Lemon water for arthritis

Gentle Reader, I don't know about you, but this summer I have gotten lax with some of my foundational health regimen practices  One result is an increase in joint pain.  Too much gluten, alcohol and sweets. The one exception: my wake-up lemon drink. Even when camping, the first thing to pass my lips in the morning is a glass of warm water and … [Read more...]

summer athletes

Gentle Reader, People are out pushing limits in team sports or striving for a personal best.  What is the best nutrition to enhance the performance of summer athletes? I hike with friends every week.  Friends in a high-rise retirement home are logging miles so the combined efforts of the group will total the distance of the Pacific Crest … [Read more...]

First barrier of resistance

Gentle Reader,   I will tell you what the first barrier of resistance is not.  We move right through it in our typical stretches prior to a walk, run, bike or hike.   You are stretching.  You put your foot on the lower rail of the fence, leg at full extension and you lean forward to reach for your toes.  You push your calf … [Read more...]

What BMI stand for

Gentle Reader, I was browsing my kick-ass fitness coach daughter, Priscilla Bell's Survivor page on Face Book and today I am going to share a post she sent her followers.  You might agree. You will certainly gain a new perspective on BMI.  What BMI stands for really is the topic.  Here goes.  BMI      Basically Meritless Indicator  If you … [Read more...]

Victim of genetics

Gentle Reader,   One of my clarion calls has been “Don’t be a victim of your genes.”  Recent genetic studies indicate that some conditions that “victimize” people are dramatically challenging.  My local Seattle Times carried an article discussing the latest research findings published in The Lancet, Diabetes and Endocrinology.  Turns out … [Read more...]

Staying healthy while traveling

  Gentle Reader, I just spent two glorious weeks in Portugal. I will get on an airplane and fly off to other time zones several more times this summer and fall.  Staying healthy while I travel is of upmost importance.  You probably have the same goal:  staying healthy while travelling. Jet lag is one of the most difficult challenges … [Read more...]

Diet and Cancer: the evidence

Gentle Reader, When Mike came back from his visit with the oncologist, he said the doctor told him diet has nothing to do with cancer. Because I want to support Mike as he faces an arduous two-month treatment for Squamous Cell carcinoma of the tongue, I said nothing to contradict his doctor’s reassuring words. On the eve of treatment is no time … [Read more...]

Water and joint pain

Gentle Reader, Does Drinking More Water Help With Joint Pain?   Photo Credit Digital Vision/Digital Vision/Getty Images Gentle Reader, I was a guest at a Merrill Gardens in West Seattle, giving a talk about graceful aging.  I asked the staff, “What is your most frequent reason for calling 911?” I assumed it was because a … [Read more...]

No cure for aging

Gentle Reader, In my Facebook inbox this morning came, “There’s no cure for aging, so embrace it.”  I thought this is a post just for me.  It sings my tune. Plays my tambourine.  One of the comments let a little air out of the balloon by speaking truth to all of us songbirds of perpetual spring.   Tommie Montgomery Leydsman There … [Read more...]

personal training results

Gentle Reader, I was wondering if I could walk to the car on my rubbery legs from the lunges with a weight vest on when  PJ Glassey captured me on video.  I had just finished my 21 minute workout with Dan this morning at the Xgym on Alki in Seattle.  My goal in going to the Xgym 2 x a week for personal training is to increase bone … [Read more...]