball, gym bag, etc.

*180 Meal Bars with brochures for hiking trails, bike routes, fishing holes, etc.



*ENFUSELLE Anti-Aging Skin Care collection with a lighted makeup mirror.

*Cocoa Meal Shake or 180 Chocolate Shake Mix Canister or Packets for healthy hot chocolate snacks along with a warm hat, scarf, and gloves.

*Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream with some nice slippers and/or cute designer sox.  Include a note about how the cream soothes sore tootsies year round.  You can even refrigerate it to cool feet in summer.

*MB Cleansing Bar and Hand & Body Lotion wrapped with a pretty ceramic soap dish and colorful bath accessories.

*ENFUSELLE Infusing Mineral Masque and Skin Polisher with a silky robe, one in each pocket.

*ENFUSELLE C+E Repair in a chic black matte cosmetic clutch with a designer mirror.

*ENFUSELLE AM Repair with a beautiful scarf in a gold organza bag.



*Cocoa Energizing Soy Protein with the recipe for cocoa soy-peanut butter “energy balls” and a festive container full of them.  Or Instant Protein with a container of fruit or chocolate dessert bars made with it and the recipes.

*Travel Bag filled with ENFUSELLE Products along with travel magazines and/or a video of a fun destination.

*Chewable C and/or ENERGY CHEWS in a beautiful candy dish wrapped with a big bow.

*Instant Protein Soy Mix with pumpkin bread or cranberry/orange bread you’ve made, using it as an ingredient, along with the recipe.

*180 Tea with a cute teapot and tea cozy or 180 Cafe latte with cool coffee mugs.



*MB Cleansing Bar sewn into satin material and decorated as a drawer sachet, or wrapped in a pretty handkerchief tied with a velvet ribbon.

*Joint & Muscle Pain Cream with a tag wishing them many nights of perfect sleep!

*Toffee & Chocolate Crunch Snack Bar wrapped with a ribbon.



*Basic-H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes and Germ Off Wipes with some fun tub toys, or a set of baby clothes, blanket, etc.  (Include info why these products are safer for baby and the whole family.)

germicidal wipes
germicidal wipes

*MIGHTY SMART “Smart Candy” with books and fun pens for a grade schooler.

*Vita-Lea, Meal Shake and a SHAKLEE Shaker with a fun wake-up alarm clock.



*180 Snack Bars wrapped in a see-through colorful net and tied with ribbon

*ENFUSELLE Shower Gel, ENFUSELLE Hand & Body Lotion, and Bath Sponge in a pretty shower caddy or with a set of monogrammed towels.

*Basic-H2 Sample rolled in the sheet called “How to Use This Little Bottle of Basic-H2,” tied at each end with festive ribbon with a card that says, “My gift to you is a gift to the Earth, too!  Enjoy!”

*Chewy Apple Cinnamon Bars with some polished apples in a festive box or basket.



*Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Cream with a microwaveable comfort pillow.

*180 Tea with a cookbook of decadent gluten-free desserts.

*ENFUSELLE Firming Serum with a pretty scarf, or jewelry, or designer shades.

*180 Snack Crisps (Sea Salt or Barbecue or both) in a basket circled with ribbon along with gourmet soup makings and a cookbook.

*Get Clean Pitcher (possibly with a year’s supply of filters) with a set of fashionable drinking glasses, ice trays, fresh lemons.

*CorEnergy and B-Complex with boxes of various kinds of teas and a mug.

*Instant Protein Soy Mix with recipes for fish batter, muffins, etc.

*Instant Protein Soy Mix with recipes and colorful baking pans and utensils.

*Menopause Balance Complex with a box of chocolates.



*A bottle of VIVIX with a bow and a nice calendar with a message about having a “youthful” year.

*Vitalizer with a picture of the kids or grandkids or great grandkids.  And add ENERGY CHEWS with a gift of gym membership.

*Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream with some nice slippers.  Include a note about how the cream soothes sore tootsies year round–refrigerate it to cool in summer.

*NUTRIFERON with ear muffs and HAND & BODY LOTION.



*Stress Relief Complex with tickets to something fun for “stress relief” or add VITALIZER with a map and a shaving kit or cosmetic bag for traveling.

*EZGEST and Stomach Soothing Complex with a coupon for a supply of ice cream for someone who usually can’t eat it…or with a coupon for dinner out at a restaurant known for 4 Alarm chili, or Mexican food, or spicy Indian cuisine, etc.

*SHAKLEE Sun Screen SPF 30 with sun hat, ball cap, sunglasses, or picnic basket.

*180 Turnaround Kit or Lean & Healthy Kit to start the new year right, along with a funky calendar, and a coupon for a shopping spree for clothes in 90 days.

*Orange and Lemon-Lime Performance Drink Canisters with a walking audio like Dr. Weil’s.  (Remember that mixing the two flavors gives you a tropical flavor!)

*Ultra Moisturizing Shea Butter Cream with gift of a massage.

*Fresh Laundry Concentrate Soft Fabric Concentrate with some luxurious towels.

*Performance with gardening things like a hat, cotton gloves, and/or kneeling pad.  You could add Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, and Basic-H2 as a safe bug repellant, an invisible glove, as fertilizer, and more.

*PHYSIQUE Recovery Drink and Joint Health Complex with a jump rope or exercise DVD for someone making new year resolutions.

*ProSanté Hair Care System with a really nice brush and hair things, along with info about how hair will stop falling out.

*SHAKLEE First Aid Kit or SHAKLEE “Non-Medicine” Cabinet in a pretty basket. Choose any combination of the following…or the Packages below.



 A COLDS & FLU PACKAGE (about $239) Alfalfa, Defend & Resist, Extra Vita-Lea without Iron, Garlic, GERM OFF Wipes, Liqui-Lea, Optiflora Pro-biotic, Performance Lemon Lime, Performance Orange, Vita-C Chewable, Vita-C Tablet, Vitamin D3, Zinc.

Alfalfa Complex
Defend & Resist
Extra Vita-Lea without Iron
Gentle Sleep Complex
Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Cream
Vita Lea Plus Iron
Multi-Purpose Cream
OPTIFLORA Pre- and Pro-biotic
Pain Relief Complex
Performance Lemon/Lime
Performance Orange
Stomach Soothing Complex
Vita-C Chewable
Vita-C Tablet
Vitamin D3

AN ACHEY BREAKY EMERGENCY PACKAGE (about $265) EZGest, Gentle Sleep Complex, GERM OFF Wipes, Herb-Lax, Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, Joint Health Complex, Multi-Purpose Cream, Pain Relief Complex, Performance Lemon Lime, Performance Orange, PHYSIQUE, Stomach Soothing Complex, Vitamin D3, Zinc.

Feel good about the gift you give when you give a gift for health.

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