Immune support

Gentle Reader. IMMUNE SUPPORT:  NUTRIFERON I tried to make sense of developing breast cancer at age 34.  One thought was to blame too much use of antibiotics as a child, along with cold and flu suppressants.  No doctor has been willing to go there with me.  My approach to my own health these past 42 cancer free years has been to strengthen my … [Read more...]

Digestive enzymes

What factors create digestive challenges? Why do we need digestive enzymes? What is EZ-Gest? How does it work? Why chose and why use EZ-Gest What Is EZ-Gest? EZ-Gest offers as-needed relief for the unwanted results of incomplete digestion of foods. Unlike popular single-function digestive aids, EZ-Gest offers plant-based, comprehensive … [Read more...]

Which Products do You Use?

 Changing Brands Could Change Your Life.  Try the Shaklee equivalent of any product you are currently using.  If not satisfied, your money is refunded. Which Products Do You Use? Check √ Redirect Your Spending andSave Money Laundry Care Concentrated Powder Detergent Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder Fragrance-Free … [Read more...]

Vitamins are no damn good. Is it true?

Gentle Reader, Even on the beach in Nuevo Vallarta, news filtered down that, once again, some gurus warn us that vitamins are no damn good.  How does that news make you feel?  Like a fool for spending all that money on worthless pills?  Here you have been trying to avoid the chronic diseases of life-style so many Americans develop in their late … [Read more...]

Insulin resistance & blood sugar levels

Use of Dietary Supplements for Blood Sugar Regulation Prevalence of Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Approximately 17 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, or 5.6% of the population, according to the US Dept. of Health & Human Services. Another 16 million are estimated to be pre-diabetic with impaired glucose tolerance. One of … [Read more...]

How to develop Immune system function

             Prepare Now for Cold and Flu Season  How to Develop and Maintain a Healthy Immune System Function NutriFeron - One of the most powerful formulas ever developed for strengthening the immune system. Its unique, synergistic blend of plant extracts including pumpkin seeds, plantago seeds, safflower flowers and Japanese honeysuckle … [Read more...]

Optiflora prebiotic and probiotic supplements

Optiflora prebiotic and probiotic supplements The healthy body contains trillions of “friendly” microorganisms. The vast majority of them live in the colon, where they perform a multitude of health-supporting tasks. Their most important role is helping to maintain a healthy balance with other less desirable organisms. Enhancing the friendly … [Read more...]

Vitamin C Sustained Release

This is the time of the year, our bodies experience stress due to the change of seasons. So to keep us at the top of our game we are focusing on Vita C. It is also called ascorbic acid, which is the form of vitamin C found in most foods. It is a water-soluble vitamin and cannot be stored in the body. Most plants and animals can produce … [Read more...]

Managing Pain

Gentle Reader Are you like me, suffering from chronic pain?  Do you wake up every morning and check to see which joints are hurting?  A friend of mine describes sitting on the edge of the bed wondering if she can actually stand and walk to the bathroom.  I’m better off than that, but the first ½ hour each day is loud, you know the groaning and … [Read more...]

Energy Tea, Green, Macha, Roibus, White combination

Cinch Energy Tea Mix 12.08.12 Energy Tea. First: We will look at the ingredients of 180 Energy Tea Mix Next: What are the ingredients Followed by: What are the benefits Concluding with: Shaklee difference This morning we are going to get going and stay going all through the day and to keep us going for all the holiday activities coming up, … [Read more...]