Lemon water for arthritis

Gentle Reader, I don't know about you, but this summer I have gotten lax with some of my foundational health regimen practices  One result is an increase in joint pain.  Too much gluten, alcohol and sweets. The one exception: my wake-up lemon drink. Even when camping, the first thing to pass my lips in the morning is a glass of warm water and … [Read more...]

First barrier of resistance

Gentle Reader,   I will tell you what the first barrier of resistance is not.  We move right through it in our typical stretches prior to a walk, run, bike or hike.   You are stretching.  You put your foot on the lower rail of the fence, leg at full extension and you lean forward to reach for your toes.  You push your calf … [Read more...]

Victim of genetics

Gentle Reader,   One of my clarion calls has been “Don’t be a victim of your genes.”  Recent genetic studies indicate that some conditions that “victimize” people are dramatically challenging.  My local Seattle Times carried an article discussing the latest research findings published in The Lancet, Diabetes and Endocrinology.  Turns out … [Read more...]

Myofascial Release

Gentle Reader, My newest therapeutic intervention for progressive osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis is Myofascial Release.  Since hurting my back in 1992 and dealing with arthritis, I have sampled and treated with private Feldenkrais (Becci Parsons).  Becci restored me to functional walking, sitting, rising up from sitting, lying down and even … [Read more...]

personal training results

Gentle Reader, I was wondering if I could walk to the car on my rubbery legs from the lunges with a weight vest on when  PJ Glassey captured me on video.  I had just finished my 21 minute workout with Dan this morning at the Xgym on Alki in Seattle.  My goal in going to the Xgym 2 x a week for personal training is to increase bone … [Read more...]

Pain Management

Last week I questioned the wisdom of masking pain, asking if I might be missing a diagnosis by taking my Pain Relief Complex. Following up with you after 72 hours of no herbal pain tablets, I can tell you that taking them alleviated discomfort. Not taking them left me with the discomfort of aching hip joints, sore knee and ankle.  The numbness in … [Read more...]

Do I need a pain diagnosis?

Do I need a pain diagnosis? I was standing in front of the piano along with my fellow choir members.  Heading back to my seat, I realized my right leg was dangling from my hip. No feeling. Just a dead weight.  While standing for rehearsal something, probably in my back, pinched off a nerve to the entire leg.  Numb.  If I took a step, would I … [Read more...]

Sitting causes premature death

Gentle Reader,  Sitting causes premature death.  Wow, that’s a big statement. Imagine my surprise when an NRP report on the radio last week suggested that sitting will be the next “smoking” as a cause of early death. I have harped ad nauseum about the need to keep moving, but I didn’t think it would come to this. "Sitting is more dangerous … [Read more...]

Chronic disabilities won’t hold you back

Gentle Reader, Chronic disabilities won’t hold you back.  Get out and explore the world.  If by my bravado in the face of aches and pains irritates you, my intention is not to belittle, but to inspire.  This story inspires me.  It may seem as though I am never down, but leap about all the time.  I do get grumpy when everything hurts and I will … [Read more...]

Healthy retreat

Gentle Reader, Traveling again, and wanted so much to have a healthy retreat.  I flew to Santa Fe for a long weekend to sit, walk and write with Natalie Goldberg at the Upaya Zen Center.  November in Santa Fe worried me.  I packed long johns, silk undershirts, leg warmers and turtle necks and vests. It did snow, their first of the winter, but … [Read more...]