B Complex – Why supplement?

Facts about B-Complex

B vitamins are referred to as the “happy vitamins” – the “cope-ability vitamins.”

The most important thing to remember is that ALL 8 Essential B VITAMINS should be taken together in “COMPLEX” form and in the proper ratio. (You can throw your metabolism off by taking an isolated B vitamin…or ones that are out of balance.)

Research has shown that Folic Acid (a B Vitamin, and VERY important to health) is hard to break away from the tableting material….so they have coated the B Complex with Folic Acid so that it is the 1st to be released.

If a person is tired, irritable, nervous, depressed, or even suicidal expect a vitamin B deficiency.

B vitamins are destroyed by intense heat, slow cooking, light, baking soda and baking powder.

Extremely effective in alleviating PMS and Menopausal symptoms. (Calcium Magnesium will help with chocolate cravings during PMS, in addition to relieving muscle cramps, i.e., abdominal, leg, etc.)

SUGAR, ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE and STRESS all destroy B vitamins.

People deficient in B vitamins quickly become anemic, are nervous, do not sleep well (insomnia), crave sweets, and have high cholesterol levels. A slight deficiency can cause abnormal heart action, constipation, and mental depression.

Acne or other skin problems indicate a lack of B vitamins.
B vitamins are necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system.
B-Complex is essential in calming hyperactivity in children with none of the side effects that medications produce.
B vitamins convert fats into energy.
Infection and stress increase need for B-Complex. Sulfa drugs, sleeping pills, and estrogen destroy B Vitamins.
B vitamins help boost the immune system.

Adequate amounts of B-Complex have been found to control migraine headaches and attacks of Meniere’s Syndrome. Massive dosages have been used to improve polio, cases of shingles, and postoperative nausea and vomiting (resulting from anesthesia).

  • B vitamins help with fatigue, skin disorders, cracks at the corner of the mouth and cracks in your cuticles, ridges in your nails, anemia, tender gums, hair loss, constipation, burning feet, burning and dry eyes.
  • B-Complex aids in digestion.
    B-Complex is chiefly responsible for the health of the digestive tract, the skin, mouth, tongue, eyes, nerves, arteries, and liver.
    B vitamins are water-soluble; thus, need to be taken through the day.

And of course, the Folic Acid in the Balanced Shaklee B Complex decreases the risk in pregnancy of neuro tube defects in the baby…that’s why prenatal vitamins are “prenatal”…so that the baby can have the Folic Acid in the very early pregnancy. Shaklee’s Vita-Lea Multivitamin and B Complex have been an excellent choice of prenatal vitamins for mothers for years!

In Summary…

B Vitamins are needed by the:
• Brain and Nervous System
• Immune System
• Skin
• Hormones

B Vitamins are used up:
• whenever we evoke the stress response
• anytime we eat…
1. white flour
2. sugar
3. caffeine
4. alcohol
just to metabolize these foods, we burn up B’s

  • B Vitamins are normalizers:
    if you are fatigued, they help to give you energy
    if you are hyperactive, they help to calm you down

B Vitamins are mostly used or lost in 2-4 hours and need to be replaced to keep the blood levels up.

Most of us who take enough B’s can tell the difference in our mood, energy and patience, by taking Shaklee B Complex, three times a day.

(The last 2 not close to bedtime…because they can give you energy and you’ll be vacuuming at midnight) However, when you become balanced, taking them right before bed can help to keep your blood sugar from being so low in the morning.

There are 8 essential B’s in Shaklee’s B Complex, balanced and complete.

Be well, Do well, and Keep Moving!


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