Can the liver be healed?

Dear One,

I’ve been thinking about the liver–yours and mine. Before I get into how to repair a damaged liver, I’d like to explore a question that plagues me.

Why is it so hard to change our eating and exercise habits with the goal of improving our health? The goal is so real, so tangible, so every-day-in-the-morning first thing and again at night, the self-skewering we do to ourselves, remembering the impulse to leave the chair and go for a walk or do a few crunches, remembering the three extra bits of Halloween candy we know we shouldn’t have eaten. We vow to wake up the next day and do better.

What helps some people stop the things they don’t want to do and take up the things they want to do and keep it up on both counts, faithfully, until the new behaviors stick? I have thought about this for years. I have marveled at my own change in eating habits from a past of sneaking a whole pound of chocolate into my basket and eating the whole thing on the way home from the grocery store, a pound of milk chocolate, no less. What solidified the change?

For me, it was getting too sleepy in a lecture I wanted to hear to stay awake and take in the information I craved. I drew the connection between heavy sugar-laden food minutes before the lecture started and falling into a food coma.

When the feeling of sluggish brain connected with the food, my resolve to change became stronger than my craving for sweet, filling comfort food. My analytical mind went to work to figure out how to find other comforts, to plan ahead so hunger was satisfied in other ways. It took focused effort, hourly check-ins, listening to motivational tapes where the voice had me imagine myself running the beach in a bathing suit, attractive and strong, using present tense verbs as if it were true already.

It’s a long story which I have told before.

Several people signed up to do the Prove-It Challenge. One person had success and began to connect the way her joints felt with what she was eating. The 7 Day Cleanse made a big difference. When she tried some of her old foods, the pain came back. A real break-through. She found the recipes on the Shaklee website helpful and made delicious smoothies and salads. But it was hard to find the resources she wanted.

I decided to gather all the 7-Day-Cleanse recipes together and create a shopping list so that it would be easy to go to the grocery store and bring home everything you need for all the meals for a whole week. It took many hours to put this packet together. I am ready to share it with anyone who wants to do the 7-Day-Cleanse.

My goal is to help you be successful with your goal. These tools and your commitment will make a difference in your outcome. Hit the SHOP tab in the menu bar if this is for you. There you will find a fully supported 7-Day Cleanse. It is a downloadable Guide with a shopping list, recipes and tips and tools for a successful cleanse just in time for the holidays. Only $12.50.


Liver DTX
Can we help make our liLiver cleansever function better? You bet we can.

Milk Thistle (seed used in DTX)

One of the Shaklee supplements in the 7-Day-Cleanse is one I have relied on for years. Its ingredients come up right out of Mother Earth including extracts of a couple of very helpful mushrooms: Reishi (detoxifying and anti-cancer) and Schizandra (liver support, anti-inflammatory, and boosts cognitive function). However, the main ingredient of Liver DTX is Milk Thistle Seed Extract. Milk thistle has been used to heal the liver since ancient times. Don’t confuse milk thistle with mildweed, the beautiful flower that attracts the Monarch butterfly and other insects!

Here is Shaklee’s description of Liver DTX: “Your liver is the first line of defense against toxins. Liver DTX contains milk thistle seed extract standardized to contain 80% silymarin, which is shown in laboratory studies to protect liver cells from toxic substances & oxidative stress. Plus, silymarin’s antioxidant properties help maintain liver cell integrity.

Liver DTX also includes dandelion, turmeric, & artichoke, designed to help maintain healthy bile flow & aid in the liver’s natural detoxification process.

Given the toxins we are all subjected to in our air, water and food, I am grateful for this support from Shaklee. If you suspect your liver is over-loaded, get some today. Item code 20616.

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving (in more ways than one:-)  Betsy

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Patty Schaler
Patty Schaler
4 years ago

Wonderful wonderfully written post, Betsy!!

Not surprising as I have so enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge from your posts
in the past.

You are a lovely and kind lady.


Patty Sandberg Schaler