First Aid Kit for kids

Back to school and all-year-round First Aid Kit

No home with children would be complete without a proper first aid kit to tend to the scrapes, cuts and bruises of childhood. Keeping children healthy takes much more than a band-aid.


To treat their bodies… Shaklee kids Incredivites and Meal Shakes. They will give your children a strong foundation to keep them healthy and energized. Add Chewable Vita-C to ward off those infections that seem to lurk in every schoolroom, and of course, Shaklee 180 Snack Bars and chips to combat after-school fatigue.


To keep their environment safe…Keeping germs to a minimum is essential if you have small children. Germ Off Wipes in your kit will eliminate bacteria and viruses on surfaces your kids touch.


To protect their skin and treat “ouches” The skin is your child’s first line of defense against invading bacteria. Children like to play outside for hours at a time. Always, always apply Enfuselle SPF 30 for Body to protect their delicate skin from dangerous UV rays. And to help small bruises and scrapes heal faster, nothing is better than Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream.


For the high school and college aged kids, Shaklee’s Vita Lea with iron is a must.  Taking just 2 a day will make a difference in how they handle the long days and short nights every older teenager suffers.

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